Bethel Presbyterian Church, Cornelius, NC - Cemetery Transcription Index

Bethel Presbyterian Church
19920 Bethel Church Road
Cornelius, NC 28031

Mecklenburg County


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Page 1


Row A

Mildred Furr Moore
James A. Moore
Kenneth Harry Moore
Douglas Lloyd

Row B

B. Donald Harry
Hansel O. Harry
James L. Thornton
Elizabeth W. Thornton
Allan Cameron
Enid Sprott
William Marc Duncan

Row C

Herbert L. Brown
Herbert Samuel Brown
William F. Boyles, Jr
Juanita T. Boyles
Laurie E. Hastings
Addie B. Hastings

Page 2

Row C, cont.

Thomas Houston Hastings

Row D

Jane Price Puckett
John Edwin Wayland, Jr.
Herman Hall Brown
Margaret Washam Brown
Josephine D. Cox
C. Milton Cox
Robert W. Glaspey
Metta J. Glaspey
Wayne C. Plagens
Betty W. Plagens
Wayne C. Plagens
Ted Richard Mills
Shirley Rogers Mills
Donna Gamble Nodine
William Bill Gamble
Betty Jo Gamble
William Lee Gamble

Page 3

Row E

Louis Potts
Mary S. Potts
Addie Webster White
Lucy Poole
Mary Elizabeth Reid Brown
James Robert Brown
Florence Isedora Reid Brown
Walter L. Brown
Walter F. Brown
Audrey McCary Zuidema
Horace W. Brown
Opal G. Brown
Joe C. Brown
Joe Clarence Brown
Ann Browder Seamon
Charles Richard Seamon
Charles R. Seamon
Idell Davis Porter
Harry Fisher Porter

Row F

Jacob N. Bumgarner

Page 4

Mattie P. Bumgarner
Rachel T. Deaton
Samuel G. Deaton
Elizabeth Burnett Deaton
Barbara Elizabeth Helton Deaton
Sarah H. Deaton
Mack A. Deaton
Ada Larae Brown
Maggie Hall Brown
Arthur Leon Brown

Page 5

Lena Smith Bell
Monroe Patterson Bell
John Lee Roy Hastings
William L. Hastings
Maude Mundy Hastings
Frank Benjamin Robbins
Edna Jane Hall Robbins
William Spencer Hasings
Herman H. Stewart
Theodore "Ted" H. Ousley

Row G

Alice Potts Cagle
Anna Potts
Robert M. McConnell
Debbie M. McConnell
Mary Frances McConnell
P. Conley Fleming
Gertrude H. Fleming
Henry Jackson Fleming

Page 6

Murray W. Fleming
Catherine H. Fleming
Katie B. Fleming
Henry N. Fleming
William Worth Fleming
Earnest Wilson
Robert Lew Bumgarner
W. Tate Bumgarner
Kate Gillespie Bumgarner
Flossie B. Kelly

Row H

Ray Shinn
C. Webb Shinn
Annie Hall Shinn
William R. Shinn
Margaret Johnston Shinn
John L. Shinn
Minnie P. Gardner
Infant Daughter Nantz

Page 7

Row H cont.

Nancy L. Hall
Joseph Henry Nance
Elizabeth Rodgers Nance
Julia B. Hall
Infant Hall
Lura Inez Alexander
Thomas Martin Alexander
James A. Goodrum
J. Milton Goodrum
Laura McGahey Goodrum
Emma Goodrum Proctor
J. Ivey Proctor
Carrie B. Fleming
G. Alex Potts
Ora A. Potts
William Pinkney Bumgarner
Candice Hollar Bumgarner
Robert Perry Bumgarner

Row I

Grady Max Wally
Margaret W. Wally

Page 8

Row I cont.

