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 * indicates that the entire article is included in the notes below.


January 1, 1909 (This paper is not dated, but from dates within the paper, appears to be January 1)

Died - Carl Otis Merrick, child of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Merrick

Died - G. W. Malone

Mrs. Geo. Ryder's husband shot in Fort Worth

Charlie Harper Died (see January 8 issue for "Charles Harper Alive Again") - Charlie Harper died Thursday morning of pneumonia. The news came as a surprise as he was up Wednesday. He has been working in the freight depot for quite awhile. Mr. Harper was a jolly good fellow.  He had no relatives here and his remains will probably be shipped to his home.


Grandma M.A. Scott returned Sunday from Knox City has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Keeders for three months. *

Marriage Licenses issued in December

     Carlisle - Davis

      Elam - Allison

      Mann - Lambert

      Word - Hinds

      Holmes - McWhorter

      Kuykendall - Snody

      Harlan - Cayce

      Jones - Gulick

      Mosely - Packwood

      Kubloa - Krenek

      Cochran - Stephens

      Bowden - Bartoo (Eula Mable Bowden married Charles S. Bartoo)

Married - Willie May Williamson and J. P. Collins

Married - Corrie Davenport - T. J. Bolger

Ogden -  Born: A little girl to Mr. and Mrs. Blake Maxfield on the 15th.  Two boys to Mr. and Mrs. L. Howe on the 27th.


January 8, 1909

Jonas Quiring of Seaborn says he has lost three girls in three months.  One died and two married.  Peter Engbrecht came  in Tuesday from Oklahoma to marry the third one, Helen, the wedding will take place Sunday.*

Charles Harper Alive Again  - It is with great pleasure that the Banner is able to announce that Chas. Harper is still in the land of the living.  As Mark Twain says, the report of his death was greatly exaggerated. It was V.B. Butcher on J. S. Shultz's place who died and Madam Rumor got her report mixed up.  All of us have to die soon enough anyway and the Banner regrets having caused the premature death of Mr. Harper. Said gentleman is up and about now, just a fraction pale yet.

V.B. Butcher died

Marriage - Harrison - Clough

Maggie Morgan, three month old child of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. R. Morgan died.

In Memoriam - Carl Merrick (much information)

Bomarton - Born to Mr and Mrs. Cassle a girl.*

Mr. J. L. Taylor died

Proffett - Wiggentop wedding

14 pound son born to Mr. and Mrs. O. Y. Watson

January 15, 1909

Seaborn- Engbrecht and Quiring wedding

Seaborn - Lubala and Krenek wedding

Bomarton - Barton and Skrehot wedding

Bomarton - Kovar and Guess wedding

England - J. Darnan was killed by a train.

Mr. Ed Shackelford died


January 29, 1909

Mrs. M. Wall died Sunday (the remainder of the article was cut off of the film)*

Approaching wedding  - Franklin and Harrison

Capt. T. H. C. Perry was elected Mayor

New Subscribers - D. T. Gleghorn has been out on E. B. Fuller's place for about a year and decides to try the Banner.

Deaths of T.B. Fortenberry and C. M. Keath and the impending death of O. M. Fortenberry (this was all in one home - O. M. Fortenberry may have survived)

Buster Burnett Pitches

In both Bomarton and Shady community news - Mrs. Henry (Mollie) Thurman died

Mary's Creek - Mr. Taylor died

England - Death of T. B. Fortenberry


January 29, 1909

Harrison - Franklin Wedding

Reed - Richeson Wedding

Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Holder

Morris - Hastings marriage at Warrenton, Virginia

Mann - Hamlin Wedding


February 5, 1909

Born to Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Lowry Tuesday, a ten pound boy. Mother and son doing well.*

Ed Cockrell died of poison

J. M. Wheat died (Very long obituary)

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Sol Coy on Wednesday, January 28th a boy, a hearty youngster.*

Mrs. Rosey Adams died (nee Thrower)

There is a small son at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Lankford since Thursday night.  Mother and boy doing the best kind.*

Long letter from Oregon written by Jno W. Emmons

Seaborn- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hill on the 27th a girl.*

Seaborn - To Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Fails on the 18th a boy.*

