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September 7, 1916

Mary's Creek - Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Crabb, a fine girl. All doing well.*

Bomarton - Born to Mr. and Mrs. E. W. McGlothlin, a ten pound boy, last Sunday.*

Truman - Buchanan wedding in Midlothian

Levelview - L. E. Cox of Richland was down in our community on Monday. Mrs. Burnett spend a week with Mrs. T. A. Cox. *

Levelview - Mrs. Ura Cox will attend school at Seymour this fall and winter.

Caldwell - Phillips wedding

W. H. Reynolds and Wilma Gibbs married in Stamford


September 14, 1916

Laundry Improves - Morrow and Gilbert, proprietors of the Seymour Steam Laundry are keeping it up in a class with big city establishments. They have recently added a big tumbler, at a cost of $500.00 which is used for washing underwear, pillow slips, etc. Steam is forced through the cloth and drying is by means of a fan on the inside, blowing hot air. Another machine is a hydraulic press for handling towels, etc. , leaving them fluffy instead of flat. *

Mr. and Mrs. Olsen are the proud parents of a fine boy, born a week ago Saturday.  He is getting to be quite a youngster by this time. *

Mary Townsen weds in Oklahoma.

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Blanks went to Denton Wednesday to see the former's mother who has been sick for some time. *

Bohac and Pastusek wedding in Megargel

Westover - Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dormier, last week, a son, also to Mr. and Mrs. Webb, a daughter. All are doing well. *

Westover - J. F. Hawkins and family of Loving visited Mrs. Hawkins parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Webb, and incidentally the new girl at Georgie's. *

Westover - J. P. Elam is very low at this writing.  He is not expected to live. *

Westover - Ira White has lumber on the ground for a 20 foot extension to his storehouse. *

Levelview - The stork has visited our community lately presenting Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Meuse with a girl babe. Also, Mr. and Mrs. Earlee Samsill with a new girl. *

Levelview - Mrs. Bertie Hammett came in from Haskell to visit her parents, Mrs. and Mrs. T. A. Cox.*

Levelview - Floyd Thompson of Plainview visited kinfolks here Wednesday. *

Mrs. Frances is dead (Ruth Durham, wife of W. H. Frances) - very long obituary

A fine girl arrived last week to make her home with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Thompson. Everybody is getting along splendidly. *


September 21, 1916

J. P. Elam died in his home in Westover Community Thursday night of last week and was buried Friday. More details will be given later. *

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Orville Burkhalter was blessed last week with a fine new boy.  Mother and son are doing nicely and Mr. Burkhalter should soon be feeling used to being called a father. *

Grandpa Ellis dies

D. T. Gleghorn of down Westover way was her Saturday and moved up his Banner figures.  Mr. Gleghorn says he is going to make some cotton after the dry weather and he had rather have a short crop anyway with high prices than lots of cotton that will hardly pay the cost of gathering. *

Mabelle - Born to Mr. and Mrs. William Keck on August 27th a 7 1/2 pound girl.  All doing well.*

Mabelle - Mantooth and Brinlee wedding


September 28, 1916 (part of this issue was a "special revival edition"

F. E. Morrow has found the laundry business suitable to his talents and so has bought another one out at Snyder, Texas. He and family will move there right away and take charge of the plant until they get it in good condition then they will move back home. S. A. Carne (or maybe Larne) will manage the laundry in their absence. *

A bouncing boy arrived Saturday to make his home with Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Blanks.  He is a lively young man and we are glad to say that he and his mother are doing well. *

Mr. and Mrs. George Ryder are parents of a new girl about ten days old now. She weighed about four pounds to begin with but is growing and the mother is improving. *

Since 7:00 o'clock Saturday morning their has been residing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Rupe, a splendid little Miss who will be answering to the name of Olive Jane.  For a few wee hours the mother's condition was dangerous, she experiencing three convulsions in a short time. However, we are very glad to say that she and the baby are doing fine now. *

Levelview - Mrs. Bertie Hammett left Sunday for Stamford where she will join her husband and from there they will go to Post City to visit his parents.

Levelview - T.A. Cox and family visited Wichita Falls lately to see their relatives and to see about getting cotton pickers.

L. McTulton of Graham is dead.

Mrs. T. Hammett left Saturday for her home at Stamford, having been here on a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Cox of Levelview. *

Westover - C. H. Poole died.

Westover - Death again invaded our community last week and took from out midst an old and highly respected citizen in the person of J. P. Elam. All that medical skill and loving hands could not stay the ravages of that terrible disease, cancer.  Mr. Elam will be sorely missed in his community.  The friends and loved ones have our sincere sympathy. *

Phillips - Colwell wedding

Mother of A. J. Blanks died.