William B. Brown
Holt Lafayette Brown
William Pat Brown
Emma L. Brown
Houston S. Brown
Tessie Brown
Salle Nance Hall
Houston Hall
Ralph Eugene Hall
Richard B. Blakely
Margaret R. Blakely
James A. Boyles
Martha G. Boyles
Jason A. Boyles
Esther Blakely
Mary E. Boyles
Franklin Lee Torrence
Emma Torrence Gibson
M. Estelle Torrence
Samuel Mason Torrence
Minnie J. Torrence
Grace Gibson Jones
Alice McCall
J. M. Fincanon

Page 9

Row J

Annie King Potts
William Marshall Potts
Effie H. Miller
Joe P. Miller
Idella Wilson Knox
R. C. Knox
I. Lawrence Wilson
Joseph M. Wilson
Lenora Patterson Wilson
James L. Henderson
Florence M. Henderson
J. R. Henderson
Dora N. Boyles
Nancy Eunice Washam
Thomas S. Washam
Harry Torrence, Jr.

Page 10

Infant Torrence
A. Perry Torrence
Abram P. Torrence
Julia A. Torrence
Wm. Albert Torrence
Lulalee M. Torrence
Harry G. Torrence
Infant Son Gilbert
William Worth Gilbert
Essie R. Hall
Albert Wilson Hall
Lula Nance Hall
Willie James Hall
Hary J.Hall
Arthur L. Rogers

Page 11

Row K

Charles G. "Jack" Miller
Ethel Clemons Miller
Lucy Potts Miller
Bess Lee Miller
Mary Odel Miller
Robert W. Miller
Infant Son Goodrum
Mary A. Goodrum
Francis A. Goodrum
Mary Ann White Goodrum
Nancy E. Blakely
Mary Adline Blakely
W. F. Henderson

Page 12

Row K, cont.

R. Elam Henderson
Infant Daughter Henderson
Sarah Jane Gouger Donaldson
C. L. Donaldson
Ella Donaldson
Francis S. Donaldson
Jack Washam
George L. Washam
Beulah L. Howard

Row L

Ora Mae McConnell Deaton
Samuel Kress Deaton
Nora B. McConnell
Mary H. McConnell
Francis S. McConnell
John Vance McConnell, Sr.
Blanche McConnell
A. J. McConnell

Page 13

Row L, cont.

Willie Blane Walls McConnell
Lottie McConnell Powers
Sarah Jane Knox
John A. Knox
Violet Knox Dodson
Margaret A. Henderson
Ella Henderson Savers
Thomas A. Henderson
Mary C. Henderson
Edwin P. Henderson
Annie C. Hall
J. W. Hall
Lovey C. Hall
F. W. Hall
Samuel Hall
John E. Washam
Margaret R. Washam
Alice E. Washam

Page 14

Row L, cont.

Joe R. Washam
Nonie Vance Washam
Lenora Hagar
S. L. Donaldson
J. A. Donaldson
C. L. M. Donaldson
Leonard F. Weatherford

Row M

Carvie S. Freeman
Odell M. Freeman
Paul L. Knox
Daisy Rogers Alexander
J. Wilson Alexander
Lola McConnell Knox
John Boyce Knox
Fannie T. (Thomasson) Knox
William A. Knox
Carrie B. (Beard) Knox
Sallie Potts Gross
William H. Potts
Annie Caldwell Potts

Page 15

Infant Son McConnell
Rebecca R. McConnell
Thomas A. McConnell
Thomas M. McConnell
Infant Son Washam
Lula B. Rogers
E. H. Hall
J. A. Hall
Mary J. Hall
William S. Hall
J. E. Hall
Elizabeth Ameliou Hall
Daisy Miller Berry
John Benjamin Humble
Benjamin Franklin Humble, Jr.

Row N

J. H. Rush
Mary Ellen Downs Rush
David H. White, Sr.

Page 16

Row N cont.

Pearl S. Knox
Marvin M. Knox
Infant Daughter Knox
Col. A. M. Barry
Nancy Barry
Ennie Rebecca Washam
Hazelet Stanhope Washam
Maggie Ruth Washam
Infant Twins Washam
Francis E. Washam
Francis M. Washam
Sarah Ruth Washam
Lovey E. Washam Brown
Thomas A. Washam
J. M. L. Rogers
Harriet C. Rogers
Sarah Ann P. Washam

Row O

James Edgar Furr

Page 17

Row O cont.

Lura McCoy Furr
Robert B. Morrow
Rachel E. Morrow
S. B. Caldwell
Nancy Gillespie
Infant Son Gillespie
Isabella Amelia Gillespie
Mary Catherine Caldwell
Mary C. Gillespie
William A. Gilespie
Mary A. Gillespie
Nancy E. Gillispie
James W. Nantz

Page 18

Row O cont.

