Bienville Parish Deed - Watts, Manning, Bryan

Bienville Parish, Louisiana
Deed - Watts, Wimberly, Huckaby, Tolbert, Stewart, Hammett, Bryan, Thomas, Sledge


Transcribed by Diana Bryan Quinn, February 6, 2005.

 Found in Bienville Parish Conveyance Book L pages 503 and 504  FHL Film #266013


This record is a transaction between the Watts heirs (children of Catherine Amanda Bryan and James C. Watts) and John L. Wimberly. Also included is a Power of Attorney giving Catherine Amanda Bryan Watts power to sign for Mattie  Tolbert, her daughter.

Watts heirs

to deed

J. L. Wimberly


Parish of Bienville

State of Louisiana


Know all men by these presents that we Mrs. C. A. Watts & Mattie S. Watts wife of Jeff D. Tolbert resident of the Parish of Natchitoches and State aforesaid and Edward B. Watts, Alice E. Watts wife of Greene H. Huckaby and Sarah C. Watts wife of E. T. Stewart residents of the Parish of Bienville and state aforesaid all present and acting for themselves but Mattie S. Watts wife of Jeff D. Tolbert who is acting through an agent Mrs. C. A. Watts, her mother by power of attorney which is hereby ____ and made part of this instrument or title.  And do by these presence bargain sell transfer assign setover and deliver unto John L. Wimberly a resident of the parish of Bienville and state aforesaid a certain price on parcel of land marked and no as follows to wit. The south East Quarter of Section twenty eighty  Township fifteen Range nine containing One hundred and sixty acres more or less together with all the improvements herewith belonging to and in consideration of the sum of three hundred and twenty dollars cash received the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged to said purchaser John L. Wimberly to have and to hold the above described land. And we hereby warrant and defend the said land to the said Wimberly and his heirs and his assigns against all legal claims debts mortgages or of whatever nature and bind ourselves to defend the same to the said Wimberly his heirs and assigns forever.  This done & signed in presence of the subscribing witnesses of lawful age and domciliated  in the aforesaid Parish of Bienville this 11th June AD 1881. 



C. A. Watts

J. B. Bryan

Mattie S. Tolbert by her agent C.A. Watts

N. S. Thomas

E. B. Watts

John F. Huckaby

Sarah C. Stewart


Alice E. Huckaby


I hereby authorize my wife to sign the above title  G. H. Huckaby X his mark


I hereby authorize my wife to sign the above title   {signed } E. T. Stewart


J. L. Wimberly being present and accepting the same




State of Louisiana

Parish of Bienville


Personally appeared before me the undersigned authority Joseph B. Bryan after being duly sworn disposes & say he saw the parties sign the within deed of sale also he saw N. L. Thomas and John T. Huckaby sign the same as witnesses with himself for the purpose therein specified.


Sworn to and subscribed before me on this the 27 day of June 1881.  J. B. Bryan


                                    J. A. Sledge  J. P.


Parish of Natchitoches

State Louisiana


Know all men by these presence that I Mattie S. Watts wife of Jeff D. Tolbert do by these presence constitute and appoint Mrs. C. A. Watts my mother my lawful agent and attorney in fact to transact any business for me and use my name that I may be interested in   in the Parish of Bienville and state aforesaid. More particularly to sell all my rights title and interest in a certain piece or parcel of land in said Parish of Bienville on or near Grand Byou known as the Jacob place to make a good and complete title receive all monies and receipt for the same just as completely as if I was present and acting for my self and all her lawful acts shall be binding on me and I hereby bind myself to ratify the same thus done in the parish of Natchitoches and state aforesaid this 9th June 1881



Mattie S. Tolbert

R. E. Hammett

I hereby authorize my wife Mattie S. Tolbert to sign the above power attorney

              J. D. Tolbert

W. T. Hammett



I hereby certify the above to be a true copy of the original as filed and recorded this 27 July 1881.

                        W. P. Oden DYCDC

                        & Exofficio recorder

C. A. Watts - Catherine Amanda Bryan, sometimes called "Manda."  She was the daughter of Reddick Bryan and Elizabeth Regan and the widow of James C. Watts. She married a J.B or G. B. Thomas in 1873, however, on this record there is no record of a husband. 

Edward B. Watts - Edmond B. Watts, also seen spelled Edmund, was the son of James C. Watts and Catherine Amanda Bryan. In the 1870 census of Bienville Parish, at age 17, Edmond Watts can be found living with his mother "Manda" Watts and two sisters, Alice and Martha.

Alice E. Watts - Alice E. Watts was born about 1857.  She was the daughter of James C. Watts and Catherine Amanda Bryan. Alice married Green Hillier Huckabay, Jr.  On the 1880 census, she can be found living in Bienville Parish with her husband and three children; Joseph, Amanda, and Martha.

Green H. Huckaby - Green Hillier Huckabay, Jr., husband of Alice E. Watts

Sarah C. Watts  - Sarah was the daughter of James C. Watts and Catherine Amanda Bryan. On the 1870 census, Sarah Catherine Watts, age 10, was found living with the family of her Aunt, Georgia Ann Frances Bryan Pitman Wimberly in Bienville Parish. Also listed on page 20 of Ward 1 was her future husband, Elastus Stewart, and his family. In a letter dated 1914, written by her cousin, Sallie Hammett, Sarah was referred to as "Kate Stewart." Sarah died in Arcadia, Bienville Parish in 1932.

Elastus Stewart - Husband of Sarah Catherine Watts.

Mattie S. Watts - Martha Watts (her middle initial has been seen as "S" and "L") was the daughter of James C. Watts and Catherine Amanda Bryan. She was born around 1866.  Martha married Jeff Tolbert and in the 1900 Census can be found living with her family in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Jeff D. Tolbert - Husband of Martha "Mattie" Watts.  In 1880, Jeff Watts was found living in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. He was living with the R. E. Hammett family and listed as a laborer. 

A. L. Wimberly - This is probably Andrew Lawson Wimberly, son of  John Lawson Wimberly and Sophanny Ann Frances Nix.

B. M. Nix - This could be Billington Malone Nix, son of George Washington Nix and uncle to A. L. Wimberly.

Joseph B. Bryan - Joseph B. Bryan, son of Reddick Bryan and Elizabeth Regan, brother to Catherine Amanda Bryan Watts.

R. E. Hammett - Robert E. Hammett lived in Natchitoches Parish. He was the husband of Dorothea "Dorothy"/ "Dollie" Bryan, daughter of Reddick Bryan and Elizabeth Regan.

W. T. Hammett - Wesley Tilman Hammett, son of R. E. Hammett and husband of Sallie Manning Bryan, his first cousin. Sallie was the daughter of Tilman Bryan and Mildred R. Manning Prothro. Tilman was also a child of Reddick Bryan and Elizabeth Regan.

John F. Huckaby - nothing currently known

N. S. Thomas - nothing currently known

J. A. Sledge - nothing currently known


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