The Various Emigrants by the name of William Andrews,
born ca 1600 in England, to New England ca 1630's, 1640's.
A Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New England,
pub. 1829, 1847, by John Farmer
Order Name Location Comments Freeman Date What the book says:
- William - - 1634, 1635, 1640 There were three of the name of William Andrews, who were admitted freemen in 1634, 1635, and 1640, one of whom was of Cambridge in 1635; the preceding of Lynn in 1634, and the other may have been the schoolmaster, William Andrew, or William Andrews of New Haven in 1639. [1640]
List of Freemen of Massachusetts 1630-1691,
pub. 1849 by Lucius R. Paige
Order Name Location Comments Freeman Date What the book says:
- William - 1634 4 Mar 1634 March 4, 1633-4: Willm Andrewes [1634 is in the progression of months.]
- William - 1635 4 Mar 1635 March 4, 1634-5: Mr. Willm Andrewes [1635 is in the progression of months.][C.R., Vol. I.p.113]
- William - 1640 13 May 1640 13 May 1640: Willi Andrews [C.R., Vol. I. p.281]
 Genealogical Dictionary Of The First Settlers of New England,
pub. 1860 by James Savage.
Order Name Location Comments Freeman Date What the book says:
1 William Lynn 1634 4 Mar 1634 -
Likely # 3 below William - - 4 Mar 1635 He having the prefix of respect may seem rather to belong to Charlestown or Cambridge by proximity of other names in that day's list.
Likely # 2 below. William - - 13 May 1640 -
2 William New Haven Father - A prominent man, signed the compact 1639, probable accompanied Gov. Eaton, and no doubt was first at Boston or Charlestown; at N.H. was active in military Serv. And kept the ordinary, one of the founders of the church and hardly(?) could get leave to give up his ordinary, had William, and Samuel, perhaps b. in England, but Nathan, baptized at N.H. 17 Nov 1639; and d. 3 Jan 1664.  [WEB: b. ca 1600, d. 3 Jan 1664][Nathan bp.  1639, d. 1712, m. 1 Oct 1661.]
4 William New Haven Son - Son (of #2)of William of the same, b. in England, m. 31 Jan 1640, Mary Chandler, had children b. 1651 and 1653, who died soon. He deserted his wife, went to Kinsale, and there, as was said, married another. In Oct. 1661, after his absence of eight years, his wife obtained a divorce.
Yes, #2 above. William - - - But that may be a story of another man, for this William married Ann, widow of William Gibbard, dau. Of William Tapp, and d. 4 Mar 1676, as by the highest authority I am instructed. His family was early extinct.
3 William Hartford - - One of the early settlers, came to Hartford from Cambridge, first school master, and soon town clerk, had wed Mary, who d. at Cambridge 19 Jan 1640, and second, wed Abigail, who married Nathaniel Barding; and he [William] died between 1655 and 1663, leaving children John; Eliz. who m. 3 May 1655, Edward Grannis; Thomas; and Samuel, the youngest, one account says b. 20, but another account makes him baptized 19 Oct 1645.
5 William Ipswich Father b. ca 1649 Had William b. 1674; John 2 Feb 1676; Ezekiel, June 1680; Eliz 15 Jan 1685; d. under 1yr. His wife Margaret, at this time, but she may not have been mother of the former children. [WEB: Many family trees have this Wm., son of John A., b. ca 1620. in England.  Wife Margaret Woodward per NEMarr.Prior1700.]
- William - Son - b. 23 Oct 1674.
6; Same person as # 5 William Ipswich - - Another Wm. Of Ipswich had Solomon, b. 8 Aug 1699. [WEB: Is it possible that this is William, b. 1674? Add 20 yrs, ca 1694 marriage? No. Some family trees on World Connect have a William b. 1649 as father for Solomon. Database "bethwatkins"]
Likely # 2 above. William - Carpenter James, 1635 Perhaps one of these many [above] Williams was a carpenter, who came in the James from Southampton, 1635. Confusion very easily arises between names of so common occurance with so slight variations of residence, and other circumstance.
The History of Wallingford,
written 1870 by Charles Davis
2 William New Haven Built the first meeting house 1644 Made free in 1635, but ship arrived June 1635. Name of 1st wife is unknown. Had sons: 1. William, b. England, died 3 Jan 1663, left no sons; 2. Samuel, b. England, 1632, died 6 Oct 1704; 3. Nathan, b. England, 1638, ancestor of East Haven branch of Andrews. Daughters, supposed three. Mr. William Andrews died at East Haven, 4 March 1676.  Mrs. Anna, his wife, died A.D. 1701.
