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Friedens Lutheran Church Cemetery Transcription Images - General Index

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Pages 1 through 10: ALBRIGHT, Barbara through DAWSON, Thomas E.
Pages 11 through 20: DEVAULT, Elizabeth through LEWYE, Benj.
Pages 21 through 30: LITTLE, Effie S. through STORY, Martin V.
Pages 31 through 42: STRADER, Adam through ZIMMERMAN, Sallie E.

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View Photos and Translation of 1795 Tombstone of Jacob Daniel Scherer

Friedens Cemetery History

Many thanks to the Rev. Richard Rhoades, former Pastor at Friedens, and to Carl Allen, the chairman of the Friedens Cemetery committee, for allowing the use of this list for Genealogical Research. Also, thanks to List Subscriber Ianthia Gerringer LaMarr for her many ideas, and especially for taking the initiative to make this information available via the internet!

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