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Ind Marriages-1850

only show 6 at State Library

Cynthia Ann Brumley, married Lewis Wilsey, 4-27-1848, Marion Co

Elizabeth Brumley, married John Hines, 11-9-1831, Ripley Co

Gustavus Brumley, married Mary Lang, 10-10-1844, Randolph Co

Mary Brumley, married James Hines, 1-20-1830, Dearborn Co

Malinda Brumley, married Lewis B.Willsey, 4-7-1850, Marion Co

William Brumley, married Rachael Stevens, 10-1-1843, Dearborn Co

Floyd Co, Ind.

Rachael P.Brumley, d 4-28-1915, New Albany, Ind, age 77. Listed WPA Deaths, page 40

Ellen Josephine Jacobs, married S.Brumley, 11-27-1880, Floyd Co. Listed:Book 1, Vol 3, 1845-1920, page 390

Wayne Co, Ind

Laura Brumley, married David H.Stanton, on 8-29-1896.

Isabelle L.Stanton, born to David Stanton and Laura Brumley, 9-14-1909. Wayne Co Births, page 161.

Laura Brumley, and David Stanton, female born 11-19-1901.

Bessie M.Brumley, age 10, died 9-8-1911. Wayne Co Deaths.

William H.Brumley, age 34, died 8-22-1918. Wayne Co Deaths.

Robert Miles Brumley, born 10-6-1897, Wayne Co, to Robert Brumley and Flora ?? (H3, 79)

female Brumley, born 4-22-1894, to Laura Brumley, no father named. (Ch2, 72)

male Brumley, born 7-20-1900, to Charles Brumley and Blanch ??

female Brumley, born 8-27-1901, to Walter Brumley and ??

female Brumley, born 8-7-1904, to Arch Brumley and Amy ??

female Brumley, born 2-20-1891, to William Brumley and Lida Gray

male Brumley, born 8-27-1901, to Walter Brumley and ?? Rushart.

Clifford Earl Brumley, born 9-28-1911, to Ben F.Brumley and Beatrice Harmon. (Ch5, 298, for 1882-1920)

Gilbert Roscoe Lee, born 3-9-1912, to Warren W. and Eva Lena Brumley.

George Edward Lee, born 11-23-1919, to Warren and Eva L.

Catherine Louise Lee, born 1-22-1917, to Warren and Evaline.

Robert Ernest Lee, born 12-12-1914, to Warren and Eva.

Eva L. Brumley, married George W. Flack, 11-30-1899.

Arch Brumley, and Amy...female born 8-7-1904

William Brumley, and Lida Gray,female b 2-20-1891

Grace Brumley, and Emerson E.Coons, female b 7-17-1914, named Deloris.

David T.Brumley, married Irene P.Jennings, 3-13-1901.

Charles A.Brumley, married Blanche Daugherty, 6-14-1899.

Ralph H. Brumley, married Mabel Rockhill, b 9-7-1888, on 4-10-1912.

Martha J.Brumley, married 3-7-1896, to Miles E.Tribbey, page 180.

Martha J. and Miles E.Tribbey, son born 3-1-1899, Wles Brunley Tribbey.

Ethyl Irene, married George W.Cox, b 5-12-1888, on 6-26-1907

Walter Brumley, married Eva Rushart, on 6-12-1901

Fern Brumley, married Oren Etter, b 7-14-1893, on 6-29-1912.

Fountain Co, Ind

Ella Brumley, born 6-19-1877, married 9-15-1932, to Lenard Brumfield, born 6-28-1873. Listed Fountain Co Marriages, 1921-1941, page 33.

R.Bittle Brumley, married 5-13-1885, to Mary E.Bootenberg. Listed Marriages, A-G, Book 1, Vol 1, 1848-1920, page 45.

Franklin Co, Ind

Michael Brumley, 1860 census, Franklin Co, page 1183.

Putnam Co, Ind

1856-1920, A-G, page 76

Jacob Brumley, married Serepta Day, 11-25-1855.

Samuel Brumley, married Mary A. Hewcomb, born 12-15-1876, on 10-19-1909.

William D.Brumley, married Mary A. Mixom, on 10-13-1901.

Morgan Co, Ind

Arnold Brumley, 1830 census.

Gilpin Brumley, 1860 census

***Benjamin Franklin (no Brumley) 1860 census, page 663, Greene Twp.

Marion Co, Ind

William F.Brumley, married Laura Gibson, 10-19-1899, Marion Co, Ind. Listed A-K, page 55.

--------------married Daisy Wright, 1-7-1891, Marion Co. Listed A-K, page 43, for 1891-1895.

Jesse Brumley, married Norman H.Smith, 8-11-1901. Listed 1901-1905, A-K, page 67.

**mentioned same page: John Brumblay.

Beatrice Harmon, married Benjamin Franklin Brumley, 8-23-1911. Her birth listed 12-5-1889, his 3-11-1893.

Eva Jane Brumley, married 12-12-1914, to Warren W.Lee (this is Evaline Jane, Eva Lena)

Henry Willoughby Lee, born to Eva and Warren W.Lee, on 8-12-1909.

Benjamin Franklin (no Brumley), listed 1870 census, page 199.

Andrew J.Brumley, Marion Co, census Franklin Twp, #879.

Fanny F.Brumley, Marion Co census, Franklin Twp, #878

David Brumley, Marion Co census, Franklin Twp., #878.

Alexander Brumley, Marion Co census, 1850.

Adams Co.

Lawson Brumley, married Souisa Campbell, on 11-6-1901.

Grant Co.

Matilda J.Brumley, wife of M.E.Brumley, 1870-1901, Serenity Cem.

Lake Co.

John W.Brumley,age 79, of Indpls.,died 9-22-1962.

Union Co.

George W. Brumley, married Susie H.Wright, 1-24-1890.

John R. Brumley, married Flora Johns, 2-12-1886

David Brumley, married Martha Ellen Bennerr, 3-18-1896.

James Brumley, married Clara B.John, 12-1-1875.

William C. Brumley, married Eunice Smith, 11-8-1879.

William C. Brumley, married Ada Guy, 6-30-1883.