illinois marriages

Illinois Marriages

Updated 10 January 2005

Taken from State and County Records


Brumley,George W. m Susan Angeline McCormick 7-6-1860 Alexander Co (Extracted Marriage record)


Brumley, Louis m Sarah Pickley--7-9-1878, Bond Co

Brumley, Martha Jane m Samuel Shaffter--6-27-1878, Bond Co

Brumley, Sarah m Ferdinand Pullaska--3-12-1882, Bond Co

Brumley, Rosetta m George Marti--9-27-1878, Bond Co


Bromley, Albro H. m Vallie D. Frambaks-- 11-2-1882, Champaign Co

Bromley, Francis M. m Sarah Jane Arnod--11-6-1858, Champaign Co

Bromley, Jennie m Herman Gerbing Jr.--5-20-1883, Champaign Co

Bromley, Samuel m Margaret Ditto--2-21-1864, Champaign Co

Brumley, Almirah m David Dilling--9-21-1858, Champaign Co 

Brumley, Asa H. m Letitia Mae Edwards--5-9-1895, Champaign Co

Brumley, Daniel A. m Lucy Ann Gilliland--5-31-1849, Champaign Co

Brumley, Elizabeth m Homer J. Fitch--2-24-1877, Champaign Co

Brumley, Elizabeth E. m Andrew J. Gilliland--3-23-1848, Champaign Co

Brumley, George m Addie B. Sadorus--5-23-1900 Champaign Co

Brumley, James M. m Adeline Davis--8-30-1868, Champaign Co

Brumley, Mirva m Oliver P. Donnohew--3-1-1888, Champaign Co (Extracted Marriage record)

Brumley, William H. m Mary Jane Gilliland--6-2-1850, Champaign Co



Bromley, Adeline Landreth m John Mayhood--8-26-1883, Clay Co

Bromley, Flora m John D. Anton--10-13-1897, Clay Co

Bromley, James H. m Lina Landreth--10-5-1881, Clay Co


Bromley, Julia I. m Elijah Gobin--7-3-1871, Coles Co


Bromley, Addie m Julius C. Miller--5-29-1890, Cook Co

Bromley, Amarilla m Julius Mulvey--9-26-1867, Cook Co

Bromley, Cynthia A. m John Lunt--9-25-1867, Cook Co

Bromley, Edward m Jennie McGregor--5-2-1889, Cook Co

Bromley, Ellen m Arthur Moore--6-23-1883, Cook Co

Bromley, Frederick m Rose Hannah Belinda Pascoe--12-31-1891, Cook Co

Bromley, Harry m Lillie Hulberd--7-3-1886, Cook Co

Bromley, Hester L. m Leslie M. Macnah--1-29-1874, Cook Co

Bromley, James A. m Kittie A. Baker--10-29-1891, Cook Co

Bromley, John Samuel m Mary J. Butler--6-18-1887, Cook Co

Bromley, Lillian E. m George Knabe--6-18-1894, Cook Co

Bromley, Louisa m Orvis Jones--3-19-1853, Cook Co

Bromley, Mary Ann m Thomas Brennan--5-1-1857, Cook Co

Bromley, Richard m Katie Cull--5-14-1892, Cook Co

Bromley, William R. m Julia Etta Johnson--11-29-1893, Cook Co

Brumley, Anna m Waller E. Hensley--12-22-1906Chicago, Cook Co (Extracted Marriage records)


