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I OFFER the above reward for the apprehension of my man EDMUND.  He eloped from my farm, near Culpeper Court House, in the latter part of May last, and was seen about the middle or 20th of June, crossing the bridge at Falmouth.  EDMUND is, I suppose, about 23 years old, under middle size, bends a little forward when he walks, turning his toes out, his ancles bending in, throwing him rather on the hollow of his foot in walking; his complex is dark; head of hair full and long on the top when drawn out; whiskers narrow.  EDMUND may be readily known by a stifling in his left elbow, which prevents his ability to bring up his left hand as near the shoulder as the right, by a scar on the inside of (I think) the left wrist, occasioned by the bite of a hog last winter, and by his stuttering.  He had on when he left me, a dark colored domestic yarn and cotton coat; pantaloons of the same, not died, and an old hat.  For the above reward he must be secured so that I get possession of him.
                                                                          Walter C. Winston
                                                                          Near Culpepper CourtHouse, Va.

Sept.2-W 6W

Washington, D.C., September 20, 1828 
Source: National Intelligencer

RANAWAY from the subscriber's farm on Broad Run, Loudon County, Virginia, on the night of the 21st ult., TWO NEGRO MEN, called Charles Cook, and Joe Cook. Charles is of black complexion, about six feet high, well formed, and likely, and about 22 or 23 years of age.  He may be easily identified by a remarkable scar on one of his ears.  Joe-brother of Charles-is of rather lighter complexion, about the same form and height, of good appearance, but has a catch in his walk, and is supposed to be 23 or 25 years old.  

Fifty Dollars reward will be given for each, if taken and scoured beyond the limits of Maryland.  All reasonable expenses paid, if brought home.

                                                                         J.L. McKenna

These men were seen, in company with three others who had also absconded, passing a mid-day on the 25th isst. through Gettysburg on their way, it is supposed, to York.  Any communication, addressed to Leesburg will be attended to.

                                                                        J.L. McK.

July 3-

Source: The Globe Newspaper
Washington, D.C. 1835


RANAWAY, in the year 1830, (from Mr. JOHN TATTATON, of Alexandria, to which she was hired), my negro woman NELLY.  She is about 5 1/2 feet in height, and of a dark copper color.  She generally wore a full suit of hair, which inclined to be straight when combed out, had heavy eyebrows, large eyes, a fat nose, a large mouth, and a full set of teeth.  She is now about thirty years of age.

I have been informed that she was frequently seen about Washington City and Georgetown, and I believe she has relations among the negroes of Mr. John A. King, of the latter place.  I have understood lately that she is in Baltimore, where she has a free negro for a husband, and two or three children.

The above reward will be given if the said negro woman and children are lodged in jail, or secured in any manner so that I can get them, and all reasonable charges will be paid if they are brought the me at Brentsville, Prince William County, Virginia.

                                                                        Ann Horf

The Baltimore Patriot will please insert the above three times, and forward their account to me, or to Mr. JOHN WILLIAMS, Clerk of Prince William County, Brentsville.


Sept. 4

Source: The Globe Newspaper
1835 Washington, D.C

CASH FOR NEGROES- I will give the highest cash prize for likely NEGROES from 10 to 25 years of age.  Myself or agent can at all times be found at the establishment formerly owned by Armfield, Franklin, & Co. at the west end of Dukestreet, Alexandria

                                                                        GEORGE KEPHART

mar 14-tf

January 19, 1839
Source: National Intelligencer

150 DOLLARS REWARD- I will give one hundred and fifty dollars for the apprehension of negro man NAT, ho se, saddle and bridle.  This is the same negro that ran off on the 8th instant, which is advertised.  I have ascertained that he has been lurking about the neighborhood until Sunday, the 19th, at which time he stole my horse, wagon, saddle, and bridle.  Nat left my farm near Upperville, Faquirer County, Virginia, on Sunday, the 19th.  He is about 22 years of age, about 5 feet 10 inches high, weighs from 175 to 180 pounds; he is stout made, but not very fleshy; he is very black and his hair is very nappy, but short; he has rather a down look, and has but very little to say in a general way; he shows his teeth a little when he talks, they are white and sound; his feet are rather over common size; he has a good many clothing of different kinds.  I would not be surprised if he was well dressed, and has a pass, or forged free papers.  I have every reason to believe he intends making for a free State, as he left me without any provocation.  The horse is a brown, pretty much sun burnt, six years old, paces, no white marks recollected, if any-about 15 hands high.  I will give the above reward, provided they are taken, secured, and delivered to me or secured in jail so that I get him, or I will give ten dollars.

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Source: National Intelligencer
January 24, 1839


By virtue of a decree pronounced by the County Court of Elizabeth City County, in the case of "Snead and others vs. Snead and others", the undersigned Commissioners will offer for sale, at public auction, for cash, on the fourth Thursday in December, 1839, before the Court house door of Elizabeth City County, in the Town of Hampton, nine slaves, some of whom are very likely and valuable.  They consist principally of women and children, and are sold for a division amongst the children of John Snead, deceased.

                                                PRESON WATSON

                                                NATH S. GEDDINGS

Hampton, 29th Nov. 1839

dec 2 2awtds

Source: The American Beacon
Norfolk and Portsmouth Daily Advertiser

December 10, 1839

1) RANAWAY from the FARM West end, a NEGRO WOMAN named "Ginna"

2) $200 REWARD. Escaped from the provate Jail, NEGRO MAN ALFRED.

Source: The American Beacon
Norfolk and Portsmouth Daily Advertiser

December 10, 1839


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