Poplar Grove

poplar grove Plantation

Wilmington, North Carolina

ASSOCIATED LINK(s): Poplar Grove:  lhttp://www.poplargrove.com;                      Poplar Grove: The Big House, http://www.poplargrove.com/bighouse.htm
OWNER: Joseph Mumford Foy
BUILT: 1795
HISTORY: The estate known as Poplar Grove was purchased from Francis Clayton in 1795 by James Foy, Jr. (1772  - 1823). The 628 acre plantation, a self-supporting agricultural community, produced peas, corn and beans, held some 64 slaves, and served as an aid and resource to neighboring small farmers.  In 1849 the original manor house at Futch Creek was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1850 on its present site by Joseph Mumford Foy (1817 - 1861). Prosperous until the Civil War, Poplar Grove experienced many of the hardships inflicted by the Union armies on the home front populace throughout the Confederacy.  Joseph T. Foy (1846  - 1918), son of Joseph Mumford, using skillful management, perseverance, and the 'lowly' peanut as the primary cash crop, restored the post-war economy of the plantation.  A Community leader, he was influential in local government and played an important role in the construction of the Onslow and East Carolina Railroad.  Poplar Grove remained a local point in the community under the ownership of the Foy family until its sale in 1971.

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