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Page 3 - Redic and Johnie Myrtlene "Myrtie" Bryan and family

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Redic Bryan and Myrtie Hairston were married   Februray 7, 1900 in Erath County, Texas

Johnie Myrtlene "Myrtie" Hairston Bryan

Redic E. Bryan

about 1911

Redic Bryan was the Tax Assessor for two terms in Seymour.  Redic is on the right. The man on the left is currently unknown.

Monte DeRay Bryan

Myrtie Marie Bryan

Hairston Albritton "Buster" Bryan and Wanda Land who he married in 1935. 

Willie May Bryan

(aka Willa Mae)

My father, Whit Criswell Bryan, was the  youngest son of Redic and Myrtie.

This picture of a house was found in the Bryan family Bible.  Was this house in Seymour? Whit Bryan remembered the porch and breaking his father's watch on the sidewalk.  I visited Seymour and saw a house very similar to this one, but it was the Henson house. There is also a house in Stephenville that looks very much like this house.

Bryan Family Photographs

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Page 3 - Redic and Johnie Myrtlene Hairston Bryan and family

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