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This site is dedicated to the memory my father, Whit Criswell Bryan. Although Dad's parents died when he was very young and he knew very few of his extended family members, Dad was always interested in his family's history.  He frequently told my brother and I stories of growing up in Texas and family stories that were told to him by his sisters, but his family remained unknown to me.  In 1998, Dad asked me to look for Reddick Bryan, his great-grandfather, on the Internet.  I found him listed on several sites in just minutes and have continued to search for family for almost five years.
Reddick BRYAN and Elizabeth Span REGAN

My great-great-grandfather was Reddick Bryan.  He was born in NC in 1793.  At this time, proof of Reddick's parentage cannot be found.  Several researchers, including myself, believe that it was James Bryan of Martin County, NC.  James was the son of Needham Bryan also of the Halifax /Martin County area of NC.

Reddick's first wife may have been Telitha, Talitha, or Lilitra.  Reddick and his first wife had two children, James and Simeon Baker.

Reddick's second wife was Elizabeth Regan from Robeson County, NC.  She was the daughter of Joseph and Dorothea Regan.  She was first married to another Joseph Regan who was her cousin.  Elizabeth and Joseph Regan had two boys, John and Span. Elizabeth's husband, Joseph, died in Pulaski County, GA.  

Elizabeth and Reddick were married in Pulaski County, GA in 1821.  I know that they first resided in Twiggs County, GA and then settled in Houston County, GA.  In 1839, Reddick purchased land in Claborne Parish, LA.  The 1840 census places Reddick and his family in this area at that time. This area would later become part of Bienville Parish.
Reddick and Elizabeth had six children; Dorothea (Dorothy) Bryan Davis Hammett, Tilman C. Bryan, Joseph B. Bryan, Terrell Bryan, Georgia Ann Frances Bryan Pitman Wimberly, and Catherine Amanda Bryan Watts Thomas.

Reddick died in 1864 and Elizabeth died in 1877. Both are buried in Bienville Parish.

Bryan Family Photographs

Pictures of Reddick, Elizabeth, and some of their children can be found here.

The Reddick Bryan Family, Bienville and Beyond, A Timeline - additional photos and information at this blog.

Bryan - Martin Family of Bienville Parish

Children of Reddick and Elizabeth Regan Bryan
    1      Reddick Bryan    b: February 18, 1793 in NC    d: January 12, 1864 in Ringgold, Bienville Parish, LA
.        +Unknown (possibly a Telitha, Talitha, or Lititra )        d: Bet. 1817 - 1821
......    2      James Bryan    b: February 09, 1815 in NC    d: August 24, 1884 in Bienville Parish, LA
..........        +Alice Mary Wimberly    b: December 29, 1829    d: July 18, 1916
......    2      Simeon Baker Bryan    b: January 19, 1817 in NC   d: 1856 in Calhoun County, GA
                   +  Louisa Smith b.  d.
                  *2nd Wife of Simeon Baker Bryan
+Elizabeth Ann Mercer b. d.
        *2nd Wife of Reddick Bryan:        
.        +Elizabeth Span Regan    b: October 20, 1798 in Robeson Co., NC    d: February 12, 1877 in Ringgold, Bienville Parish, LA
......    2      Joseph Brown Bryan    b: September 19, 1824 in Houston County, GA    d: August 31, 1907 in Bienville Parish, LA
..........        +Sarah Margaret Wimberly    b: February 25, 1828 in GA    d: October 23, 1904
......    2      Dorothea Elizabeth Bryan    b: March 14, 1828    d: June 28, 1912
..........        +L.F. Davis
2nd husband of Dorothea Elizabeth Bryan
+Robert Elisha Hammett
......    2      Tilman Capers Bryan    b: September 15, 1830 in Houston Co, GA    d: June 16, 1899 in Ringgold, Bienville Parish, LA
..........        +Mildred Rebecca Manning    b: September 08, 1839 in LA    d: December 08, 1912 in Ringgold, Bienville Parish, LA
......    2      Catherine Amanda Bryan    b: August 17, 1834    
..........        +James Watts
......    2      Terrell Bryan    b: November 17, 1836 in Bibb County, GA (near Macon)    d: May 16, 1920 in Bronte, TX  in Coke County
..........        +Harriet Louisa Albritton    b: August 15, 1836 in Twigg County, GA    d: February 09, 1909 in TX
......    2      Georgia Ann Frances (Fanny) Bryan    b: June 15, 1839    d: March 13, 1908 in Bienville Parish, LA
..........        +James S. Pitman    b: Abt. 1832 in GA    d: killed during a Civil War battle
......        *2nd Husband of Georgia Ann Frances (Fanny) Bryan:        
..........        +Ezekiel S. Wimberly    b: Abt. 1822 in GA

Photographs of Terrell, Harriet, and their children

Photos of Redic, Myrtie, and their children

The family of Terrell Little "Bunch" Bryan and James D. Biggs

Bryan Family Cemetery Pictures

Terrell Bryan and Harriet Albritton

Terrell Bryan and Harriet Albritton were married in 1855 in Bienville Parish, LA.   Terrell, the son of Reddick and Elizabeth Bryan, was born in Georgia in 1836.  Harriet, the daughter of Peter and Hollon Albritton, was born in Twiggs County, Georgia in 1836.  

