The following is a collection of pictures sent to me, of the William Patterson Bromley family, son of Daniel Brumley and Rachael Patterson.

William Patterson Bromley (left)


Andrew Jackson Bromley, son of Wm.

Andrew's home (can't identify people)

Below are children of Andrew Jackson Bromley and Susan Knapp

Jennie Adel Brumley "Della"---Jennie with second husband,James W. Whitney

Corey Brumley

Mary Frances Bromley "Fannie" and Manson Wells family

son, James Eugene Wells, & Andrew Jackson Wells, 2 unknown

Ida Bromley (died young)---Orlando Bromley's stone

Orlando Merritt Bromley "Bud" and wife, Geneva Hildebrand

James Eugene Brumley (front of steer)

James Eugene Brumley

James Eugene Brumley "Gene" and wife, Jennie Boyd, dau Hazel Brumley

George Brumley

This James Eugene Bromley (stone below) was a son

of William Patterson, and brother to Andrew Jackson Brumley.

Thanks to Barb and Bill for sharing these


More new pictures from Barb and Bill Carpenter

James W. Whitney & dau, Essie

Opal and Ethyl Cline (Jennie Adell Brumley's daughters)


Pictures below are sent to me by someone who prefers not to have their name mentioned

We appreciate this though.


Nancy Louise Hopper (left)-John Leroy Brumley (with suspenders)

Behind John is Mary Brumley and husband, Jack Culligan

(Carl & Anna are supposed to be in this picture, but unidentified)


Abigail Brumley


Mary Brumley Cullman, dau, Dollie,

and uncle "Carl" Brumley