Bienville Parish - Donation - Richard Watts 

Bienville Parish, Louisiana
Deed - Watts, Wimberly, Huckaby, Tolbert, Stewart, Hammett, Bryan, Thomas


Transcribed by Diana Bryan Quinn, February 6, 2005

 Found  in Bienville Parish Conveyance Book  E, page 366 and 367   FHL film # 266008


This record is a transaction between Richard I. Watts and Catherine Amanda Bryan Watts, his daughter-in-law, and Lurany S. Watts Ezell, his daughter.

Transcribed by Diana Bryan Quinn, February 6, 2005.


Richard I. Watts

To }donation

Lurany S. Ezell nee Watts

Catharine A. Watts


State of Louisiana

Parish of Bienville


Be it remembered that on this the 19th day of February in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and fifty eight (1858). Before me T. E. Paxton a notary Public in and for said Parish and state duly commissioned and sworn in the presence of the therein after named and subscribing witnesses personally came my appearance. Richard I. Watts a resident of the foresaid Parish and state who declares and acknowledges that for and the consideration of the natural love and affection which I bear to my daughter Lurany S. Watts now the wife of John J. Ezell and my daughterinlaw Catherine A. Bryan now the wife of James C. Watts here this day  donating and devising and do in these presence donate to the said Lurany S. Watts wife of John J. Ezell and Catherine A. Bryan wife of James C. Watts and to the heirs of these parties forever on this of my entire estate my disposable portion being estimably after paying all my legal debts at the sum of Two thousand and forty-one dollars which I give and donated to the said Lurany S. Watts wife of John J. Ezell and Catherine A. Bryan wife of James C. Watts and their heirs to the prejudice of my other children or successible descendants with out its being liable to be brought into my succession at my death.  The amount I have donated to the said parties above named I ___ to be as an extra portion to the above named parties to have and to hold the amount unto the said parties and their heirs forever.  The said Richard I. Watts for himself his heirs and assigns shall and will warrant and forever defend the right and title to the said same unto the said Lurany S. Watts, wife of John J. Ezell and Catherine A. Bryan wife of James C. Watts, their heirs and assigns forever. Hereby subrogating said parties to any actions of ___ and which I may have unto that portion of my Estate above donating unto the said parties.  The parties being present waive and disperse with the certificate of mortgages and hereby exonerate one said notary from all liabilities contained in article of the Civil code of Louisiana No 3328.  This done and prepared in the Parish of Bienville said state, in presence of A. G. Hicks & William A. Martin competent and subscribing witnesses of Lawful age and Residents of said parish and state who here to set their names together with the parties and one said notary day and year first above written (signing) R. I. Watts

Attest (signing)

A. G. Hicks

(signing) accepts

Lurany S. Ezell


Wm. A. Martin

            authorized by me

John J. Ezell


T. E. Paxton


Catherine A. Watts


(seal) Notary Public

            authorized by me

J. C. Watts











State of Louisiana

Bienville Parish


I hereby certify that this foregoing is a true and correct Record of the original is for file and recorded this the 3rd day of March AD 1858

                                                John G. Tooke  Recorder

Richard I. Watts - Richard Ivey Watts was the son of Benjamin Watts and Elizabeth Key.   He was married in 1809 in Georgia to Sarah "Sally" Clements who was born in Tennessee.   He purchased land in Bienville Parish, Louisiana with his son, James C. Bryan in 1850.  His wife Sally Clements died on Feb. 15, 1850. Her obituary states that they moved to Louisiana in 1849. I do not have a death date for Richard I. Watts.

C. A. Watts - Catherine Amanda Bryan, sometimes called "Manda."  She was the daughter of Reddick Bryan and Elizabeth Regan and the wife of James C. Watts who she married on August 9, 1849.

James C. Watts - James C. Watts is the son of Richard Ivey Watts and Sarah Clements. He served in the Civil War with the Bienville Blues and was said to have died in 1867.

Lurany S. Ezell - A daughter of Richard Ivey Watts and Sarah Clements. Lurany was first married to a Manning (marriage record not found) and later married John J. Ezell on May 29, 1856.

John J. Ezell  - Husband of Lurany S. Watts

A. G. Hicks - nothing currently known

William A. Martin- nothing currently known



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