Bromley, Eleanor m Daniel P. Thomas--2-20-1904, Du Page Co

Bromley, Elizabeth A. m Herman J. Wilms--5-30-1900, Du Page Co


Bromley, Mollie m Allen G. Payne--12-26-1873, Edgar Co

Brumley, Mary J. m William J. Pennington--2-13-1873, Edgar Co


Bromley, George W. m Eliza Bunting--12-24-1890, Edwards Co

Bromley, George W. m Eliza A. West--10-17-1893, Edwards Co


Bromley, Arthur m Josephine Schultz--10-4-1911, Effingham Co


Brumley, Wilson m Mary Kersey--12-25-1870, Ford Co

Bromley, Tempy m David Watkins--4-24-1846, Franklin Co


Bromley, Alice m Timothy Estes--9-19-1884, Gallatin Co

Bromley, Rab m Sarah Wright--3-5-1877, Gallatin Co

Brumley, Catherine m Benjamin Foster--2-18-1864, Gallatin Co

Brumley, Mary m Benjamin Foster--4-8-1853, Gallatin Co

Brumley, Mrs. Frances J. m John D. Hope--7-16-1865, Gallatin Co

Bromley, John H. m Mrs Sarah Bromley--10-7-1873, Gallatin Co

Bromley, Mary M. m George W. Funkhouser--1-11-1883, Gallatin Co

Brumley, Larkin m Elizabeth Cronk--3-16-1861, Gallatin Co

Brumley, Mary T. m Charles R. Mick--12-24-1874, Gallatin Co

Brumley, Molly M. m Henry M. Sisk--11-14-1867, Gallatin Co

Brumley, Mrs. Nancy A. m Jesse Taylor--7-20-1876, Gallatin Co

Brumley, Nicholas m Elizabeth Teachiner--5-5-1827, Gallatin Co

Brumley, Thomas Jefferson m Frances Jane Rawlings--7-5-1849, Gallatin Co (Extracted Marriage records)



Brumley, Austin G. m Sarah M. Newman--10-5-1848, Hamilton Co

Brumley, Wilson m Margaret L. Giles--7-4-1844, Hamilton Co


Bromley, Asa C. m Nancy J. Reak--12-24-1898, Hardin Co

Brumley, Martha m Joseph Edmonson--11-10-1890, Hardin Co


Brumley, Alena m Robert M. Sutton--7-25-1895, Iroquois Co

Bumley, Minnie m Benjamin Norvell--12-25-1900, Iroquois Co


Bromley, Katherine m Augustus Jennings--6-12-1895, Jackson Co


Bromley, Rebecca m John Whittington--9-23-1832, Jefferson Co

Brumley, Austin m Martha J. Mansley--4-1-1865, Jefferson Co

Brumley, Caroline m Robert S. Wright--1-2-1849, Jefferson Co

Brumley, John m Sarah Lowry--1-30-1892, Jefferson Co

Brumley, Lina L. m John Wesley Parks--5-20-1900, Jefferson Co


Bromley, Elias M. m Mary Jane Daily--10-25-1854, Jo Daviess Co

Bromley, Richard m Elizabeth Eustice--3-19-1860, Jo Daviess Co


Brumley, Lewis m Louiza A. Newboles--8-8-1872, Johnson Co

Brumley, Lewis B. m Sarah E. Rainbolt (nee Underwood)--1-19-1879, Johnson Co

Brumley, Sarah m John Henry Cline--3-25-1900, Johnson Co


Bromley, Mary (Fairbanks) m James Danly--11-13-1902, Kane Co

Bromley, Ann m Joseph Fisher--9-30-1852, Kane Co


Bromley, Elsie L. m James E. Stevens--9-12-1894, Kankakee Co


Bromley, Anna m John Carmichael Wood--8-26-1888, Kendall Co

Bromley, Bertha M. m Horace O. Potter--3-11-1894, Kendall Co

Bromley, Betsey m George E. Ackerman--3-16-1881, Kendall Co

Bromley, Edson m Martha E. Bennett--8-6-1887, Kendall Co

Bromley, Ida m John H. Dobson--2-25-1892, Kendall Co


Bromley, Albert m Mrs Mary Kennedy--3-12-1896, La Salle Co

Bromley, Horace T. m Cerida Wiswonger--12-24-1896, La Salle Co

Brumley, Ida M. m William W. Hoag--9-18-1878, Ottawa, La Salle Co

(Extracted Marriage record says dau/of David Brumley and Jerusha Johnson)