History of Hartford, Connecticut, published 1886
by James Hammond Trumbull
Order Name Location Comments Freeman Date What the book says:
# 3 from above William - - freeman, Mass., 4 March, 1634-5 constable, Newtown, October, 1636; original proprietor of Hartford, received 30 acres in 1639-40. First schoolmaster, 1643-1656, town clerk 1651-1658. He died in 1659. 1st wife Mary, d. at Cambridge, 19 Jan 1639-40. 2nd wife, Abigail (likely Grave).  Abigail, widow, m. Nathaniel Bearding.
The Pioneers of Massachusetts, A Descriptive List,
published 1900 by Charles Henry Pope
Likely # 2 above. William - - freeman, 13 May 1640 There is this about William Andrews/Andrew/Andros/Androsse: William, carpenter, Hampsworth, England, came in the JAMES Apr. 5, 1635. Salem, juryman, 1637, servant of Mr. Henry Coggan, before Gen. Court 4 Oct 1638. Assigned to Mr. Endecott 3 July 1639.  Freeman, May 13, 1640. (Page 19.)
Planter of the Commonwealth,
written 1930, by Charles Edward Banks
Order Name Location Comments Freeman Date What the book says:
Likely # 2 above. William assigned to Salem. - - of Hampsworth, county Yorkshire (?). Sailed on the James of London, William Cooper, Master, leaving Southampton 5 April 1635, arriving in Boston Bay 3 June 1635. [Thus it is unlikely that this William was made a free man in March 1634 or 1635.][Hampsworth cannot be found on a British map, so is it really Hampsthwaite, Yorkshire?]
7 William - Master of the Ship Elizabeth - Sailed from Ipswich 'bound for New England the last of April, 1634' and arrived in July at Boston.
The Winthrop Fleet of 1630
pub. 1930 by Charles Edward Banks
- Edmond James Watertown - - From Earl's Barton, co. Northants.  Applied freeman 19 Oct 1630 (MCR, I, 80.).  Died before 1640.
- Reana James -  Pg. 76 - Wife of Edmond James.  (Pope: Pioneers of Mass.).  She married (2) William Andrews (Middlesex Deeds III, 7).
The Ancient Families of New Haven,
published 1931 by Donald L. Jacobus.
Order Name Location Comments Freeman Date What the book says:
# 2 from above William New Haven Father - of New Haven, d. 4 Mar 1675/6. 1st m. unknown, who d. 3 Jan 1663. 2nd m. 7 Dec 1665 to Ann, daug. Edmund Tapp of M(iddletown?), widow of William Gibbard, she d. 1701.
# 4 from above William New Haven Son - 1st m. 31 Jan 1649, New Haven Vitals, Mary Chandler. Had two daug., in 1650 and 1652, who died young. Left America, and Mary divorced him in 1661. Wm. 2nd m. Joan King of King's Sale, Ireland.
Topographical Dictionary of 2005 English Emigrants to New England, 1620-1650, published 1937.
Likely # 2 above. William - - - There is a listing for William Andrews which shows him coming to Salem, Mass. From "Hampsthwaite" in England. Hampsthwaite is in Yorkshire.
The American Genealogist, 35:55-59 pages,
pub. 1958, by Donald Lines Jacobus
- William - and sons - Jacobus compiled an account of this Wm. A. and his sons, carefully distinguishing him from other men by the name of Wm. A. [Need a copy.]
New England Marriages Prior to 1700,
pub. 1985, by Clarence Almon Torrey
Order Name Location Comments Freeman Date What the book says:
Likely # 7 William - - - Wm., d. 1652, m. 1st wife, Mary ___, d. 1640, Cambridge
Likely # 2 William - - - Wm., d. 1676, m. 1st wife (name unknown), d. 1663?, New Haven.
Likely # 3 William - - - Wm., d. 1659, by 1635? m. Abigail [Graves]?, she m. 2nd Nathaniel Barding/Bearding?, Hartford.