Elizabeth Nantz
William F. Nantz
M. R. Nance
S. J. Nance
W. W. Nance
B. W. Nance
Joseph H. Boyles
Dovey E. L. Boyles
James Knox
Nancy Miller Knox

Row P

Sarah Skinner Knox
Frank Joe Knox
Frank J. Knox, Jr.
Emma M. Knox
Joseph V. Knox
Infant Daughter Knox
Thomas Brevard Knox
Mary Caldwell Knox
Daisy Knox
Martha N. Knox
R. J. W. Knox

Page 19

Row P cont.

M. E. Knox
Margaret A. Knox
Lawson A. Potts
Emma A. Potts
Ella Florence Potts
Houston J. Potts
Lotta Alice Potts
Katie Catherine M. Potts
C.J. M. McCoy
R. C. Washam
Mary E. C. Rodgers
Zelinda Potts Henderson

Row Q

Edythe Price Knox

Page 20

Row Q

Robert Franklin Knox
Hugh Blakley
Rebecca Pippin Blakley
Infant Daughter Knox
Infant Son Knox
Samuel E. Knox
Mary A. Blakley
Infant Son Knox
Infant Son Knox
Linie M. Knox
Eliza A. Williams
Martha Williams
Thomas Williams
Rebecca C. Potts
William C. Potts
John McE. Potts
Beauregard McCulloch Potts

Page 21

Row Q cont.

Maggie Q. Potts
F. W. Potts
Sidney X. Potts
Jas. M. Potts
N. C. Potts
Nannie R. Potts
Samuel S. Stewart
Barbary Stewart
Mary M. Whitlow
Mathew Whitlow
Nancy Potts Fleming
James Lee Fleming
Susan O. Fleming

Page 22

Row Q cont.

Abigal Susan Potts
Ann Potts
Infant Son Henderson
William S. Henderson

Row R

Lena Belle Hall
Walter Samuel Henderson
John Leroy Fuller
Nancy Knox Fuller
John Lee Fuller
Alice F. White
James A. White
Louisa A. Potts
Liou Cricia Brown
A. F. Brown
Elizabeth Brown
W. L. Stewart

Page 23

Row S

W. F. Potts
J. M. Potts
Henry A. Cathey
Cornelia Eudorah Cathey
Emma A. Cathey
William A. Cathey
Sara Betty Hall
Connie Mayhew Hall
Luther William Hall
Betty Jean Hall Saunders
Joy Sherrill Jaro
Edward D. Sherrill
Sarah H. Sherrill
Julia C. Washam
Carrie E. Goodson
Thomas Lawson Washam

Page 24

Row R cont.

James Audrey Washam
Ella J. Gillespie
Andrew Springs Gillespie
Elizabeth Virginia Gillespie
Joseph R. Gillespie
Catherine E. Gillespie
Martha Ann Washam
Thomas Washam
Edwin S. Washam
Ida E. Wilson

Row T

Fannie White Armstrong
Joseph Gillespie Houston
Melisia A. W. Potts

Page 25

Row T cont.

Robert James Potts
Sarah G. Washam
Alexander Washam
Infant Son Mc. Patterson
Infant Daughter Dinkins
Infant Son Dinkins
Mary Josephine Dinkins
Mary Houston

Row U

Thomas Reid Gamble
Infant Daughter Gamble
James Franklin Gamble
Mamie Goodrum

Page 26

Row U cont.

Paula A. Gamble
JoAnn M. Gamble
Paul F. Gamble
Paula Ann Gamble
C. Rebecca Potts
Thomas E. Potts
James Alexander Potts
Mary C. Potts
Infant Son Potts
Infant Daughter Potts
James A. Gamble
Dorcas Gamble
Mattie Gamble
Amanda Patterson
John Potts Patterson
Joseph Patterson
Margaret L. Patterson

Page 27

Row V cont.