Cache Creek - Mrs. McCaleb died


February 12, 1909

W. A. Watts married Mrs. Maggie Hunter

Wm. Bray's wife's condition is worse. She went to Ardmore for an operation.*

Divorces Granted

      Alma Brice v.s. A. S. Brice

      Mrs. Maggie Hunter v.s. Frank Hunter

Bomarton - On Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, there was born to Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Chambliss, a girl.*

Bomarton - McKinzie - Conklin wedding


February 19, 1909

Mrs. J. R. Hammett of Levelview received a message that her mother, Mrs. Terrell Bryan of Stephenville had died very suddenly of heart failure.  Mrs. Hammett left at once to attend the funeral.*

Born - To Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Seals on A. A. Harrison's farm, a girl on Friday night last.*

B. L. Potter died

Bomarton - There was born to Mr. and Mrs. Sam Haskins a fine little girl Tuesday night. *


February 19, 1909

Wedding invitation for Minnie McLarty and Thomas Richeson

New citizen - Chas. Youts from Kansas

Lively - A new boy is reported at Mr. Lewis'*

Round Timber - Farr and Hayden Wedding


March 5, 1909

Death of M. F. Slaughter

Wm. Bray returned Sunday from Ardmore, Oklahoma where he was called to the bedside of his sick wife.  He reports the lady much better.

Marriage licenses

      Lee and Black

      Smith and Clark

      Harky and Patek

      Sessions and Parker

      Dormier and Lehman

The baby of O. D. Parsons died

Bomarton - infant of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor died

Bomarton - McLarty - Richeson wedding

Ogden - Grandmother Cook, mother of Mrs. Joe Carr died

Plainview - daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Parsons died

England - Mr. LaRue died

England - Roy Wright died


March 12, 1909

died - Mrs. J. T. Ranson (Lena Higgins)

Marriage - Traweek - Norton

Mr. Geo. L. Musick's sister died in Bowie County

Vera - baby of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Hurds


March 19, 1909

Bomarton - Sometime last week a little girl made her appearance at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Smith.*

Vera - Mrs. Madison died

Vera - child of Parmer Deshazo died

Plainview - John Gunnell is the proud father of a fine boy.  He and Mrs. Gunnell, as well as the boy are getting along well.*

Plainview - Mr. and Mrs. Doss are the happy parents of a bright little girl visitor which made its appearance one day last week.


March 26, 1909

Anna Traweek married James North


April 2, 1909

Mrs. George W. Glasgow died

During the stock show at Ft. Worth, a prize load of cattle sold for $8.50 per hundred, the highest price ever paid for Texas or Oklahoma cattle.  They were raised by J. W. Knox of Jacksboro and fed in Oklahoma.

V. W. Montgomery reports a fine ten pound girl at his house since the 24th.  All parties are doing well*

Ira Beeler died

Card of Thanks - I desire to express my most sincere thanks to the kind friends in Seymour who were so good to us during my wife’s illness.  It is this bond of sympathy that binds up hearts wounded by grief and makes the heaviest losses easier to bear. Yours gratefully, Wm Bray

Bomarton - Died – 10 month old daughter of  Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Gaines*

Deep Creek - Born to George Renner and wife, a 15 pound boy, last week.*

Lively - Mr.  and Mrs. Kovar are the proud parents of a fine boy.*

Ample - Mr. and Mrs. Ewel Crites are the happy parents of a fine boy since the 19th. *

Ample -Milton White died

Mrs. Bray died


April 9 1909

City Election

For Mayor, T. H. C. Perry  - ran unopposed – 270 votes

For Aldermen (the first five were elected)\

Geo. Ray 236

T. L. Odom 145

J. S. Foster 138

Z. W. Briggs 128

J. T. White  115

Wesley Harrison 102

O. McDaniel 88

R. R. Kellum 102

W. R  Lee  111

P. A. Tacket 91

W. E. Odom 88


Seaborn - Ellen Culvert passed away

Round Timber - Born to Mr. and Mrs. Whitten a ten pound boy.  Mr. Whitten says he is going to learn him all he knows and then he is going to send him off to finish up.


April 16, 1909

Tribute to Pauline Parsons

Bomarton - Mr. M. T. Arthur died

Deep Creek - Miss Fannie Wear died

Resolution of Respect - Kate Bray

McLarty – Cochran  marriage


April 23 1909

Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Seydler died

Born To Mr. and Mrs. Shed Gutherie a baby girl, April 8th. Mother and child doing well.

