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South Carolina


The Sale of the ship Cleopatra's cargo of 800 prime Congo slaves, will commence on Monday, the 2d of February at 11 o'clock on board said ship, at Gadsden's wharf.

January 31.                                                      WM. Boyd



The Sale of the ship MARGARET'S Cargo, consisting of 150 very prime healthy Mandingo NEGROES, will commence on board at Gadsden's Wharf, on MON-day, the 5th January, at 11 o'clock.

                                                                        T.W. RAWLINSON.

N.B. Produce will be taken in payment at the market price.

cod                                                                    December 31.



The sale of the ship JOHN'S Cargo, consisting of 380 very Prime  Congo Negroes, will commence in the Brick States Nos. 10 and 11, Gadsden's wharf, THIS DAY, the 18th inst. at 11 o' clock.

                                                                        T.W. RAWLINSON

N.B. Produce will be taken in payment at the market price.

                                                                        December 16.



The sale of the Brig Washington's Cargo will commence THIS DAY, the 2d instant, at 11 o'clock, on board said Vessel, at Gadsden's Wharf.

For terms apply to                                        DAVID McKELVEY.

December 2



The sale of the ship Nicholson's Cargo, consisting of 560 choice NEGROES, will commence on board of the said ship, at the north end of Gadsden's Wharf, THIS DAY, the 5th inst. at 11 o'clock.

                                                                        TUNNO & COX

                                                                        THO'S TUNNO & JOHN PRICE

January 5.

Source: Charleston Courier (SC) 1807


Absented himself from the subscriber, a carpenter Fellow named POLYDORE.  He is rather short, but stout made, very black complexion, with a redness in both eyes; speaks slow-very plausible-and may be imposing on some person by hiring himself as with my consent.  He is well known about Beach Hill and Bob Savannah, and has been seen in St. Andrew's Parish.

The above reward will be paid to any person, black or white, who will lodge said Fellow in Colleton gaol.  If he returns to his duty he will be pardoned.

                                                                        D. Campbell

Source: Charleston Courier (SC) June 11, 1807


On Monday, the 25th February, instant, before my venue office, near the Exchange, will be sold without any reserve, A GANG of sixty three PRIME NEGROES-among which forty-six are taskable hands, and the whole as orderly and prime a gang as have ever been offered for sale.

Conditions of sale - One half payable in cash, before delivery, the other half payable on the 12th of February, 1812-the purchases giving bonds bearing interest from the dat, with approved personal security and a mortgage of the property.


The PLANTATION, called Brackey, in Saint John's parish, containing 547 acres of Land, more or less, about 166 of which are undeared swamp; the remainder cotton and provision land-all fenced and under cultivation.  On the premises are a Dwelling-House, Barn and Gin house, and the necessary Buildings for acorn and cotton estate.

Conditions-Twelve Months credit; the purchaser giving bond bearing interest from the date, and a mortgage of the property.  NB On this land there are some claims in dispute; particulars of which will be declared at the sale, but payment will not be exacted until all incumbrances are removed.

The above being part of the Property of the late copartnership of Thomas TUNNO & John PRICE, of this city, merchants- (Purchasers to pay for bonds and bills of sale) By order of Thomas Tunno, surviving  copartner
                                                                          J.M. Davis, V.M.

February 12                                                                                                                                           Source: Charleston Courier (SC) 1811


RANAWAY from the subscriber, on the 6th ult., a NEGRO GIRL, named JUDY, formerly owned by Wm. Wadsworth.  She is well known about the city, and passes for a free negro, and is generally supposed to be so; is very artful and may change her name.  She has a small mark on one side of her nose, near the cheek, is about 19 or 20 years of age, and rather short.  She has a stammering speech, large eyes, and a wild look.  The above reward will be paid for her being left with the Master of the Work-House. All persons are cautioned against harboring or carrying the said Negro out of the State, as the law will be rigidly against them.

                                                                        Ann Dale

April 3

April 5, 1815
Source: Charleston Courier (SC) 


On Tuesday night last, my dark Mulatto Girl named SYLVIA, about 5 feet 4 inches high;  She has a scar between her neck and breast; she is dressed in black, with a colored handkerchief round her head-Fifteen Dollars Reward will be given to any person that will lodge her in the Workhouse, or bring her to No. 252, King Street

                                                                        Simon Mairs

N.B. All masters of vessels and other persons are hereby cautioned from harboring the above mentioned Girl, under the penalty of the law, as it will strictly be put in force.

                                                                          wfm3                                        April 3

April 3, 1816
Source: Charleston Courier (SC) 1816


WILL be given for the apprehension and delivery to the master of the Work House, of a Mulatto Fellow, a sailor, called JACK, formerly the property of Mr. SLAWSON, and lately purchased by JACOB READ, Sen. Esq. of Mr. LEITCH  JACK is well known in Charleston; he is about 5 feet 10 inches high.  The above reward, and all reasonable charges will be paid by his delivery as above, by

                                                                        JACOB READ, Jun.

--> All masters of vessels, and others, are particularly cautioned against employing or harboring said slave as the utmost rigor of the law will be enforced against them.

March 26.

April 15, 1816
Source: Charleston Courier (SC) 1816


A valuable PLANTATION, and NEGROES, within a mile of Georgetown, consisting of 217 3/2 acres of tide Swamp Land, according to a survey recently made by Mr. Hemingway; secure from freshes and saltwater, and in excellent planting order; having also situations well suited both for tide and saw mill; is in a good pitch of the tide, and drains remarkably well.  The high Land is supplied with timber fit for barrels, also fuel, and exceeds 1400 acres.  There are 86 Negroes, all country born, (excepting 4 Africans) and raised chiefly in the family of the present owner.