Margaret Julia Patterson
Alice J. C. Patterson
Elizabeth R. E. Patterson
Julia A. J. Patterson

Row V

Nelie Torrence
Alonzo L. Torrence
Dr. Scott Boyd
Joseph G. Gamble
James Carter Gamble
G. Rebecca Potts
Hiram W. Hall
John A. Hall

Page 28

Row V

Joseph Alexander Hall
W. Lafayette Hall
Elizabeth Potts
Edwin Potts
Charles William Potts
Clement Nants
James Nance
John Nance
Elizabeth Jetton
Elizabeth Jetton
A. B. Jetton
Priscilla Jetton
Ida E. Wilson

Page 29

William Patterson
E. C. Mc.Patterson
James W. F. Patterson

Row W

John Gamble
H. Clay Gamble
Martha L. Gamble
D. Elizabeth Gamble
John Gamble
Mary J. Gamble
William Lee Gamble
Lucinda Hall Mock
John Wilson Mock
Margaret Clementine Mock
Mary B. Knox
John Knox Sr.
Hannah E. Knox
Andrew S. Knox

Page 30

Row W cont.

John R. Knox
Jane E. Gillespie
James Johnston
William Worth Caldwell
Nancy C. Caldwell
Rebecca W. Cathey
Robert Potts
Nancy R. Potts
Zeblon N. J. Potts
Infant Daughter Gillespie
Ephraim M. Potts
William Potts
Kesia A. Potts
Amanda Patterson
Venie Wilson Clontz

Page 31

Row W cont.

Rev. Ralph C. Clontz, Sr
Martha Love Clontz
M. J.
Mary Louisa Potts
James Alexander Gillespie
Barbary E. E. Nants

Page 32


Row A

George Worth Puckett
Joseph Ralph Puckett
Lacy Henderson Puckett
Lonnie A. Henderson
John E. Hager
William Crawford Conard
Caroline Summey Conard
Martha J. Henderson
Louis O. Goodrum
Celeste C. Goodrum
Raymond P. Gammon
Travys Caldwell Gammon
Marvin Brady Washam
Pauline Robinson Washam
Jennings B. Young
Sara Washam Young
Armon Madison Ussery
Lillie Gibson Ussery
James W. Schout
Mabelle Independence Double Schout

Page 33

Row A cont.

John F. Mahoney
Doris P. Mahoney

Row B

Dwight M. Knox
Mabel P. Knox
Earl M. Knox
L. Glenn Lambert
James Monroe Knox
Agnes Davis Knox
James Arlander Knox
Terry Lynn Knox
Billy C. Knox
Lloyd Darrell
William Creecy Copeland
James P. Richardson
Margaret G. Richardson
Robert P. Richardson

Row C

Robert Brice Knox

Page 34

Row C cont.

Annie Smith Knox
Jamie Erin Beard
Jesse L. Sherrill
Earl Leroy Teague, Sr.
Katherine Gaither Teague

Row D

Sandra Jean Brown
James Marvin Brown
Wilburn R. Overcash
Jean Hall Overcash
Joshua Michael Hillman
Arthur Clontz A. C. Brown
Maxine Henderson Brown
R. Glenn Hastings
Catherine B. Hastings
Infant Son Smith
Ralph Smith

Page 35

Row D cont.

James Todd Strickland
Robert Lewis Wilson
Betty Kunkle Thornton
Kenneth W. Thornton, Sr.
Haywood Wright, Sr.
Elsie Readling Wright
Haywood Wright, Jr
Terry Readling Wright

Row E

Webb R. Hastings
Janie T. Hastings
Dorothy L. Hastings
Thomas M. McConnell
Lottie A. McConnell
Graham A. White
Thomas M. Washam
Bertha Mae Carter
Bessie M. Jetton
Walter B. Jetton
Harril L. Rowland
Ida W. Rowland

Page 36

Row E cont.

Mattie W. Pendarvis
Robert F. Reid
Tommie B. Reid
James Coyt Alexander
Frank L. Washam
Rena Hager Washam
John Edd Baxter
Lacy M. Baxter
Fred M. McConnell Wayne F. Mullen
Betty McConnell Mullen
Julia Stinson McConnell
Geraldine G. McConnell
Blanche H. Wilhelm
Saye G. Sharp

Row G

Clarence C. Potts
William C. Potts
Matilda Regan Potts
Ralph Leon Potts
Perce C. Potts
Maude H. Potts

Page 37

Row G cont.

