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These obituaries were found on the microfilm labeled Seymour, Texas The Baylor County Banner And Misc. Scrapbook 1905 -1929.  This microfilm contained only a few issues of the Baylor County Banner; from 1905 to 1917 and the Golden Jubilee Issue, dated September 5, 1929. Also on this film was one issue of the Seymour Cresset, dated March 1, 1888. I will transcribe parts of these issues at a later date.  The remainder of the film contains copies of a scrapbook of newspaper clippings from Baylor County and the surrounding counties. I have been told that the original can be found in the library in Seymour. These obituaries are not dated. They appear to be from the 1930s and 1940s. I have listed them in the order that I read them on the film so that it will be easier for me to locate them if you would like a copy.  Don’t stop looking if you find the one that you are looking for. Many have two and three articles about the deceased individuals and they were not in any apparent order in the scrapbook. Most of these obituaries are very long so I will not transcribe them, but I will take pictures of the articles with my digital camera to send to you via e-mail.



Frank S. Simek 

Mrs. O. H. Harrison 

Mrs. G. W. Prichard 

Mrs. W. S. Dodd 

Burnett Self  

A.C. Tune 

Mrs. L. C. Ivans 

More about Mr. Tune (Lamesa man killed in accident at big Spring) 

Mrs. Myrtle Mitchell Franklin Neeb   

Mrs. Joe A. Wheat 

Both Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Porter 

Riley Blake Hulse 

N. P. Mitchell 

Mrs. H. F. Houston 

H. A. Nicholson 

Barbara Claire Hunter 

Alexander Ferrier 

John Warren and Clarence Jewell Pearce died in accident 

H. A. Davis 

Mrs. P. Kreiter 

Burial for N. P. Mitchell 

Two of five boys killed in collision with train - Eugene McFarlin and Richard McDonald 

