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Robert Browning's Rev War record -
Robert Browning's name is located on a paper entitled "Revolutionary War Veterans who Settled in Caswell after the Revolutionary War". The paper was undated and unsigned. It was published in The N. C. Genealogical society Journal, Vol. III, No. 1 - Feb, 1997 issue and on age 31 thereof.

Robert Browning's Rev. War Pension Record, Act of Congress passed 7 June 1832. John was age 69 when he applied for his pension. He states that his father, Edmond, died in 1807. Robert's birth was recorded in his father's Bible which was sold to unknown person. He entered the service at (volunteered) in January 1871 and was commanded by Colonel Cole, Regiment Commanded by Col. Archibald Murphey of Caswell County NC. Adam Sanders, Maj in the Regiment, General Green. He served for a period of 2 months.

Another note that I made said that the troops were commanded by General Nathl Green, Col John Green and Col Washington & Cole. Col Washington & Cole belonged to Horse Company, also with Caswell County Regiment one commanded by Col William Moore and one commanded by Elisha Evans. Richard Martin signed the papers that he was a Clergy. John McMullen was my Captain in the Company and is my neighbor. Elisha Evans also was my fellow soldier. Paul A. Haralson? and your Honor? on the bench - as to my honor.
On 12 March, he was discharged by the Captain and sent home with a sick brother.

In July 1871 he again volunteered his service and joined a company of volunteers commanded by Captain John McMullin of Caswell County, NC. General Butler and General Rutherford listed in Nov 1871 - all were discharged and sent home. (Some of this does not read right, but I just made notes and did not keep the record). 

Robert lost his pocket book and lost his discharge papers from the 2 previous enlistments. He was born in Culpeper Co. VA in 1764. The record of his age was in the family Bible of his father, which was sold at his death, to some person unknown to the applicant. He lived in Caswell Co. NC, with the exception of the year 1788, 1789 and 1790 during which time he lived in GA.
The information above was supplied by Imogean M. McDonald


Military: Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers and Louisiana Confederate Commands, Volume I , Pages 139 con't - 158  .......Browder J. J. through Brownwell, John S. Compiled by Andrew B. Booth, Commissioner Louisiana Military Records, 1920 

Browing, A   Co. C. 3rd La. Infty. Roll for Sept. and Oct., 1861. Deserted New Orleans, La., May,  . 

Browing, J. T.,Pvt. Co. G. 3rd (Wingfield's) La. Cav. En. July 17th, 1862. Present on Roll dated Sept. 19th, 1862. 

Browney, John (also borne on Rolls as Browning, John),Pvt. 13th La. Infty. Co. H. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War. Captured at Missionary Ridge Nov. 25th, 1863. Sent to Rock Island Parracks, Ill. Released on Oath March 23rd. 

Browning, A. M.,Pvt. Capt. McLean's Co. La. Infty. (Ben McCulloch Rangers). Roll for May 19th to June 30th, 1861 (only Roll on file). En. New Orleans, La., May 19th, 1861. Transfd, to Dan Wright's Miss. Vols. June 14th.

Browning, Oaniel B.,Independent Co.   La. Scouts. Rolls of Prisoners of War, Paroled Washington, La., June 20th, 1865. Res. Avoyelles Par., La. 

Browning, G. E.,Pvt. Co. G. 2nd La. Infty. En. May 11th, 1861, New Orleans, La. Present on Rolls to April, 1862. Roll for May and June, 1862. Sick in Richmond. Roll for July and Aug., 1862, Killed in action at Malvern Hill, July 2nd, 1862. 

Browning, G. W.,Pvt. Co. C. 18th La. Infty. En. Oct. ****th. 1861. Camp Moore, La. Present on Rolls to Dec., 1861. Rolls from Jan., 1862, to July, 1862, Absent. sick, at Marine Hospl. Rolls from Aug., 1862, to June. 1863, Absent, Roll for July and Aug., 1863, Absent, sick, in B. Hospl. On Rolls of Co. H. Cons. 18th Regt. and Yellow Jacket Battn. Pvt. Roll for Jan. and Feb., 1864, Present, Rolls of Prisoners of War, Paroled Natchitoches, La., June 6th, 1865. Res. Natchitoches Par., La.   

Browning, George W.,Pvt. Co. L. 12th La. Infty. En. Aug. 13th, 1861. Camp Moore. La. Rolls from Aug., 1861, to Aug., 1864. Absent. Sent to Hospl. at Oxford. Miss. Furloughed home by Surgeon's certificate.   

Browning, James L.,Pvt. Co. B. 2nd La. Infty. En. New Orleans, La., May 9th, 1861. Present on Rolls to June, 1862. Roll for July and Aug., 1862. Killed in action July 1st, 1862, at Malvern Hill. 

Browning, James L.,Corpl. Sergt. 5th Co. Battn. Wash, Arty. La. En. March 6th, 1862, Grand Junction. Roll for June and July, 1862, Present. Promoted Corpl. June 4th, 1862. Rolls from July, 1862. to April, 1866. Present. Rolls of Prisoners of War, Paroled at Merldian, Miss., May 10th, 1865. Res. New Orleans, La.  

Browning, Richard,Pvt. Co. K. 19th La. Infty. Roll dated Dec. 31st, 1861 (only Roll on filel. En. Dec. 15th, 1861, New Orleans, La. Roll states Present.   

Browning, W. M.,Pvt. Co. A. 16th La. Infty. En. Feb. 3rd, 1862, New Orleans. La. Present to Oct., 1862. Roll for Jan. and Feb., 1863. Wounded at Murfreesboro. Died Jan. 27th, 1863.    

Browning, Wm.,Pvt. Co. C. 4th Mo. Cav. On Rolls of Prisoners of War, Paroled at Monroe. La., June 14th. 1865. Res. Monroe, La.

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WWI Registration Cards, State of Alaska

Name: Browning, Charles Marshall DOB: 17 Mar 1882 Ethnic Group: W Birth location or other info: rel. lives Newberry Co. SC Nenana Location of registration: AK

WWI Registration Cards, State of Alabama

Name: Browning, Boyd James DOB: 13 Jul 1893 Ethnic Group: W Birth location or other info: Planterville AL Location of registration: Autauga AL

Name: Browning, Charles Emmett DOB: 22 Jul 1889 Ethnic Group: W Birth location or other info: Taylor MS Location of registration: Autauga AL

Name: Browning, Floyd Marrason? DOB: 14 Feb 1895 Ethnic Group: W Birth location or other info: Lafayette Co. MS Location of registration: Autauga AL

Name: Browning, Gordon Clinton DOB: 10 Jun 1899 Location of registration: Autauga AL

Name: Browning, Henry Lazarus DOB: 28 Oct 1890 Ethnic Group: W Birth location or other info: Plantersville AL Location of registration:  Autauga AL


Names military personnel killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec 7, 1941.

BROWNING, Tilmon David S1c USN