For further, and more accurate information, apply to Messrs. KERSHAW & LEWIS, with whom a correct plan of the plantation is left for inspection.

                                                fmw6                Jan 24.

January 30, 1817
Source: Charleston Courier (SC) 1817


About three weeks past, a NEGRO FELLOW, named Joe, well known as a boat hand on board the late Mr. Thomas Daughty's schooner; he is tall, rawboned Negro, looks down when talking, and speaks mild and plausible As he is well known acquainted with the Plantations on Cooper River, it is probable he may be harbored by some of the Negroes there or in Charleston.  All persons care cautioned against harboring or employing him, on-pain of prosecution.  TEN DOLLARS reward will be paid to any person lodging him in the work House - should he return to his duty in a week, he will be pardoned.

                                                                          JAMES MATTHEWS

July 15     mth

Aug 4, 1817
Source: Charleston Courier (SC)


RANAWAY from the subscriber's Farm, on Charleston Neck, her Negro Fellow named HUMPHREYS, lately purchased from a Mr. Shay, of this city-he is about 32 years of age, 5 feet 4 or 5 inches high; he is blind in one eye, and lame in the left knee.- He has lately been seen about South-Bay.  Whoever will lodge the said fellow in the Work-House, or deliver him at the above place, shall receive the above reward.

                                                                        MARTHA THEUS.

N.B. All masters of vessels and others are cautioned against taking him out of the state, as the law will be rigorously enforced against any such offender.

May 28                                                            tuths3

Source: Charleston Mercury
Date: June 8, 1822


Absconded from the subscriber's Plantation in October last, a Negro Fellow named QUASH.  He is supposed to be about 5 feet 8 or 10 inches in height, and about 20 or 22 years of age; rather of a dark complexion.  Quash was lately purchased of a sale of the estate of Mr. Deliesseline, of Dewees Island, and is supposed to be harbored on said Island, or at Mr. Brown's plantation on Caper's Island, where he said he had a wife.  The above reward will be given for his apprehension and delivery to the master of the workhouse, or to the subscriber in St. George's Parish, by supplying to Mr. ROBERT H. BRODIE, in Mazyckborough, or to the subscriber.

                                                                        JOHN WARING

N.B. - It is now apprehended, that the above Fellow is harbored and employed on Dewees' or some of the adjacent Islands; I will, therefore, pay a reward of Fifty Dollars, upon proof to conviction, of the ______________

March 5, 1824
Source: Charleston Courier (SC)

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Orphan House, Dec. 2, 1824

Absconded a few days past, a Negro Girl named MARY, about seventeen years of age, belonging to this Institution, born and brought up therein; is smart and active, and an excellent washer and ironer.  A suitable reward will be given by delivering her at Orphan House, to
                                                                         Elias Kingman, Steward.

December 4
Source: Charleston Murray (SC) 1824


WILL be paid for the apprehension and confinement, in any jail, of a Negro man, named ELIJAH, of a dark complexion, five feet six or seven inches high, thirty-five or forty years old, stout built.  He has a scar on the right side of his head and one over his right eye, also a scar on his right arm, above the elbow, occasioned by a burn.  His countenance is rather sullen.  He was caught and confined, the first of last September, in Charlottesville jail, which he broke and escaped from.  The above reward will be given for his apprehension and confinement, so that I get him.  It is thought he will run for Caroline county, as he was purchased out of the estate of a Mr. Corbin, who lived in that county, near the Bowling Green, and who died about fourteen years ago.

                                                                          MARY E. CLENDINEN

Yorkville, SC. May 30-d&ctf

Source: Washington, D.C. 1833
National Intelligencer


The above reward will be paid for the apprehension and delivery to the Work House, or to the subscriber, of a black Girl named DINAH.  She absented herself on the 24th instant, dressed in a twilled blue homespun frock.  She is stout built and thick lips, with a down cast look, and is singularly marked having six toes.  She was last seen in the neighborhood of St. Paul's Church.

                                                                          A. M' INTYRE,

                                                                         132 Queen St.

Dec 31

Source: Charleston Mercury 1834


RUNAWAY from the subscriber's Plantation on Back River, in September last, a Negro Fellow named ANDREW, about 35 years of age, 5 feet 10 inches high, stout built, dark complection with whiskers, looks down when spoken to.  The above reward will be paid of his delivery at the Work House or to the subscriber.

                                                                        WM. BELL

May 10                                                                        tu6

Source: Charleston Courier
June 18, 1836


Rnuaway from the Subscriber, about 12 months since, his Negro man PAULADORE, commonly called PAUL.  His complexion is dark, about 50 years old, about 5 feet 8 inches high, stout built, very bow legged, and flat footed; has lost the first joint of his big toes, moves slow when walking, surly countenance, with a hanging under lip.  Paul was brought up in the coasting business between this City and Georgetown, between which places he has been sailing for the last 30 years, and is well known.  I understand Gen. R.Y. Hayne has purchased his wife and children from H.L. Pinckney, Esq. and has them now on his Plantation at Goose Creek, where, no doubt, the Fellow is frequently lurking, and may be much of his time in the City, or sometimes in the neighborhood of Georgetown.  The above reward will be paid on his being lodged in the Work House of Charleston, or Gaol at Georgetown.  All persons are cautioned against harboring him, under the penalty of the law.

Oct 15

                                                                        THOMAS DAVIS

Source: Charleston Courier
June 18, 1836


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