Obituary for Fannie Wear


April 30 1909

Mrs.F.J Lewis died

Mrs. R. S. Key has sold to J. D. Blanks three 50 foot lots west of her residence for $350 cash.  Mr. Blanks expects to build on the property in the near future. *

Shelton – Harper wedding

Death of Embury DePee, formerly of Seymour  - very long account of death

W. L. Medaearis died

Wm. Bray has sold through Board and Wheat three 50 foot loots of his half block to G. W. Kruse for $100 a lot. *


May 7, 1909

New Residence - J. D. Blanks Has let the contract to Baccus and Buie for the building of a neat four room house on his lots in the west part.  Mr. Blanks has a splendid location and will soon have a pretty place to live. *

George Wilder, brother of Mrs. Kenan died in Weatherford.

The little infant of Mr. J. J. Pell died Monday and was buried Tuesday.  We extend sympathies to this family who have already been called upon to give back so much to the keeping of him who gave. *

Ample - The latest addition to the society circle is a young man at that home of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Smith, since the 27th*

Mabelle - R. H. Gleghorn of Purdon is building a barn for F. W. Neuenschwander and will begin working on his residence in the next few days. *

Plainview - Mr. and Mrs. Carrington are the happy recipients of a twelve pound boy.  All parties doing well – even Mr. Carrington.

Round Timber - Farr and Allison marriage

Shady - Mr. King intends to go to Denton to enter school.

School days will soon be over.  Mr. King will leave immediately to join his wife who left a few days ago to visit her parents at Morgan Mill, Erath County. 

It is with much regret we lose Prof. King and wife; they were such good people to have in our midst.

Tims- Norvell wedding


The Alaska Exposition

Seattle, Wash    April 30

Seattle is the first city to count its climate, its mountains, lakes, fishing, and hunting as regular exhibits in an exposition, but that is what it is doing in the case of the Alaska – Yukon- Pacific Exposition which opens on June 1. The best black bass fishing in the state is to be had in Lake Washington, upon the banks of which the exposition has been builded. It is possible to take a canoe from the exposition dock and within two hours bring in a creel of black bass and lake trout weighing from a half pound to three.  Or one may go on Lake Union, which makes another line of the fair grounds, and catch crappie or green bass as long as he cares to sit in a boat and pull them out. *


May 14, 1909

McClelland and Gregg  marriage

New Citizen - A.      A. Grossman of Bosworth, MO with become a citizen of  Baylor County in September.

Mr. and Mrs. Stubblefield’s baby girl died.


May 21, 1909

Obituary for Mrs. Loving

Arthur Crossknow, age three, accidentally shot in Mabelle

Child of O. Reinke of Mabelle died

Bomarton - Mr. Pratt, father of Mrs. P. R. Thompson died


May 28, 1909

Hamlin – Davis marriage

There is a fine new girl now residing at the home of Mr. . And Mrs. Ambrose Buie, since last Thursday.  Mother and daughter doing nicely. *

Lasater – Simpson marriage in Guthrie

Mrs.Mary Gibbs died

Mabelle – J. A. Gleghorn paid Rabbit Knob his regular visit


June 5, 1909

Meadows – Nelson marriage

The residence of J. D. Blanks in the northwest part will be completed this week and the occupants will move in. It is a neat comfortable structure. *

Ample - White – Jeter marriage

Mrs. S. I. Newton returned Friday from a visit to her daughter, Mrs. Connie Wayland, at Plainview.  Mrs. Wayland is the proud mother of a fine boy.*


June 11, 1909

Much damage by wind – Mr. Neihoff killed in Mabelle

Mrs. Carter died

Mrs. W. Y. Phillips died

Cache Creek - A pretty twelve pound baby boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Troup Findley last Wednesday.

