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January 8, 1920 

Lost: Somewhere between Porter well and Seymour a 10ft. hose, steel lined, with yellow cloth.  Had been used for loading fuel oil.  Reasonable reward to finder.  R. E. Bryan  14-15pd *


January 22, 1920 

A photograph of the J. R. Henson house was published in the Banner.

B.Y. P. U.  DeRay Bryan memorized and recited a poem as part of the program.


February 19 , 1920 

Millard Ray Latta was teaching at Cache Creek #11  


February 6, 1920

Mrs. T. A. Cox and daughter, Mrs. Floyd Thompson visited Mrs. J. B.Langly of Red Springs*

Mrs. Joe Cox and Mother, Mrs. Roberts of Douglas, Arizona visited at Mr. T. A. Cox/s Sunday.  *


February 26, 1920.    

Obituary of Mrs. W. M. Hooper 

Miss Mattie Henson of Knoxville, Tennessee has been here on a visit to her brother, Mr. John R. Henson.  This is her first trip to Texas and she has enjoyed her stay immensely.  She says if she had come here years ago she could have made good money farming in the country.  She is going to take back a bunch of souvenirs with her and wanted to take pony and a white faced calf but Mr. Henson told her there would be no room in the trunk for them. *


March 18, 1920 

Cache Creek - Little Willie May Bryan of Seymour visited school Friday afternoon {Cousin, Millard Ray Latta, taught at Cache Creek – Willie May aka Willa Mae would have been about 10 years old}


April 8, 1920

DeRay and Willie May Bryan participated in a school entertainment. 

DeRay Bryan read or played “Bill Thay” and also “The train to Manvo” with Neil Smith

Willie May Bryan read or sang “Creation.”


April 19, 1920 

See R. E. Bryan for some good city property 29-30


April 29, 1920 

DeRay Bryan was listed as the assistant business manager of The Jackrabbit, the Seymour High School yearbook. { A Minnie McCarty was also on the staff.  Is she any relation to Nigella McCarty?}


May 13, 1920

On April 14 license was issued for Mr. Joe Cheek and Miss Jewel Henson.


May 6, 1920 

Mr. R. E. Bryan and daughter, DeRay were in Wichita last of the week.


May 20, 1920

DeRay Bryan was listed as graduating from Seymour High School

Mr. Will Henson left Tuesday for Hot Springs, Arkansas to accompany his father home. The later is not strong enough to undergo the treatment necessary for his rheumatism so is coming back home.  {In an earlier issue of 1920, I saw an article about Mr. Henson going to Hot Springs for treatment}*


May 27, 1920 

Graduation Exercises - DeRay Bryan gave the salutatory speech “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Maintaining Our Political Institutions."

House for Rent - Five room residence in the Northwest part. Will be vacant June 15.  Mrs. R. E. Bryan


August 26, 1920

Front page news :  Woman’s Suffrage is Adopted 

School is Postponed - The Seymour schools will begin session on September 13th instead of the 6th. The superintendent, Prof. Kemp is conducting a normal and principal, Mrs. Baker is attending one and it would have been very difficult for them to have been ready by the 6th.  The entire faculty has be secured.  It is a matter for congratulations that a Mr. Pyle has been secured as principal of the Ward school.  {Mr. E. J. Pyle will eventually marry Millard Ray Latta.}*

Mrs. Pully dies {lived in McClannen County} 

Millard Ray Latta has returned from Denton, where she has been attending the Normal.  She will be a principal of the Cache Creek School the coming term.

Mrs. Porter Francher was visiting her parents, Mr. and  Mrs. John R. Henson


More from 1920 issues will be added at a later date.


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