Poem by Frank Boyd

of Wayne Co, Tenn., in a collection of poems "Out Here in The Hills"

Wife of William Bromley, who was imprisoned for ten years for killing two Indians.

Lena was gone by the time he was released.

Lena Rae

Bill Bromley Middle)

Bill Bromley in Arkansas


Bill Bromley's Funeral

Lula Bromley

daughter of Bill and Lena Ray

 Confederate Bond, purchased by Samuel Carroll Bromley

Below are Samuel's discharge papers, after the Civil War.

Something not too many people have.

Verna Cleveland Bromley, 1902, son of Samuel Carroll Bromley

Verna Cleveland Bromley 1975 "V.C."

wifeMary Saletha McClendon

Thanks to Rae Conner for sharing these lovely photos.

Bromley Cemetery, in Tennessee



 Thanks go to Jackie Hurst for taking the time to share these photos.

Also the picture below. Sent to him by Bill Tharp.

William Tharp is supposed to be the tall guy, 3rd from left.

These are all Bromley cousins.

Okay, Bill, can you identify them for me?

Jackie Hurst (right)




Poem written during the Civil War

about Fielding Hurst and 6th Tenn.

Thanks to Jackie Hurst

Poems similar to this were written about Forest, Jubal Early,
 and other Confederate  as well as Union leaders!

Despair for the children
who lie now in bed.
The widow, the aged
the soldier who bled.
For out of the "Nation"
comes a sickness and curse -
God save us all
From the demon called Hurst.

Like vandals of old
through our land they did ride
With Hunger and Death
always close by their side.
Came Terror, his herald -
but the wailing comes first . . .
We know he is coming,
That demon called Hurst.
This lovely old picture was sent to me by Bill Tharp.Thanks Bill!
(left/right)Lucinda J.Bromley-Catherine Bromley Belsha
John Jefferson Bromley, wife, Jenny Tharp



Bailey Journal sent to me by James Richards. Thank you for adding to the collection.