Amelia Baker letter

Bienville Parish, Louisiana
Letter to Georgia Ann Frances "Fannie" Bryan Pittman Wimberly from Amelia Regan Baker

This letter was written to Georgia Ann Frances Bryan Pittman Wimberly from Amelia Regan Baker, her mother’s sister.  The letter was found in family files, donated by Vera Wimberly, at a library in Conroe, Texas. The letter was originally one of many found in a scrapbook keep by Josie Bryan Cook of Bienville Parish, Louisiana. 

Letters written by Fannie Wimberly and her husband, James S. Pittman can be found in the Wimberly Family History compiled by Vera Wimberly.


Kimbel County Texas June 9th, 1877

Mrs. Wimberly  Dear Fannie 

Many thanks for your still remembering me after so long a silence   your letter came to San Marcos in due time but I had moved away out here in Kimbel County so it was a considerable time before the letter and Obituary come to me hence my long delay in not answering you I of course truly simpathise with all my dear sisters children  the loss of a tender Mother but Oh think of the incomparible change we believe it all is   to her shes gone to that land of rest where there is not sorrowing now howling tempest to trouble her peaceful spirit    Oh what a blessed change from this world of sighing pining weeping praying struggling with all manner of evils    I long to be there.  the thought electrifies my poor weak soul to think we have parents brothers and sisters all there  we believe who have conquered and gone before   We must watch and pray as they have don’t to meet them there then our sinning will be over when we reach that happy shore where we will all worship around the bright throne  I very often feel these lines suited to me .  My latest sun is sinking fast my race is almost run my. My strongest trials now is past  my triumh is begun.  I soon Shall meet the holy ranks of friends and kindreds dear.  I brush the dews of Jordans banks the crossing must be near. I am only six years younger than my departed sister therefore it behoves me to try my best to be ready even if I should stay as long as she did which I very much doubt for we know not the day nor hour when our blessed Saviour say come up . Oh may I ready pray for me my dear that I may --- the death that never dies My health is very poor.  I have Catarrah and have tried several doctors to wast this body away  it’s the case with me  I am very sorry that I am not prepared to write you a more full letter but we have only been here two months and of course I cannot tell you much about this country yet   the people here the greater portion are very wild and reckless which is very disagreeable to me   we had preaching on last Sunday for the first since I have been here they speak of having a camp meeting in September perhaps it may do some toward civilizing the place  it is a good country for stock of all kind but the desperados steal the stock very       we hav a company of rangers stationed here for this summer they have caught several of the bad thieves and put them in prison though I have heard that some have escaped some are in jail yet.  I saw a lad last November from La. Bienville Parish he said he knew the Bryans his name is Laster he said Terrell Bryan had sold out and was coming to Texas and would call on his father when he got here.  I left word with him for Terrell to come and see me before he settled but he never came therefore I suspected he has not come to Texas my reason for wishing to see before he settled was this I wanted him to come and look at Kimbel County  he might like it then I would have some of my kinsfolks for neighbors  did move away from there or not please write and let me know how all of your brothers and sisters are.  Is any of them living near you if so give my best love and kindest regards  I hope they are all doing well may the Lord proper them all I should be happy to get a letter from any one of them  I have the company of two of my sons up here in this wild country  Eli and Daniel Eli and wife they have no children.  Daniel has not married yet though talks very much about marrying now as he has found his country  he is much pleased with this new country  I think it will be a good place when it is settled with the right cast of people.  I will close  direct your letters to Kimbel County Texas Junchon City     may heaven bless you all is the prayer of your Aunte          Amelia Baker


People mentioned in this letter are as follows: 

Fannie Wimberly  -  Georgia Ann Frances Bryan was the daughter of Reddick Bryan and Elizabeth Regan.  She was first married to James S. Pittman who was killed in the Civil War and later to Ezekiel Wimberly.

Amelia Baker – Amelia Regan Baker was the sister of Elizabeth Regan Bryan. She was married to John W. Baker in Robeson County, NC. John died in 1846 in Coffee County, AL.*  Both Elizabeth and Amelia were daughters of Joseph Regan Sr. and are mentioned in his will.  It is unknown as to whether they had the same mother. Amelia Regan Baker died on August 19, 1896, almost 20 years after writing this letter.

Death of a Sister / Mother – Elizabeth Span Regan Bryan died on  February 12, 1877. She was the wife of Reddick Bryan and daughter of Joseph and Dorothea Regan.

Terrell Bryan – Terrell Bryan was Fannie’s youngest brother and son of Reddick Bryan and Elizabeth Regan.  He arrived in Erath County, Texas in 1878.

Eli – Eli Baker was the son of Amelia Regan and John Baker.  He died in Robstown, TX in 1919.*

Daniel -  Daniel Baker was the son of Amelia Regan and John Baker.  He married Arminta Turner in 1877 in Kimble County, TX.  He died in Aransas Pass, TX in 1930.*

* Sources for the Baker family came from Randy Regan’s Regan Family Journal



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