Shady - A new boy arrived at the home of Mr. Spears last week. Mother and child doing well. *

Seaborn - Born:  To Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Gore on the 28th inst. a girl. *

Seaborn - Born: Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mills on the 29th inst. a girl *


June 18, 1909

Niehoff buried here

Bob Riggins killed (married to Emma Weatherly of Seymour)

W. F. Robertson dies

Mrs. Gore, mother of J. W. Gore died in OK

L.O. Beck died

J. E. Lewis died

Child of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. King died after being bitten by a rattlesnake

Collingsworth-Rice marriage

Mrs. L. J. Blanks came in Saturday to visit her sons, A. J. and J. D. Blanks.  She says it was getting dry in Denton County when she left. *


June 25, 1909

Obituary for William Felix Robertson – very long

 Card of thanks, Mrs. Carter

Obituary for Elizabeth S. Gore

Eggleston – McSpadden marriage

Robert Riggins obituary (three articles on that page referring to his death)

England - Bro. Estrage died


July 2, 1909

See add in this paper and several others Arthur McCarty of Wichita Falls makes cigars

D. T. Gleghorn went to Mabelle Monday to do some work on the new house of F. W. Neuenschwander.

Mrs. Coy’s sister, Mrs. Teague died

Ogden - The storks have again visited our mist and left with Mr. and Mrs. Jones a pretty little girl on the 16th, and with Mr. and Mrs. Jess Caussey a fine large boy.

Seaborn  - Deaths of  children Willie Hilton and Horace King


July 9, 1909 

Laurent – Dingler marriage

Wright brothers are making demonstrations at Washington with their flying machine, showing the people how it is done.  They are improving the machine all the time and expect soon to have a trustworthy ship.  The other day the motor stopped seventy five feet in the air. Control over the aeroplane was shown by gliding descent which did little damage to the machine. --  Count Zeppelin announces his intention of flying to the North Pole.  Better go easy, lad. *

W. T. Slaughter died


July 16, 1909

Ogden - The stork stole quietly into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Carr Friday, leaving with them a precious baby boy. This is the eighth sunbeam that has blessed their home, but seven have been mercilessly plucked from them by the angel of death.  We trust that this one may be spared to them.*

Mabelle - Messrs. C. Ballerstedt and J. A. Gleghorn mad a flying trip to Rabbit Knob Saturday evening returning Sunday afternoon.*

Mr. R. H. Gleghorn was in Seymour on business on Saturday. *


Joe Keifer and family came in Saturday from Gonzales county to spend some time with the parents of Mrs. Keifer, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Gleghorn.*

Almost Drowned - Mr. E. Ranson saved Earl Pearson.

A twelve pound boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alva Hill Sunday.  They call him young W. R. Lee.  Mother and son are doing nicely. *


July 23, 1909

A fine young lady made her appearance Tuesday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Head.  Mother and daughter doing well and Tom much better since the event. * 

Baby of Mr. and Mrs. Suydan died

Hon. J. H. Glasgow went to Anson Saturday where he was counsel Monday in the Sam Graves case.

Death of Mrs. F. E. Ermis


July 30, 1909

Shady - Mrs. Will Prichard died

Levelview - The stork  visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Mahann last week and left in their care a bouncing boy. *

The small pox scare is over.

Bomarton  - Mrs. W. T. Holden died

New subscribers - H. B. Gleghorn wants then news to go to his sister, Mrs. M. A. Gee, at Ft. Cobb, Ariz.


August  6, 1909

Tragic deaths of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Ermis

The previous page has a brief article about the Ermis children.

William, child of Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Dodson died

Ruby Powell, the week old infant of Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Burnett, died Tuesday in Dallas and was brought here for interment. Powell came up with the body and attended the funeral Wednesday morning at ten o’clock, returning to Dallas that night. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of their many friends in thus losing their little girl in infancy. *


August 13,, 1909

Ample - Born:  To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Allen, the 19th, a fine boy. *

Mr. and Mrs. Will Allen are the happy parents of a fine girl, born the 11th. *

Mrs. J. A. Aven died

Ruff – Pace marriage at Troupe, Texas

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Harrison believe they have the finest little girl that ever was.  The little lady arrived Monday and weighs seven pounds.  Everybody doing well and happy. *

Despite the unfavorable year the baby crop is fine.  A big 11 pound boy made his appearance Wednesday morning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Humphreys.  Mother and son doing well. *

Minnesota Outlaws Cigarettes

Bomarton - Baby of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Worley died


August 20, 1909

Picture of J. R. Smith, Horse Educator

Willie, daughter of  D. J. and Willie Cole, died

Satterfield – Hamil  wedding in Honey Grove

Morris – Goostree wedding

R. E. Bryan and family returned Monday to Big Springs after a visit to Mrs. Bryan’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Hairston.*

