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* indicates that the entire article is included in the notes below.

The following 1906 issues were found on the "Scrapbook" film. Many papers were in small pieces and missing pages. All marriages, births and deaths were recorded. 

Feb 16, 1906

Daughter of Mrs. J. S. Shaffer of Indianapolis, Indiana died on the train between Dallas and Hillsboro.

D. H. Mayfield died after falling under a train.

John B. Hall of Harrison County died.


Under “Level View Items”

            Born to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cox, February 5, a baby girl. Mother and baby doing well.  

            The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. George Tyler has died. Burial in Henson Cemetery.


Obituary for Mrs. Julia Maris (nee Hill) 


Spring 1906 (No Date for this issue; however, due to events in the issue, it appears to be in the spring of 1906; probably May)

A letter was printed in the Banner from Mr. W. T. Foreyth of Santa Cruz, CA to his father,  Mr. L. A. Donnell of Seymour. The letter was dated April 29th and gave a lengthy description of the San Francisco earthquake of that year.

J. W. Stone, a real estate man from the Falls, came over with three prospectors. There are lots of people who have their eyes on this country. *

Under "Additional Local" the following names were mentioned: Edna Randal, Frank Hursh, Carl Williamson, E. A. Rogers, Stella Tugwell, Dr. John Richardson, Dave Palmer, Judge Britain, and J. Q. Word.

J. T. Branch and J. F. Lewis are late arrivals into the community from Collin County.

Mrs. Dr. Burnett is going to Tennessee to visit family.

Sam Harm, an immigration agent from Oklahoma, was locating people into the county.

George Richardson and wife of Erath County visited the home of J. L. Knight.

The Baylor County Banner has been sold to O. C. Harrison.


June 1, 1906

Deaths of John D. Warren and wife, formerly of Hillsboro 

Baskin – Burnett   Marriage 

Little – Mayo   Marriage 

Charlie Caldwell is a proud father of a new boy.

Buie – Landess  Wedding


June 15, 1906 (Paper torn on many pages, some with only half pages)

E.R. Brice died 

In Memoriam (for those listed in behalf of Shady Grove Baptist Church)

            Julia Maris, who died on February 10, 1906

            Alice Wren, who died on November 18, 1905

            Jennie Bell, who died on February 27, 1906 


Bomarton Briefs - Born – To Mr. and Mrs. Brooke Smith, a boy, Wednesday night.*

Obituary for Mrs. Emma J. Cartwright


Bomarton Boomlets -  Born – To Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Posey Monday night a fine girl.


July 6, 1906 

Mrs. M. A. Scott, mother of J. G. Scott, the weigher, left this week for Estelline to visit her daughter, Mrs. Nick P. Green. *   Note - MaryAnn Scott was a Selman and a cousin of my great-grandmother, Lodema Criswell Hairston.


The following 1906 issues were found mixed in with the 1907 issues. All marriages, births and deaths were recorded. 

October 12, 1906

Mr. Charles Taylor married Leona Ellison

Clivey Parham married Miss Addie Robertson

Lonnie Spears married Miss Lee Fish

Vera and Truscott – Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Horn are the happy parents of a fine girl.*


October 19, 1906

Mrs. Jefferson Davis, widow of the president of the Confederacy, is dead.

Dan Sharver’s mother, Mrs. M. O. Williams, of Palestine is dead.


October 26, 1906

Married  - A. L. Mann of Deep Creek and Miss Edna Smotherman, sister-in-law of J. T. Chandler of Cache Creek.

Married – Mr. Elzie Henyan and Miss Alma Keith

Born – son to Dr. E. E. Cockrell *


November 2, 1906

J. E. Murrie was a Grocer in Seymour – There is a Mrs. Murrie in Myrtie’s funeral Book

Died, 10month old, Grace Jewell, baby of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Ferrier

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Carter are the happy parents of a fine girl born to them Wednesday the 24th. *


November 16, 1906

In a fight between two boys at Decatur on the 9th, Pet Beville was stabbed to death by Lester Blackburn.

Little Josie, the daughter of John Dockery of Truscott is very sick. *

The little daughter of Mrs. Tray House died at Benjamin Nov. 4th with rheumatism of the heart.  *

Married – Mr. Buck Shawver to Miss Frances Elam on Nov. 4th

The little child of John Dockery, which is reported sick in another column died Tuesday week at the home of J. C. Dockery in Knox County. *

Paid up subscriptions

J. R. Hammett, J. C. Mckinley, A.P. Hatcher, Peter Loran , S. H. Adams, Tom Whitworth, J. H. Acrey, Mrs. Jennie Martin, R. H. Godfrey, H. A. Neal, Thomas Warton, John C. Harvey, Jeff Nickell, Perry Hollyman, L. A. Donnell, , J. B. Adams, Anton Rainosek, J. W. Stevens, T. I. Webb, L. E. Shawver, L. L. Mitchell, O. M. Cox, Frank Howe, C. A. Brown. J. W. Cruthirds, T. H. Coslet, G. W. McKinzey, W. T. Ward, J. F. Burnett, AP. Isbell, Mrs. O. A. Llseg, S. B. Lowry

Cache Creek

Mrs. Nelson of Shady, who has been sick for several months with consumption, died Monday morning and was buried at Cache Creek Monday evening about 6:30. She was a kind wife and a tender loving mother. The bereaved husband and little children have our heartfelt sympathy in their sad and lonely hours. *


Nov 23, 1906 

Mrs. Bette Johnson died – leaves daughter Henrie

Lockridge  - Casper wedding

Boran  - Sharp wedding


Undated Page

Due to the news item on this page about Alexander Graham Bell and his "flying machines," it is assumed that this page dates between the years 1905 and 1908. Due to other content on this film, I can guess that this page is probably from a 1906 issue. There were no deaths, births, marriages or other genealogical tidbits on this page; however, these photos of houses found on the page.  These are photographs taken of microfilmed newspapers so the quality is poor.



Residence of F. L. Fancher

E. A. Fancher's residence




Residence of W. A. Bennett

This picture was found in my family bible. My grandfather bought a house from W.A. Bennett and moved it on to his property


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