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September 19, 1918

Mr. S. H. Post and children left last week in their car for Corpus Christie where they will spend the winter for the benefit of the children’s health.  They have been getting better the past winter or so, since they have been to the northwest, and Mr. Post is anxious to keep them on the road to being entirely well again.  The work at the county clerk’s office will be in the hands of Mr. Judson Post, assisted by Mr. R. E. Bryan a deputy whenever the work of the office piles up.  Mr. Bryan accompanied the party to Corpus.  He says he left them well pleased.  Mr. Post will work with an abstract firm there. *

September 26, 1918

Mr. S. H. Post resigned . . . . .  by wire.  L. O. Wharton was appointed to fill the unexpired term.  {R. E. Bryan  was not mentioned in the article.}

Fall 1918 (date not recorded)

Mr. F. W. Thompson of the star route says he and his family have so far gotten by the war, the drouth, and the flu and are hoping that fortune has changed. *

October 3, 1918

A liberal reward will be paid to the finder of a $50 Liberty Bond which I lost on the street on Tuesday afternoon.  I need the bond badly.  R. E. Bryan *

October 17, 1918

For Rent:  100 acres of land to sow wheat on.  R. E. Bryan *

October 31, 1918

From the subscribers:  Mr. Al McFarland of Richland says they are putting in 200 acres of wheat, most of it already up. Mr. R. E. Bryan is also going long on wheat.

Nov. 21, 1918

A letter from France to Millard Ray Latta from J. O. Noah was published in this issue.

Nov. 28, 1918

A letter from England to Millard Latta from Joseph O. Noah was published in this issue.

Dec. 5, 1918

News that Frank Watts was wounded in the war (was he a Bryan descendant?)


More from the 1918 issues will be added at a later date.


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