Bromley, Mary m Albert Gwim--10-10-1893, La Salle Co

Bromley, Walter m Mary Jane Bullock--12-21-1882, La Salle Co


Bromley, Eli m Clara Smedley--3-14-1897, Livingston Co

Bromley, George m Emma Abnet--6-6-1900, Livingston Co


Bromley, Albert L. m Ribbie Chilcote--6-21-1900, Macon Co

Bromley, C. m Anna Weigand--8-17-1898, Macon Co

Bromley, Christinia m Frank DeSilvia--9-28-1892, Macon Co

Bromley, Ellen m G. W. Merris--8-23-1866, Macon Co

Bromley, Floyd m Della Leslie--4-6-1893, Macon Co

Bromley, Frank m Edith Merris--7-30-1891, Macon Co

Bromley, Jessie L. m Melvin Kraschel--12-31-1895, Macon Co

Bromley, Maude m Harvey Six--6-19-1895, Macon Co

Bromley, Oscar L. m Minnie M. Barber--9-29-1895, Macon Co

Bromley, Roland m Eva E. Ogle--3-20-1895, Macon Co

Bromley, Rollen m Hattie Criclet--11-8-1876, Macon Co

Bromley, Walter m Nannie Stones--12-25-1890, Macon Co

Bromley, Zidania m Charles Atchison--8-11-1877, Macon Co


Bromley, Lilly A. m Peter Kremer Jr.--4-11-1877, Madison Co


Bromley, Horace m Phobe Ann Gillett--2-16-1848, McHenry Co


Bromley, William m Cynthia Jones--10-25-1857, McLean Co

Brumley, David T. m Annie B. Hoffman--9-13-1878, McLean Co



Bromley, Betheus (Bethuel) m Lorana Perkins--11-29-1854, Morgan Co

Bromley, Catherine m Balem Busby--7-27-1843, Morgan Co

Bromley, Fernada (Fernando?) m Christine Augustin--9-3-1857, Morgan Co (Christiney Augustine?)

Bromley, Robert m Mrs Kate Craycraft--7-27-1895, Morgan Co

Bromley, Thomas m Sarah Saunderson--4-24-1890, Morgan Co


Bromley, Emily m Henry Hawley--5-19-1875, Peoria Co


Bromley, Anna M. m Mark H. McGarran--7-8-1855, Rock Island Co

Bromley, Charlotte A. m Robert R. Bailey--5-2-1866, Rock Island Co

Bromley, Charlotte B. m John H. Leasure--10-29-1893, Rock Island Co

Bromley, Cinderella m Arthur Fay--6-26-1873, Rock Island Co

Bromley, Fannie M. m Francis J. McKay Jr.--5-5-1866, Rock Island Co

Bromley, John C. m Ellen C. Turner--5-24-1866, Rock Island Co

Bromley, Lucy S. m William H. Swander--9-25-1867, Rock Island Co

Bromley, Mary L. m William H. Criswell--5-21-1865, Rock Island Co


Bromley, Fernando L. m Christiann Clifton--8-18-1864, Scott Co

Bromley, Osker m Sarah B. Clifton--9-25-1865, Scott Co


Brumley, Lucinda m John Sherman Crabtree--8-5-1883, Shelby Co


Bromley, Edward A. m Jennie E. Crouse--11-25-1891, Vermilion Co

Bromley, George W. m Myra M. Jones--4-18-1891, Vermilion Co

Bromley, George W. m Clara Ellen Pickett--4-11-1896, Vermilion Co

Bromley, Ida May m Oliver P. Brown--4-21-1896, Vermilion Co

Bromley, Mary m Herbert Rufus--8-25-1893, Vermilion Co


Brumley, Argyle m Lucinda Flanagin--4-25-1867, White Co (Extracted Marriage records:Louisa Flanagan)

Bromley, Argyle m Mrs Alice Greer--6-2-1888, White Co

Brumley, Jane m John D. Plumlee--12-5-1873, White Co

Brumley, Jefferson m Polly Clark--6-19-1837, White Co

Brumblay, John S. m Sarah E. Huston--8-30-1868, White Co (Extracted Marriage records)


Bromley, Susan m Abel Whitehouse--1-22-1867, Whiteside Co 

Brumley, Justus F. m Sophia R. Shaw --3-18-1866, Whiteside Co

Brumley, Nelson m Harriet A. Rogers--10-31-1858, Whiteside Co


Bromley, Betsey m Henry H. Felter--8-16-1864, Will Co

Bromley, Elmer Lesley m Minnie Belle Coder--4-3-1900, Will Co

Bromley, George D. m Mrs Charlotte Crisp--5-6-1857, Will Co