Fuller - Gamble marriage

Joe Whaley died

Buster Bryan and DeRay Bryan were listed as Baptist converts.

Hugh L. White, County Treasurer, wrote about the revival.

Grandpa Ellis died (long obituary)

Visits of the stork have become almost and epidemic in this part of the country. On on of them last week, a big boy was left at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Bryan. He is strictly one of the family by this time. *

Baby, Fred Case died.


October 12, 1916   

Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Pistole are feeling very happy over the arrival of a fine boy at their home this morning. Mother, father, and son all doing well.*

Courthouse to be Remodeled, Ancient Structure to be Modernized at Cost of about $10.000.00 - replacing the tower dome.

Nix - Connor wedding

Shady - J. C. Edwards died

Shady - Covey - Bowman marriage

Shady - Martin - Rimes marriage

Levelview - Earl Sale of Seymour spent Saturday night and Sunday with his friend Tommie Cox.*

Levelview - Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Holman Jr. are the proud parents of a fine young boy who arrived Wednesday morning. His name is Lynn Etheridge if you happen to want to speak to him.*


October 19, 1916   

For Sale:  At a bargain for a quick deal. My residence in Northwest Seymour. R. E. Bryan 5-7*

Cache Creek - A child born to Mr. and Mrs. Claude Dodd died at birth (long article).

Ogden - Mr. and Mrs. Archie Pye (or is it Dye) are the proud parents of a new girl which came to them on 28th September. *

Ogden - Mr. Dexter Hammett and Miss Ruth West surprised their many friends Sunday by going to Seymour and getting married by Rev. B. E. Stallings. Their many friends wish them a long and prosperous life. *

Westover - Mr. Crughton died yesterday and was buried at Mineral Wells.*


October 26, 1916   

S. Suttlemyer died.

Levelview - Floyd Thompson will live on the Langley place next year. *

England - Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Jones are the proud parents of a fine daughter which arrived a few days ago. *

J. I. Bates died  (more can be found about J. I. Bates on the page with the picture of the Coles Original Hot Blast Stove)

For Sale:  At a bargain for a quick deal. My residence in Northwest Seymour. R. E. Bryan 5-7*

The finest boy in the world arrived Monday morning to make his home with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Knox. Mr. Knox was kept that day on buttermilk and F. L. Francher was designated to sit up with him that night*

Brooksheer - Pruett wedding

Britain - Grossman wedding


November 9, 1916 

Obituary - J. I. Bates

Obituary - S. Suttlemyer

P. A. Hairston Farm for Sale - This farm located 5 miles northwest of Seymour and is open for sale until December 1, 1916 at $45 per acre.  See R. E. Bryan, Phone 157.*

McLard - Cummins Wedding


November 16, 1916 

I am in a position to fill your orders for Oklahoma Corn   5-9 R. E. Bryan. *

Gibbs - Faulkner Wedding

Bomartin - Mrs. Tom Richardson dies

President Wilson Wins for Second Time (This was on a back page and part of three columns devoted to the elections.)

:Levelview - Chandler - York wedding

Levelview - Twin babies, a boy and a girl were born to Mr. and Mrs. John Brooks last Sunday. The little boy died and will be buried at Henson today. *

Mary's Creek - Born to Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Cane the third _____________ girl. Mother and child doing fine. (very faded and difficult to read)*

Mary's Creek - The stork visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Franklin the 6th and left in their care a fine boy. All doing well.*

Mary's Creek - Mr. and Mrs. Sam Andrews are the proud parents of a fine boy who made his arrival the 10th. Mother and son doing nicely. *

A picture of John Henson's new residence. Includes an article with details about the house.

Mr. and Mrs. Dodd of Cache Creek went to TN to bring back her parents. Her father, Mr. J. W. Teague died prior to leaving TN. *


November 23, 1916 

Headline - Sewer System for Seymour - work to be completed in five months - cost about $25,000.00.

Mrs. Case died.

Paul Waples killed (very faded article)

Pastnsek - Trojek wedding (very faded article)

Morris Gilbert of the steam laundry went to Abilene Friday to attend a laundryman's convention. Mr. Gilbert is going to try to keep up with the latest methods for improvement of his laundry service. *

Bomartin News - Caulston - Whitely Marriage

Bomartin News - J. C. Gibbs died.

Obituary for Minnie McLarty Richeson (Mrs. Thomas Richeson)

Mabelle - Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Boils (very faded name could be something else) the 14th a girl, mother and child doing well.

*Mabelle - The stork visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Heathington the 13th and left in their care a fine girl. Mrs. Heathington has not been doing well, but the girl is getting along nicely. *

Westover - Hardin - Johnson Wedding

Westover - Isaac Elam is adding some rooms to his house.

