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      Left to Right:  Fernie Edward Brown, Sr. and Annie Laura Burney Brown  Picture taken at Atlantic Beach, South Carolina.

b. October 4, 1923-d.July 7, 1995

b. Unknown-d. Nov. 20, 1993

Left to Right: Annie Dora Mitchell Chancy(3rd child) and Mary B. Mitchell Freeman, daughers of Addie Dora Meares Mitchell and Jesse Mitchell.; Grandparents, Isaac Meares, Sr. and Mary Chancy Meares.

Extra Special Dedication to Ms. Lena Dixon Neil of Carver's Creek, North Carolina.  Mrs. Neil has been a plantation cook for Oakland plantation for over 60yrs and continues to work there at the present day edifice.  Her name is known to everyone in the community and to anyone who has affiliations with Oakland plantation affairs.   She was married to Mr. Willis Dudley Neil, who recently passed away.  She is  affiliated with the Carver's Creek A.M.E Church in Carver's Creek, North Carolina.  


Photos Courtesy of Mrs. Annie L. Brown, obituaries, and local newspaper.


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