On September first Mr. Goodman of Stephensville {Stephenville} will take charge of the hotel here.  Mr. Graham vacating in his favor. *

Bomarton - Mrs. McKinzie, mother of Mrs. Stone and Mr. McKinzie of this place came in Saturday night from Southwest Texas where she has been with her son for quite awhile. *


August 27, 1909

The stork has again visited our community and left in the tender care of Mr. and Mrs. Brothers a dear little girl last Friday night, and with Mr. and Mrs. Alexander a little babe the Wednesday before. *

Miller – Proctor wedding

L. M. McDonald died  - Also on the same page is a notice about the insurance payment

Brother of J. W. Gore died

Death of Mrs. Baxter

Morris – Goostree wedding announcement

Vera - McGuire – Bratcher

Deep Creek - Little Ira Renner died

Ample - Mrs. Prophitt died


There was no news for the month of September. Sometimes missing months are found imbedded in other year's papers. If found, I will post the September information to this site.


October 1. 1909

Mrs. Lewis of Comanche, daughter of Mrs. Sadberry died.

W. A. Milam reports that he and his wife have adopted the 16 month old daughter of Mrs. Fox, who works at the Commercial Hotel. Mrs. Fox also has a child of four years of age and finds it impossible to properly care for both.  Her husband died about a year ago, leaving her nothing, and she has no people that she can look to for aid. *

William Bray came in Sunday from Ardmore returning next morning..*

Miss Loma Peeler died

Bomarton - Several weeks ago a little boy made his appearance at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Macha


October 8, 1909

Levelview - Mr. and Mrs. John Casselberry, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Woods, Messers., Luther and Clarence Casselberry, and Floyd Thompson attended the IOOF picnic  Tuesday and report a nice time. *

Levelview - A new boy came the 12th to make his home with Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Chandler. *

Levelview - There has been a new phone put in at the Union gin boarding house. *

Levelview - Aaron Thompson came in yesterday to spend the fall and winter with his brother, Floyd. *

Plainview - Mr. Hugh Praytor married Myrtle Cline

Vera - Jackson – Sessions wedding

Letter from W. R. Thornton of Santa Anna Cal to the Banner

Ample - Mr. and Mrs. Lee Usery are the happy parents of a ten pound boy since the twenty-seventh. *

Seaborn -A child of Mr. and Mrs. Musgrave died.

 Jeffcoat-Bedgood marriage


October 15, 1909

Mrs. Chas. Humphries died

Walker – Tugwell marriage

Death of  Harvey child

Death of child, Juanita Bowman

E. R. Logan writes from Chicago

Mrs. K. H. Worley died

Richland - Ford – Nichols marriage

Cache Creek - John Franklin started to Erath County to help a man by the name of King move out here. *


October 22, 1909

Browning – Glasgow

Bomarton - Carter – Lindley marriage


October 29, 1909

Seaborn - Death of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Howe’s baby

Levelview - Last Sunday evening Hub Chapman and Miss Carrie Hawkins were united in marriage at Seymour, only a few relatives and friends witnessed the ceremony. *


November 5, 1909

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Page buried their ninth child, a baby boy.


November 12, 1909

Wedding Wednesday - Mr. Ed Wheat and Miss Stella Gleghorn of this city were married Wednesday afternoon about four o’clock at the home of the groom’s parents, Squire Jones officiating.  The couple took the evening train for Bomarton, accompanied by some of their friends, to attend some kind of affair there that night.  The bride has been with Mrs. E. A. Fancher for sometime.  The groom works at the Farmers Union Gin, and they will live here this winter.

Mabelle - Child of Mr. and Mrs. Werchan died*

Ample - Mr. and Mrs. Hennington are the proud parents of a little boy since the 29th.*

Mrs. Martin died. She was the wife of John Martin and daughter of J. B. Kelly. Her sister was Mrs. Lillian Fields                                                                             ( I found an additional obituary in the Stephenville Tribune, Nov. 19, 1909. It can be found above the article about Terrell Bryan's birthday - see scanned copy in the Terrell/Harriet picture file)


November 19, 1909

Letter from CA by Jno Proffitt

Picture of Rev. Otis E. Carter

Notice, Hunters! On account of buggy pony and milch cow being shot by hunters, and one man even coming near my house to shoot, my place will be posted from now on.  All trespassers thereon will be prosecuted. O. H. Harrison*

November Marriage Licenses

John Knezek and Mary Krenek

Jim Elliott and Eula Harland

Henry Vita and Fannie Stavinoha

George Cross of Limestone county came in Sunday on a visit to his brother-in-law, P. A. Hairston of Levelview country.  Mr. Cross claims he his purely on a visit, but all the same he wants to see the country while here and likes it pretty well.