Westover - C. F. Elam and family of  B________, New Mexico has moved back here and will live with his mother, Mrs. J. P. Elam.  (article faded and difficult to read)*


November 20, 1916 

Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Forrester are feeling very proud over the arrival of a fine boy at there home who made his appearance on the 21st. Everybody intimately connected with the event is getting along splendidly. *

A Good Home - The new home of Mr. and Mrs. H. Windel is described in detail.

A fine 10lb boy arrived last week to bless the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Harden. *

Obituary for J. C. Gibbs

JR BYPU - DeRay Bryan - leader, Buster Bryan - sanctification, Millard Ray Latta - Piano solo

Westover - Sykora - Krinek wedding (very brief and hard to read)

Cockerell - Self wedding

:Lowry baby died.

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Harden are very proud of their 11lb son who arrived on the 23rd. *

Bomartin - Grandchild of J. J. Whitely died.

Cache Creek - Walsh - Hogue wedding

Levelview - Mr. Louis Cox and children spent Saturday and Sunday in Wichita. *

Mary's Creek - Homer Andrews and family have returned from Post. *

Mary's Creek - Sam Andrews is building a two room house on his place south of the school house.*


December 7, 1916  (This is a large issue - 16 pages and appears to have two sections)

Chas. Brumek died

Twin boys born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry. All . . . (the remainder of the article is faded and very hard to read).

Letter to Santa - Raymond Nunn

Cockrell - Matin wedding

Recently there have arrived two baby girls to make their homes in this county, one with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hajek, two weeks ago Sunday and the other with Mr. and Mrs. Franc Hons, October 29th. *

Cache Creek - Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Spray have a new girl about two weeks old.*

Cache Creek - Hogue - Walsh Wedding

Mabelle - Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bridges are the proud parents of a fine girl who arrived on the 27th. Mother and girl doing fine. *

Self - Cockerell wedding

Prenuptial Compliment (a shower for Celia Self)

Knight - Farmer wedding

Reeves - Stewart wedding


December 14, 1916 

School Law at Levelview - The compulsory school law will begin its operations at Levelview school district No. 3 on the first Monday in January. Everybody please take notice. T. A. Cox, A. J. Samsill - Trustees *

Three teams of good work stock to go at a bargain for cash or good note. R. E. Bryan*

A fine new girl put in her appearance Friday night at home of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Harris anticipating the visit of Old Santa Claus.*

Get your winter supply of Colorado apples from the last carload that will be in Seymour. R. E. Bryan*

It may startle you to know that the last car of bulk apples for the season is on sale at the Farmer's Wagon Yard. After this you will have to buy box apples. R. E. Bryan *

Anyone in the market for some good work stock will do well to see me. R. E. Bryan*

Letters to Santa from:

-Helen and Odessa Johnston

- John, Jessie, Barrie Johnson

-Ernest Byrket

- Wesley Franklin

- Oleta Byrket

- Bunkley Byrket

Levelview - Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Cox visited their son at Richland Sunday. They have a new granddaughter there. *

Ogden - The stork visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Studer on the 27th and left in there care an 81/2 pound boy who answers to the name of J. D. after both grandfathers. Mother and baby are doing fine and we think that Noll will get alright soon.


December 28, 1916 

Headline - Elevator Burns Tuesday Morning - $25,000 loss when elevator of Seymour Mill Elevator and Light Company is destroyed.

Headline - Double Tragedy at Knox City  - Former Sheriff of King County and Deputy Sheriff Killed on Street (J. J. Mitchell and Joe Reed).

Headline - Negro Question - Mass meeting at courthouse Saturday. Resolves that Negros be not allowed in this county.

An eight pound girl is the Christmas present to Mr. and Mrs. George Franklin of Cache Creek. The young lady arriving on the 18th. She is the finest girl there ever was and matches up with the boy. *

G. A. Boland left Tuesday for his home in ________ and took with him the baby of B. B. Boland whose wife was buried here last week.*

An error was made last week in stating that Mrs. J. S. Park was the mother of Mrs. B. B. Boland. she is the mother of Mr. Boland. Mrs. Boland's relatives lived in Mississippi and her parents are dead. (obituary must be in last week's issue).*

Old Santa Claus left a fine 10lb boy with Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Anderson. The boy is a dandy and everybody is getting along fine. *

Smith - McGuire wedding

Bomartin - Mrs. Pistole resigns as principal of the primary ward school.

Bomartin - J. W. Nelson dies.

Mrs. Jesse Harris dies (and more in Shady community news)

Smith - McGuire wedding

Holbert - Saunders wedding

Levelview - Lewis Cox and wife of Richland took Christmas dinner with their parents Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Cox.*

Vera -  Ed Moreau died.


I will add more from 1916 at a later date.


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