Hood River Genealogical Information - Families and Individuals from Public Records

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Currently this database includes information from histories of Hood River County, Oregon; all individuals and families from the Hood River County portion of the 1860-1900 Wasco County, Oregon Census, and 1910-1930 Hood River County, Oregon Census, as well as the 1933, 1940 and part of the 1950 Hood River School census. In addition, available marriage, death records, and information from various other sources are included. I continue to add names to the database and will update it periodically. Additions and corrections are welcome. I include the names but not details about "living" people (those without death dates). Please contact me to obtain any additional information I might have. There are currently 78,382 individuals in the database (though some individuals may be found as separate entries or with different spellings).


Prepared by:

Jeffrey Bryant

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