John Vance Washam, Sr.
Velna Potts Washam
Betty Reid Washam

Row H

W. Lonnie Puckett
Mollie Washam Puckett
Mary Louise Puckett
Francis Clyde Howard
Minnie Mc. Howard
Pearl E. Eury
Lucile E. Eury
Kathy Lynn Knox
Johnnie A. Hager
Melvin Andrew Knox
Annie Kate Knox
Howard H. Baker, Sr.
Alice W. Hager Baker

Row I

Flake C. McConnell
Grace D. McConnell
Mary Virginia McConnell
Frank Hargett
Etta Deaton Hargett
Sara Kirkpatrick Honeycutt

Page 38

Row I cont.

Shirley Marshall Honeycutt
Lorene Propst Honeycutt
Ben Byers
John Martin Waldrop, Jr.
Rev. Edgar Dean Byers
Vincent S. Figaro
Shirley H. Figaro

Row J

Samuel Monroe Furr
Mary K. Furr
Fred W. Prim
Marie F. Prim
Leslie Martin Kelly
Harry A. Kelly
Howard Jason Little
Freeman C. Kelly
Agnes M. Kelly
Ronald Loyts Hager
Martha Kelly Hager
Russell Kelly Hager

Page 39

Row K

Tina Sarah Knox
Robert Samuel Knox
Lelia Mullis Knox
Hary C. Knox
Rebecca B. Knox
Margaret Knox Riley
Jane B. Knox
Will J. Knox
Bessie R. Knox
Edward Graham Knox
Corman Drake Collins
Hugh Jackson Knox
Mary Francis Harris Knox
Rugh Fisher Payne

Row L

Adrian C. Knox
Norma Jean Heath
Ralph Brevard Knox
Annie Barkley Knox
Ralph Carson Knox
Frank Earle Heath
Bryan Edward Knox

Page 40

Row L cont.

Gertrude Townsend Matthews

Row M

John Bowles Wally
Lalah C. Wally
John Melvin Wally
Dorman C. Wally
John Laurence Lunsford
Dorathy W. Lunsford
Haden B. Knox
Nannie G. Knox
Infant Son Williams
Donald W. Williams
Junius June Washam
Theordore King Delinger, Sr
Barbara A. Washam Delinger
Joseph R. Washam

Row N

William Moffit Knox
Jennie Smith Knox
Robert Brice Knox
Ida Lee West Knox
Mullie Brown Feimster

Page 41

Row N cont.

John Wilson Knox
Adell Walker Knox
Margaret Carrigan Knox
Hilda M. Knox
Cloyd Alexander Knox
John Arthur Gamble
Onia Erwin
Brian Ross Dean
Doris Hogg Dean
Douglas Raymond Dean
Row O

Harvey E. Gibson
Dora M. Gibson
C. Eugene Gibson
Polly S. Gibson
Thomas Alexander Gibson
Doris Navey Gibson
Ernest L. Gibson, Sr
Nell Prim Gibson
Lloyd Hugh Jetton
Florence Pangle Jetton

Page 42

Row O cont.

Eugene F. Rimmer
Helen Bell Rimber
Ruby Davis Caldwell
Sidney Darrell Caldwell

Row P

Harvey O. Smith
Verdie H. Smith
Clyde Odell Wally
Cynthia Goodrum
Paul R. Norket
Infant Daughter Davis
E. Montez Caldwell
W. Monroe Caldwell
Rena G. Caldwell
Furnam E. Stewart
Clara H. Stewart
Joe Clinton Kennerly
Annie Gamble Kennerly
Sidney Lewis Jetton
Frances Holder Jetton

Row Q

Graham Osborne Brown
George Rasnick

Page 43

Row Q cont.

John Caldwell Knox
Thomas B. Knox
Ida B. Knox
William Smith Knox
Jerry McCauley Knox

Unmarked Row Nearest the Church

Robert Jay Wilson Knox
Sara Winifred Readling Knox
Brevard Houston Knox
Bettye Frances Alexander Knox
Kenneth Brown Knox
James Harold Knox
Katherine Knox Ray
Howard William Millen


Allie K. Campbell

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