M. M. Caussey  

Richard McDonald 

Frank Ross Cox 

L. L.  Mitchell - not certain about "L. L."

R. E. “Ed” Patterson  

J. M. Roach 

Manley Farmer 

Mrs. O. F. Temple 

G. W. Bowman 

Mrs. Ida Byrd 

Gladys Jenkins, baby killed in crash 

Jake Cross 

Oscar C. Bellows 

Sarah Ann Lane 

Mrs. W. Nelson 

Judge B. F. Bowman 

Dr. C. F. Johnson 

Anne Lester  

A. T. McCarty 

M. M. Caussey 

Johnnie Davis 

Mrs. J. M. Dobbins 

Dr. Richardson  

Dr. C. F. Johnson 

Mrs. B. A. Maxfield nee Haynes 

Mr. Easterling’s father dies 

G. W. Bowman 

Mrs. Floyd Davis 

George Bowman 

James Henderson Hurst 

Mrs. Melear 

Uncle George McCluskey 

Horace Eugene Nichols 

J. G. Sanderson 

Mrs. W. G. Breland 

K. S. Reed 

Mrs. O. F. Temple 

Earl Duckworth 

Mrs. John Hayley 

Mrs. Ida Byrd 

S. L. Webb 

Mrs. Pat O’Riley 

Byron Stennett 

Mrs. E. A. Ranson

A. Norwood 

Jess Siddens 

Miss Lucy Jones, grandmother died 

Baldwin Chambless 

Mrs. Jareell’s mother Mrs. J. H. Vickery 

Dr. J. T. McLamore 

Mrs. W. P. Melear 

Jessl R. Siddens 

Mrs. R. L. Hailey 

Harry Ferrier 

Henry Dormier 

M. W. Stewart 

J. P. Stout 

Dudley Benge 

Mrs. John Hayley 

A. Ferrier 

R. D. Mugg 

Harry Ferrier 

Ray Cox 

J. T. Lively 

William Rex Adkins 

A.A. Haynes 

H. E. Nichols 

Jess Sanderson 

Mrs. Kenneth Smith 

Mrs. P. N. Taylor 

A.S. Plunkett 

Capt. A. H. Hunt 

Eugene McFarlin  

M. P. Hill 

Roy Earl Duckworth 

J. T. Burns  

Mrs. Elizabeth Melear 

Charlie Wilhelm 

L. A. Powell 

Taylor Baskin 

J. E. Holman 

W. H. Gibbs 

Dr. S. W. Pistole 

Mrs. Fanny C. Barker nee Jamerson 

John L. Knight 

Aunt Mollie Taylor 

Sam Plunkett 

John Melear 

Harry Ferrier 

Article about the man who killed Henry/ Harry Ferrier in North Zulch 

A.S. Plunkett 

Suspect found who killed H. A. Ncholson 

William Edward Hickman 

More about boys killed in train crash 

Mrs. Sarah Sims 

A.S. Plunkett 

More about Nicholson’s killing  

R. A. Mullins dies in crash 

John Warren and C. J. Pearce die in crash 

More about the death of H. E. Nichols who was shot to death near Seymour in 1934 

In Memory of Lawrence Franklin 

C. H. McCord 

Mrs. C. B. Harris 

Mrs. M. E. White 

Miss Mozelle Stevens 

Funeral card for Mrs. Dicie Lou Meetze 

Funeral card for Mrs. W. S. Dodd 

Louis Hardegree 

Shirley McMinn Roney 

Lloyd Henson  

Winnie Reva Williams 

Lawrence L. Franklin 

M. A. Hilton 

Mrs. J. D. Mounce 

Milton Brown 

Mrs. Martha Pirtle 

Katherine Prehoditch - age 16 

Leonard High 

J. E. Branson 

Mrs. B. J. Quillin 

Mrs. Ruth Seals 

Mrs. Bobbie Dee Lilly 

Vila Lyons and Clara Collingsworth double funeral 

J. M. Spoonts and son J. M. Spoonts Jr. and Charles M. Womack killed in crash 

S. N. Franklin 

Herbert “Hub” Propps rodeo star dies  

William Henry McDonald 

Mrs. Dicie Meetze 

Clara Collingsworth and Viola Lyon accident

Cards of Thanks for E. D. Moss, Mrs. B. A. Maxfield, Mr. Caussey, Dr. C. F. Johnson, Aunt Mollie Taylor, Mrs. W. G. Breland, G. W. Bowman, C. S. Plunkett, Mrs. Hailey, Mrs. Lane, Father of Lucy Moore, Mr. H. E. Nichols, Mrs. Hammett, Mrs. John Hayley, Mr. L. A. Powell, Mrs. A. Ferrier

Mrs. J. A. Richeson died

Tom Bagby

Death of Mrs. Flo Howell

Mrs. Maggie Easter Haley dies

Dr. Frank Nugent

Mrs. Sarah H. Mills of Westover dies

Judge Jo A. P. Dickson dies – two articles and a large picture

Mrs. Tom Goosetree killed by train

Sol Col is killed when struck by a car

R. E. Baskin died  Picture of Mr. Baskin

Evelyn Harris died

Henry Franklin died

Mrs. R. J. Hayley died – good family history

P. G. Allen died

Mrs. L. W. Dalton

Charles Caldwell died

J. W. Thrasher died

Virgil Bryan dies   (Lucille Thompson was a flower girl )

Lem Bellows died

Bob Callingsworth dies

Funeral cards for John R. Hayley and Mrs. Mattie McKinzey Tolson

Mrs. J. R. Balch

Elmer Vaughn dies

Death of Weldon St. Clair




Weldon St. Clair is Killed in Car Wreck


An automobile accident last Sunday night between Seymour and Bomarton caused the death of Weldon St. Clair son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. St. Clair of this city, and injuries to George Shawver and Don Willett, the latter of Houston. 

The three young men were riding in a car belonging to Rev T. C. Willett, a Methodist pastor, and driven by Don Willett. They were approaching Seymour some six miles from town, when the vehicle went out of control while traveling at high speed, and overturned several times. 

St. Clair and Willett were thrown from the car, St. Clair being instantly killed when he hurtled several yards from where the automobile finally stopped. Shawver suffered severe cuts and bruises and remained in the Baylor County Hospital until Monday evening. Willett was bruised and had a severe case of shock. The car was demolished.

Funeral services for St. Clair were held Monday afternoon at the First Christian church with the pastor Rev. F.E Wodell in charge. A large crowd of sorrowing friends and relatives gathered to pay last tribute to the popular young Seymourite. 

Special music was in the form of a vocal solo by Miss Charlotte Wheat. Pallbearers were George Shupee, Sam Jones, Jesse Tucker, Joe Boyd, L.Q. Wharton, Jr. and Virgil Hall. The body was laid to rest in the Seymour Cemetery. 

Weldon St. Clair was a life-long resident of Seymour. He attended the Seymour schools, and after graduation went one year to Randolph Junior college. He has since been engaged in several lines of endeavor. More recently he had concentrated on farming on a place owned jointly by him and a brother Byron St. Clair in Knox County. 

The deceased was a member of the First Christian church here. He was an upstanding young man, well liked by all who knew him, quiet, industrious and friendly. His untimely fate is universally deplored and the sincere sympathy of the entire community goes out to the bereaved. 

Survivors are: Mr. and Mrs. J.T. St. Clair, the parents; seven brothers Hal, Mack, Clinton and Ted St. Clair of Seymour, Byron St. Clair of Shamrock?, Leighton St. Clair of Anson?, and John St. Clair, a student at Texas Tech; and two sisters, Mrs. Paul Nixon of Anson?, and Miss June St. Clair of Seymour.




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