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Arvil E. Browning May 12, 1981 West Virginia

Brenda K. Browning April 25, 1999, Bristol Tenn

Earl Browning 1958 Webster County, Kentucky

Earl D. Browning  April 30, 1987 Bell Co. Kentucky

Emeline Phillips Browning Feb. 23, 1909, St, Clair County, Illinois

Francis Richard Browning

Granville Browning March 3, 1988

Harold A. Browning, Jr. May 15, 1992 Kentucky

Hazel Browning Valentine February 21, 1995 Louisiana

Headley Browning 1949 Webster County, Kentucky

Helen Browning Grisham January 13, 2000 South Carolina

Henry Clay Browning Oroville-Gazette, Oroville, Washington son of Josiah D. Browning and Martha Burdine Honaker (obituary provided by Shirley Pickering)

Iben Browning July 19, 1991 New Mexico

Ira E. Browning January 16, 1947 Arkansas

Pvt. J.W. Browning

John Browning, Jan 23, 1996

John Carlyle Browning, March 10, 2001, Pound, Virginia

John G. Browning Nov 7, 1914 St. Clair County, Illinois

Judith Lee Browning February 5, 1999 Michigan

Lois Ruth Browning September 17, 1997 Texas

Lucy Timmons Browning January 21, 1998 Florida

Parthenia Elizabeth Browning January 4, 1946 Arkansas

Peggy Church-Browning August 26, 1999 Illinois

Roger Lee Browning July 29, 2000 Tennessee

William Browning June 12 1997 Florida

William Joseph Browning April 22, 1999 Indiana

Woodville Browning 1879 Shelby County Indiana