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October 4, 1912

R. E. Bryan returned today from a trip to Fort Worth.*

Mrs. Annie Parker of Missouri visited her brother Thomas Wharton.*

Reynolds - Goostree wedding

Redic Bryan was listed as running for Tax Assessor (This will be his second term.).

Baby girl born to Mr. and Mrs. John Olsen.*

Card of thanks for kindness shown to Mrs. John F. Little in her last illness. John F. Little, Mrs. E. M. Mayo, Mrs.Lige Adkins

Obituary for Mrs. John F. Little, daughter of Mrs. E. M. Mayo

Our Birthday - The Banner is 17 years old . . . .


October 11, 1912

Mrs. C. A. Weatherly dies in Fort Worth.

Howard Harrison married Ovie Word

R. L. Watts is a small cotton farmer in Red Springs.

R. E. Bryan went to Haskell Monday to receive a car of apples.*

McCauley - Bean Wedding

Baby dies - child of Mr. and Mrs. Finis Bradford (grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Hinderson)

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Henjan of Cache Creek left to make their home in Oregon.

A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ewing.

College students receiving the Banner -  Miss Willie Robertson - Forsyth, GA,  Miss Eula Lee - Abilene, Ed Baccus - College Station,  Miss Ola Mae Parker - Sherman (sister of Dr. M. L. Parker), D.D. Shawver - Stamford, Tom Craddock - Austin, Miss Blanche Morris - Austin,

Red Springs (Oct.7)  - Daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ewing

Henjan - Matthews wedding

Steam Laundry hiring girls (F. E. Morrow)

For Tax Assessor - R. E. Bryan

Cotton pickers are needed in Baylor County - many farmers were bringing in Mexicans

Mrs. Burrell House (Dora Worrell) died of typhoid.

On account of Mrs. Burrell House's sickness and death, Burrell has been unable to gather his crop.  A number have said they wanted to help him so next Tuesday, October 15, has been set as the day to come to the farm of E. Fuller one mile west of town on the Benjamin Rd. on account of sickness in Mr. Fuller's family, everyone is requested to bring your own dinner. W. H. Snyder, D. P. McCauley, O. H. Harrison

Bomartin -

Worley - Higgins wedding

Full - Chilton wedding  (following Levelview community news)

October 18, 1912

"A Bit of Seymour History"  - This issue includes photographs of J. H. Glasgow, D. L. Kenan, J. S. Schultz, D. F. Goss, A. L. Board, W. R. Lee, and B. F. Bowman

Baylor County voted to keep Prohibition

Anna Gwinn will wed William H. Snyder

Picture of the Washington Hotel

Red Springs (Oct.14) - Mr. Johnston and family from Parker County have moved in and are gathering J. R. Hammett's crop on the K. F. Hawkins farm.

Picture of the Seymour Public School Building

Picture of the Seymour Mill (very dark picture)

Mary's Creek (Oct.14) - Grandpa Kolacek died (father of Stephen Kolacek)

Picture of Judge Jo A.P. Dickson

Picture of W. T. Finn

Redic E. Bryan continues to run unopposed for Tax Assessor.


October 25, 1912

Picture of M. D. Lankford and article about his productive farm is on the front page.

Snyder - Gwinn wedding

H. D. Sherrod is mentioned as living on the J. L. Jones farm in Deep Creek.

Thank you from B. B. House for kindness shown at the death of his wife (Oct.6, 1912) and to those that helped with his cotton.

Hill Dunn died (baby of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Dunn)

A daughter, the third child of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Baskin, arrived last week.

Daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Murrie of Albany (granddaughter of J. E. Murrie)

R. E. Bryan went to Munday on Monday in interest of his produce business.

W. S. Glasgow taken to the asylum in Terrell.

Daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Malone (Deep Creek and Renham news)


November 1, 1912

Redic E. Bryan continues to run unopposed for Tax Assessor.

To wed - Mr. T. J. Thompson and Miss Jesse Chilton

Baby of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Culver died in a fire (This is also mentioned in the Westover Community news).

Mrs. S. A. Deering died

Levelview (Oct. 21)

The stork made two short visits here not long back and left with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brown a fine girl and with Mr. and Mrs. Parks a new baby - all growing fine. *

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cox visited Mrs. Ellen Lee in the Richland vicinity. *

Mr. and Mrs. Terrell Hammett have given up their house to cotton pickers and are now staying at the lady's parents. *

Mrs. Lewis Cox and son Tom left Saturday for the fair.


November 8, 1912

Redic E. Bryan continues to run unopposed for Tax Assessor.

Apples and Potatoes - The best car of Arkansas apples ever brought to Seymour is now on the Valley track near the mill and elevator. Also a car of fine yellow yam sweet potatoes. These will be sold at the lowest prices. See me before buying.  6-7 R. E. Bryan

Rt2 - Eight month old infant of Mr. and Mrs. Lacky died.

Mary's Creek - Homer Andres has returned home from Vernon where he has been some time picking cotton.                                                                            

Mary's Creek - Homer and Robert Andrews and sister, Miss Nannie and J. T. Crabb attended the show at Bomartin Saturday night.

Mary's Creek - Baby girl born to Mrs. and Mrs. J. B. Bryant.

School was not yet open as all hands were needed to pick cotton.

Levelview - Mrs. Tom Cox has been spending most of the week with her sister, Mrs. Lee of the Richland vicinity who is very low with tuberculosis.

Levelview - John Mayo and wife will move back to Seymour this week.