Likely # 7 William - - - Wm., d. 1652, m. contract 11 Aug 1640, his 2nd wife, Reana ( ? ) James, widow of Edmund James, she m. 3rd Robert Daniel, 1654, and m. 4th Edmund Frost before 1669, Cambridge. [World Connect database "fiachadhr"]
Likely # 4 William - - - Wm.(deserted his 1st wife, m. 2nd wife in Ireland) 1st m. Mary Chandler, 31 Jan 1649, divorced 1661, New Haven.
Likely # 2 William - - - Wm., widow, m. 2nd wife on 7 Dec 1665 in New Haven, Anna (Tapp) Gibbard.
Likely # 5 William - - - Wm., d. 1717, m. on 20 Oct 1672 in Ipswich, Margaret Woodward, b. 1655. [World Connect database "burnhamj"]
- William - - - Wm., m. 30 Oct 1685, Esther/Hester (Arnold) Dexter (b. 1647, d. 1688+), widow of James [Dexter], 3rd m. Edward Hawkins, Warwick, R.I. [World Connect database "larwana_lisa"]
- William - - - Wm., d. 1702, m. by 1684, Seeth ____?, she m. 2nd. Zechariah Hicks (1657-1751/2) 1704, Salem / Cambridge. [World Connect database "jenq", "jangaard"
- William - - - Wm., b. 1665/?, d. 1726, m. 12 Jan 1692, Hannah Parker, Wallingford, Conn., she m. 2nd Bartholomew Foster. [World Connect database "gburdick"]
- William - - - Wm., b. 1679, d. 1762, m. 25 Sept 1700 Anne/Anna Searle, E. Greenwich, Rhode Island.
Colonial Ancestors: Four Lineal Genealogies of Eastern Connecticut Families,
pub. 1991, by Mary Foster & Edward H. Little
Order Name Location Comments Freeman Date What the book says:
# 3 from above. William A. of Hartford. - - - Edward H. Little prepared a summary of the life and family of Wm. Andrews [Camden, Maine, 1991, pgs 1-7] Descendants of Wm. A., who was married to Abigail (Grave?) (d. ca 1683), and who died 1659 in Hartford, Connecticut. [Available on-line via FamilySearch.]  Place & date of birth unknown; died between 1 Apr 1659 and 8 Aug 1659.  Abigail died in Hartford, 20 March 1682/3.  First in Newtowne, Cambridge, Mass. then to Hartford in 1637.  Wm & Abigail had sons John (b. ca 1632/3), Thomas (b. 4 May 1638) and Samuel.  Special relationships (younger half-brothers per Jacobus) with John Andrews of Farmington and Francis Andrews of Fairfield.
Likely # 7 from above? William A. - Mariner - ...Wm. A. of Newtowne (Cambridge), and then Hartford, has been mixed up with the mariner, Wm. A. of Cambridge, Mass. The latter is believed to have been married to Mary, who died on 19 Jan 1639/40, then Cambridge William married Reana James of Watertown, about August 1640, their marriage contract dated 11 Aug 1640.  He died in 1652, leaving an only son Samuel.  [One World Connect database:  "fredbailey9233" for Reana James.]
The Great Migration, Immigrants to New England 1634-1635,
Volume 1, A-B, published 1999, by Robert Charles Anderson
Order Name Location Comments Freeman Date What the book says:
Likely # 2 above. William page 62 - - On 5 April 1635, “William Andrews of Hampsworth, carpenter”, was enrolled at Southampton in the James of London for New England (Drake’s Founders 56). Comments: This William Andrews cannot be connected with records for any of the men by that name in early New England.  There was a William Andrews who in 1638 assaulted his master, Mr. Henry Coggan, and as a result was placed as servant to John Endicott [MBCR 1:245, 269].  These two records cannot be connected to any of the other known men by the name, but there is also noting to connect the 1638 William Andrews with the passenger of 1635.
# 3 from above. William Pages 63-66 - - Wm. A. immigrated 1634. Went to Cambridge, then Hartford, CT in 1637. Inventory of estate 8 Aug 1659. [And lots more.]
# 7 from above. William Page 66 Cambridge A 2nd Wm. A. of Cambridge, not the Hartford Wm. A. Married to Mary, who died at Cambridge on 19 Jan 1640, concluded by Jacobus [1958 Am. Gen.35}.
- William pg 370 - - Wm Andrews executor 1679 (for Thomas Smith of Charlestown estate)
DNA tests for two descendants of William Andrews (# 2) of New Haven are available. "Google" Andrews62 DNA Project