Keith-Bryan Wedding

Erath County, Texas
Keith-Bryan Wedding
Transcribed by Diana Bryan Quinn, this clipping was found in the Bible that once belonged to Terrell and Harriet Bryan.
Laura Bryan was the youngest daughter of Terrell and Harriet Albritton Bryan.


A very pretty wedding in which a large circle of relatives and friends were interested took place in Greens Creek Church on the Stephenville and Dublin Rd. last Sunday, June 25, 1899. Judge Frank, in his happiest style, performed the ceremony which united Mr. Harvey Keith and Miss Laura Bryan in the holy state of matrimony. The Judge will rarely be called upon to marry a handsomer couple. Mr. Keith is a fine specimen of manhood, strong, dark, tall, active and almost ideal athlete. The bride, the loveliest of blondes-fair, blue-eyed and golden haired. She was very beautiful in white organdy, which well became her youthful beauty. J. A. Bennett and wife, and Frank Wyly and wife, two young couples recently married, stood up with them. After the marriage the party, which embraced a large Stephenville contingent, were invited to the home of the groom's father to supper. There was no limit to the hospitable invitation, but the crowd, including many from Dublin and other points, preferring not to invade the home, had provided themselves with delicious dainties and had a basket supper in the grove, leaving for home at 9pm, the glorious moon adding much to the pleasure of the evening. Among those present were Erskine Wyly and wife, Ben Compton, Mack Creswell, Judge L. N. Frank and wife, Mrs. Crouse, Mrs. Mothershead, R. T. Hume, Messers. Frey, Love, Carter, Fulkerson, Moss, Frank, Bennett, Perry, Neblett, Murphy, Wilson. Mrs. Curtis, and Misses Harris, Hyatt, Willingham, Cohen, Groesbeeck, Witworth, Wiley, Early.


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