Levelview - Double wedding:  Casselberry and Mercer - Samsill and Lee


November 15, 1912

Potatoes - Sweet Potatoes - By the car load by the bushel or singer "tater" at my car near the Seymour Mill and light plant. The best East Texas yam on the market. Lay in your fall supply. R. E. Bryan

Albert Wirtz was killed (He fell from the scaffold at the Throckmartin school )

E. A. Thomas and Jessie Thackary (both formally of Kansas)

R. E. Bryan was re-elected as Tax Assessor (opponant was L. F. Jordan)

R. E. Bryan and daughter, DeRay made a trip to Wichita this week.

Baby of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Spears died.

Westover - R. E. Bryan and son of Seymour were down Saturday on business.

Westover - Born Monday October 28 to Mr. and Mrs. John Mtasch 10 1/2 pound boy. *

Westover - Dormaier - Campbell wedding

Mary's Creek - A girl to Mr. and Mrs. Penn Lamn

Mary's Creek - Homer Andrews is on the sick list.

Deep Creek - Etta Tinsley married Porter Tannahill


November 22, 1912

Obituary for David Worrell (typoid)

Obituary for Albert Wirtz (great obituary, Albert was from Switzerland)

Night Watchman - For the next three months it has seemed advisable on account of risk of fire and robbery, to have a night watchman in Seymour. A list of subscribers to such a fund has been made up and L. D. Lowry has been employed as the watchman.

Levelview - Birchfield - Hamlin wedding

Levelview - R. E. Bryan has rented the Wiggins place on the Benjamin Road. Floyd Thompson and wife and Lewis Cox, Jr. will live in one house and Will McClelland in the other.

Red Springs - Rhufus Burnett sold his crop to Terrell Hammett some days ago and the latter picked some and resold the cotton to Mr. Howell. We are informed that Rhufus intends going to Arizona in a few days to live if he likes it.

Red Springs - Watts - Adams wedding

Mary's Creek - Sorry to say that Homer Andrews has the Typhoid fever, but glad to say he is getting along fairly well.


November 29, 1912

The Logan residence burned.

Red Springs - Bro. J. W. Wiggins died.

Red Springs - Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Buck Hudgins

Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Hairston and grandson, Buster Bryan left Monday for Falls County to visit a couple of weeks. It is the first time Mr. Hairston has been back to his old home since leaving 22 years ago.

Girl, the fourth one, born to Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Beham

Cache Creek - David Worrell died from Typhoid.


December 6, 1912

G. B. Erath left for Spur to be married on Sunday.

John Coil died.

Mrs. Mary Chapman and five children left Monday after several days visit with the family of her cousin Mrs. T. F. Burrnett. They are moving from Stamford to Electra.

Picture of Olin Cedric Harrison, 20 month old son of the editor

Letters to Santa Claus from May Strykea, Lois Lynette Smith, Herbert Parham, Claude Beaver, Houston Briggs, Thelma Parham, Arthur Beaver, Ellen Beaver, Emma Lee Parham

Mrs J. T. Cockerell died

Levelview - Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Hairston left last week for Falls County to visit their old home.

Mary's Creek - Miss Bernice Altor of Lipan, Texas who is to be the principal of our school came in Friday morning to begin her school, Dec. 2.  Miss Trixie Hammett of Red Springs, assistant came in Sunday Evening.  They are both fine and accomplished young ladies and prospects are good for another fine school.


December 13, 1912

Obituary for Mrs. J. T. Cockerell

Oliphint - Smith wedding

Red Springs - Mrs. J. H. Sessions died

Lonnie Nix of Erath County has rented part of the G. W. Dykes place for the coming year. *

Obituary for Mrs. J. H. Sessions (Annie Parker)

Letters to Santa Claus - Ethel Hardin, Henry Thelbert, Jessie Parsons, Jessie Francher, Ada Lois Francher, Olando Siddens, Frank Siddens, Fye Ainesworth, Joseph Bluschke, Hiram Ainesworth, Robert Carvin, Lee Carvin, Carol Carvin, Louise Blaschke, Jessie Blanks, Charles Johnson, George Sharver, Melba Pauline Burnett, Daisy Jackson, Orval Walkup, Same Mcclure, Rita Pearl Brooksheir

Citation by Publication - Estate of Mr. and Mrs. Will Craddock.

Baby boy born to Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Lankford

Levelview - Mr. Jess Causey has a telephone in his residence now.*

Levelview - Baby girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Dan Black.

Levelview - more about the death of Mrs. Sessions

Mary's Creek - glad to say Homer Andrews is able to be up now.


December 27,1912

W. E. England won 3rd and 6th prizes in the Texas Industrial Contest.

For Sale - Seymour, Texas Lots 7, 8, and 9 block 28.  Morris addition southeast corner Cedar and Oregan Streets. Terms easy. Write W. L. McGhee Franklenton, NC

Mrs. J. A. Busell died in California

M. R. Fuller's father died in Schnectady, NY

Smith - Potter wedding

R. J. Tarver left Saturday to visit his old home at Water Valley, Mississippi. He left there 32 years ago and has only been back once.

G. A. Myhand of Levelview left Saturday for West Point, GA to visit his mother whom he has not seen in 28 years.

Newcomers wedding - Eunice Clark and (page folded - cannot see grooms name)

Fite - Wall wedding

Walter Owen left to live in Pulaski, Tennessee

Bomartin - Smith -Potter wedding

Bomartin - Mr. Truman's daughter died in Greenville

Bomartin - Mrs. Maud Field's brother died

Levelview - Floyd Thompson and wife moved down on the Wiggins farm Saturday.

Red Springs - a boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Busby


It snowed in Baylor County on Christmas Eve.



More added at a later date.


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