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These articles were found on the microfilm labeled Seymour, Texas The Baylor County Banner And Misc. Scrapbook 1905 -1929.  This microfilm contained only a few issues of the Baylor County Banner; from 1905 to 1917 and the Golden Jubilee Issue, dated September 5, 1929. Also on this film was one issue of the Seymour Cresset, dated March 1, 1888. I will transcribe parts of these issues at a later date.  The remainder of the film contains copies of a scrapbook of newspaper clippings from Baylor County and the surrounding counties. I have been told that the original can be found in the library in Seymour. These articles are not dated. They appear to be from the 1930s and 1940s. I have listed them in the order that I read them on the film so that it will be easier for me to locate them if you would like a copy.  If the items are long, I will not transcribe them, but will take a picture of them using my digital camera.



Mr. and Mrs. Elzie Holman have been entertaining a fine boy at their home since May 1.  He tipped the scales at seven pounds.  His first name will be Elzie, but the parents have not decided on the other name. Mr. Holman is with the Plunkett Motor Freight Line.

Miss Oma Wood’s picture looked good on the front page of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram last Monday .  The occasion for picture was telling about Miss Wood being named Miss Seymour for the Cowboy Reunion to be held at Stamford July 4-6 (picture on next page)

The O. F. Harvey family is all pepped up over the arrival of a young son in their home.  He put on his appearance Monday, weighing 8 1-2 pounds and his name is Fred Temple. Mother and son are doing fine.

A new boy arrived Friday at the N. P. Mitchell home which makes two sons for Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Mitchell Jr.  The father has been occupied with his duties as faculty member at Duke University, Durham, NC and he had gone to Washington on some research work and to attend the inauguration when the wire was sent advising him of his new heir. The young man weighted 8 pounds, but he has to wait a few days for a name pending consultation with his dad. 

Wand Janelle Lee is the name of a fine seven and three quarter pound girl who arrived Tuesday to make her home with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lee.  Everyone concerned is doing fine and they think they have one of the finest youngsters in the world.  Mrs. R. L. Witty mother of Mrs. Lee, has been visiting her this week from Bomarton. 

Many articles about the 1932-1933 school year. 

Much about the class of 1935

Picture of “Little Miss Brady” daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Brady (child’s first name is faded).  She was in a Shirley Temple contest.

Picture of Mary Ann, daughter of Mrs. J. R. Richardson, Seymour.

Stout Family Reunion  - nice family history

Marjorie Rickert birthday party

Mr. J. F. Kovar birthday

Thomas E. Machen birthday party

Great article about Texas Sheriff Archie Holmes in New York City

Gordon Family reunion

Mrs. E. A. Ranson honored on her 89th birthday.

W. H. Portwood – appears to be a history of his business also contains family information

Birthday for Lee Pokorny

Birthday for James Curtis

Big reunion celebrates birthday of T. A. Parsons

Birthday for Willis Hughes

Birthday for Irene Samsill

J. E. Bullion family reunion

Picture of Miss Irma Zelle Holmes

Mrs. Berggren honored on 94th birthday

James O. Hill and Alva C. Henderson are in Hawaii

Picture of J. P. Hill  and article

J. P. Hill (Buddy) injured in Army

Another picture of J. P. Hill and article about his injury

J. P. Hill is home on leave

Pictures of Miss Alice Newman, Arthur Powell, and Mayme Lawry 

Picture of Miss Olma Wood, Miss Seymour

Picture of R. E. Baskin

Picture of Charles Randal

Picture of Earle Russell

Picture of John McKelvey

Picture of Lawrence Franklin



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