E. B. Fuller is in the sand when the wind blows, but he makes the crops.  His renter, D. T. Gleghorn, was in last week with a lot of sweet potatoes which he sold for $1.50 a bushel.  He had in about half an acre and made 100 bushels.  That would beat even the highest priced cotton.

Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Brown celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.

R. E. Bryan, son-in-law of P. A. Hairston of Levelview has moved here with his family from Big Springs and will locate  with us.  He has not yet secured a place yet, but will probably be out close to Levelview.  Glad to have him as one of our citizens.


November 26, 1909

Randolph – Bunkley wedding

Geo. Cross, brother-in-law of P. A. Hairston, left Friday with his family for their home at Thornton after a couple weeks visit here.

Mrs. George James, daughter of J. A. Hunt died in Collin County November 17th.

Bomarton - Chambliss – Holmes wedding, Saunders – Ryan wedding, Vita – Stavanhoa wedding

Shady - Elliott – Harlan marriage

Levelview - Mrs.; R. A. Bryan {R. E. Bryan} is on the sick list

Vera - Borned: - To Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Kuykendall a 10 pound girl *


December 3, 1909

A baby was born Saturday night to some people by the name of Collins at the Commercial Hotel*

Crumpton – Savage Wedding


December 10, 1909

Edwards – Pedigo wedding in Memphis, TX

W. H. Unsell died

Wilbanks – Brewer Married


December 17, 1909

Young son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hardin died

Henyan – Wharton marriage

Richland - Barton –Grosier marriage

Letters to Santa from

Alexander Ferrier

Leonard Hill

Curtis Davis

Rosa Lena Wirz

Floy Whisenhunt

Marguerite Hans

Ular Tuten

Ottis High

Joe Cap Carter

Walter Stephens

Inez Shelton

Lawrence Hughes

David Wirz

Verna Haggard


December 24, 1909

Stephenson – North wedding in Lexington, KY

December Marriage Licenses

Barton – Crozier

Wilson – Howe

Chilton – Alvis

Busby – Wilson

Carter – Bell

Allen – Looney

Knight – George

Harris – Dungan

Chilton – Alvis wedding


Letters to Santa from

Patsy Lively

Archie Mederis

Valos Boon

Lucious Gross

Frances Gray

Alma Holman

Lillian Brker.

Robert Eugene Lunsford

Minnie Davis

Laura Rogers

Bertie Cassleberry

Edwin Flint

Florence Laurent

Ray Henson

Earl Armstrong

Nellie Davis

Bedford Francher

Ben Rhodes

Orval Bell

Alvin Champion

Lucille Hilliard

Ross Thomas

Lucy Hammett

Susie Hammett

Leslie Champion

Jamie Oden

Lonnie Joe Durham

Ruth Morris

Marvin Alexander

Earl Alexander

Eva Alexander

D.  DeArman

Alma Waller

Ethel Foreman

Buster Brow Harrison

Lois Carter

Lillie Waller

Gertrude Waller

Gracie Tucker

Lucy Britton

Virgil Howard Pole

A new 91/2 pound girl is now residing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Arden, having arrived there last week.  The proud parents consider the young lady as rather handsome Christmas present. *

Marvin Spinks marries Ella Jones of Dallas

Seaborn - Wilson – Howe marriage

Seaborn - Busby – Wilson marriage

Seaborn - Knight – George Wedding

December 31, 1909

The arrival of a fine eight pound boy at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Nunn was reported Wednesday night of last week.  Mr. McFarlin says everybody has been getting along fine, except Tom has been a little off. *

Bomarton - Patton-White wedding

Letters from the Hammett sisters, Lucy and Susie



All births deaths and marriages have been recorded for 1909.   I will add more information from the 1909 issues at a later time.


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