Letter - Terrell Bryan to Thomas Martin in Bienville Parish

Erath County, Texas
A letter to Thomas Martin of Ringgold, Louisiana written by Terrell Bryan who was living in the Texas Confederate Home in Austin, Texas. Included below are clippings from the Stephenville Empire, Stephenville, Texas which provide a timeline of Terrell's stay in the Texas Confederate Home.
A copy of this letter was in my father's notebook. I am assuming that he received it from Marguerite Cook Clark, a granddaughter of Thomas J. Martin of Bienville Parish, Louisiana.

Transcribed by Diana Bryan Quinn - Punctuation, grammar, and spelling are copied exactly as written

  Texas Confederate Home

Austin, 25th May, 1910


    Mr. ThosíJ. Martin Ringgold La

My Dear Tom & family, Yours of 20 instr rec this morning.  I am surely glad to hear from you & so many others so near and dear to me. I wish I could see all back there U express myself to all.  Well I am so lonely in this world no place like home when Harriet was with me but she finished her work & run her race all well so Godís law saw best what to do.  So I have to submit to the law.  She died with a pain in her shoulder in about one hour after it struck her.  She was getting dinner after eleven oíclock and died a little after twelve, about one hours she suffered.  Died in good health.  My 4 children was with her to see her buried.  So I drifted from place to place.  Now I am here.  I think to stay.  We are well cared for about 350 inmates.  My children, 4 in number.  Dollie married T.S. Wylie live at Bronte, Coke County,  Bunch to J. D. Biggs at Morgan Mill, Erath County.  Allie to Johnie Hammettee, Seymour, RFD No.7, Baylor Country, Redic to Mirtie Hearston, Seymour F.D.D., No 7 Baylor County.  Hollie to J.A. Latta. She died, left one child about 13 years now.  He has married has one more little girl.  Our Texas baby Laura to Harve Keith at Stephenville.  She died, left 3 sweet little girls.  He married again.  All are going well. May God bless them all.  I was glad to hear from Ben M. & John H. and others of our kin.  Charley to you did not state about him.  Abe Evans where is he and a great many others.  Give my best wishes to all that ever knew me and to all our kin God Bless them so if we never meet on earth pray to meet with loved ones as children of God.  Tom think that will be joyful beyond the grave.  Tom pray that we may be there in Gods house eternal in heaven with loved ones then never to separate any more.  My best love to you and family and all the loved ones. 


                                               As ever


                                              Terrell Bryan


These clippings, about Terrell Bryan's time in the Confederate Home in Austin, were found by Cindy Shipman in the Stephenville Tribune which was published in Stephenville, Erath County, Texas.

Transcribed by Cindy Shipman - Thank you Cindy!!


6 May 1910 "Local & Personal"

    Terrell Bryant left here Wednesday for Austin where his application for entry to the Confederate Soldiers home had received favorable action. We trust the remaining days of this old veteran may be happily spent. The death of his estimable wife last year was a heavy blow to the old veteran, and earth has little charm for him since that sad event.
13 May 1910
    Esquire Terrell Bryant writes us he is well pleased with his first week in the Texas Confederate Home at Austin. Says it is a nice clean homelike place, where the inmates have good beds, and the meals are as nice as one would get at any first class restaurant. "Our officials are good and kind to the unfortunate, some of whom are crippled or blind and all old and feeble. A few more years and all will be gone to the Home beyond the great divide."
24 March 1911 "Local & Personal"
    Esquire Terrell Bryant has returned from Austin to see his old friends here. He says he is off on a six months furlough from the Home.
23 June 1911
    Esquire Terrell Bryant returned to Austin live in the old soldiers home.
8 Sep 1911 "Local & Personal"
    Mrs. Dora {Dorothy or Dollie} Wiley of Bronte, arrived here Wednesday from Fort Worth, where she placed a son and daughter in Polytechnic college. Her father, Terrell Bryant, accompanied her home Thursday, where he will reside for the present.


Terrell Bryan -Terrell Bryan, the son of Reddick Bryan and Elizabeth Span Regan, was born in Georgia in 1936.  He served in the 16th Louisiana Infantry during the Civil War and wounded at Shiloh and Missionary Ridge. Terrell died in Bronte, Texas, the home of his daughter, Dollie Bryan Wylie on May 16, 1920.

Thomas Jefferson Martin - I am assuming that this Thomas Martin was the husband of Laura Frances Bryan, the first child of Joseph B. Bryan (Terrell's brother) and Sarah Margaret Wimberly. According to information found in the Wimberly Family History by Vera Meeks Wimberly, Thomas Martin was a minister of God and the founder of the Grand Bayou Church.

Harriet - Harriet Louisa Albritton, born in Twiggs County, Georgia in 1836, was the daughter of Peter and Hollon Albritton. She married Terrell Bryan in 1855 in Bienville Parish, Louisiana. Harriet died in Stephenville on February 9, 1909.

Dollie - Dorothy Elizabeth Harriet Bryan, born January 17, 1873 was the daughter of Terrell Bryan and Harriet Albritton. She married Thomas Wylie.

Bunch - Terrell Little Bryan, born July 13, 1861, was the daughter of Terrell Bryan and Harriet Albritton. She married James D. Biggs.

Allie -- Alice Amanda Bryan, born November 21, 1867, was the daughter of Terrell Bryan and Harriet Albritton. She married her first cousin, John Regan Hammett.

Redic - Redic Eli Bryan, born August 2, 1870, was the son of Terrell Bryan and Harriet Albritton. He married Johnie Myrtlene "Myrtie" Hairston.

Hollie -  Hollon S. Bryan, born August 24, 1865, was the daughter of Terrell Bryan and Harriet Albritton. She married James Alonzo Latta. The 13 year old daughter of Hollon's that Terrell referred to was Millard Ray Latta.

Laura - Laura L. Bryan, born April 28, 1875, was the daughter of Terrell Bryan and Harriet Albritton. She married William Harvey "Harve" Keith. At this time, it appears that Laura and Harve had three daughters; an unnamed infant that died on her day of birth is buried in West End Cemetery, Katherine Ruth Keith, and Laura Louise Keith.

Ben M. - This is probably Benjamin May Manning, Terrell's friend from Bienville Parish, LA. Benjamin Manning's sister, Mildred was married to Tilman Bryan, brother of Terrell. Benjamin was the son of Simon Manning and Mary Brown. The Mannings were neighbors of the Bryans in 1840.

John H. - John Westly Hinton was the son of William Wimberly's second wife, Mary Angelina Pittman Roberts Hinton, and John Westly Hinton. On Terrell's Confederate Pension Application, John Hinton stated that he had known Terrell for his entire life.

Charley - His identity is currently unknown.

Abe Evans - This is probably Abram J. Evans of Bienville.



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