Terrell farmed in LA until the Civil War.  He was a private in the "Castor Guards,"  the 16th Louisiana Infantry.  Terrell was wounded at Shiloh and at Missionary Ridge.  During the war, Harriet and her children lived at the home of Harriet's mother in Louisiana.  Around 1873, Terrell and his family relocated to Erath County, Texas.
Terrell and Harriet had ten children.  They were Joseph H. Bryan, Frances L. Bryan, Terrell (Bunch) Bryan Biggs, Hollon S. Bryan Latta, Alice Amanda (Allie) Bryan Hammett, Redic Eli Bryan, Dorothy Elizabeth Harriet (Dollie) Bryan Wylie, Laura Bryan Keith, Willie A. Bryan, and James T. Bryan.

Harriet died in 1909 and Terrell died in 1920.  They are buried in West End Cemetery
in Stephenville, Texas.

Unknown Family Photographs

The unlabeled photographs in this album belonged to my grandparents, Redic Bryan and Myrtie Hairston.  I have identified many others in the last two years.

Children of Terrell and Harriet Albritton Bryan
    1      Terrell Bryan    b: November 17, 1836 in Bibb County, GA (near Macon)    d: May 16, 1920 in Bronte, TX  in Coke County
.        +Harriett Louisa Albritton    b: August 15, 1836 in Twigg County, GA    d: February 09, 1909 in TX
......    2      Joseph H. Bryan    b: February 18, 1857 in Bienville Parish, LA    d: August 11, 1857 in Bienville Parish, LA
......    2      Frances L. Bryan    b: February 13, 1859    d: December 1894 in Erath County, TX
......    2      Terrell L. Bryan (Bunch)    b: July 13, 1861    d: April 02, 1939 in Wheeler, TX
..........        +Jim D. Biggs        d: July 05, 1925 in Wheeler, TX
......    2      Hollon S. Bryan    b: August 24, 1865 in Bienville Parish, LA    d: September 01, 1906 in Erath County, TX
..........        +James Alonzo Latta
......    2      Alice (Allie) Amanda Bryan    b: November 21, 1867 in Bienville Parish, LA    d: June 12, 1953 in Post, TX
..........        +John Regan Hammett    b: March 20, 1867 in Natchitoches Parish, LA    d: November 01, 1935 in Portales, NM
......    2      Redic Eli Bryan    b: August 02, 1870 in Bienville Parish, LA    d: August 29, 1929 in Seymour, TX
..........        +Johnie Myrtlene "Mrytie" Hairston    b: July 09, 1880    d: May 03, 1927 in Seymour, TX
......    2      Dorothy (Dollie) Elizabeth Harriet Bryan    b: January 17, 1873 in Ringgold, Bienville Parish, LA    d: November 26, 1948 in Robert E. Lee, Coke Co, TX
..........        +Thomas Wylie
......    2      Laura L. Bryan    b: April 28, 1878 in Erath County, TX    d: July 18, 1908 in Erath County, TX
..........        +Harve Keith
......    2      Willie A. Bryan    b: August 21, 1875 in Erath County, TX    d: October 26, 1878 in Erath County, TX
......    2      James T. Bryan    b: February 02, 1884 in Erath County, TX    d: March 17, 1884 in Erath County, TX

Bryan Family Women

Millard Ray Latta Pyle

Catherine Amanda Bryan Watts

Georgia Ann Frances Bryan Pitman Wimberly

Laura Louise Keith

Redic Eli and Johnie Myrtlene �Myrtie� Hairston Bryan
Redic Eli Bryan, named Reddick E. at birth,  was born August 2, 1870 in Bienville Parish, Louisiana.  He was the sixth child of Terrell and Harriet Albritton Bryan.  He moved to Erath County as a young child.  

Johnie Myrtlene Hairston Bryan, know by family and friends as Myrtie,  was born in Falls County, Texas. She was the first child of Phillip A. and Lodema Walker Criswell Hairston.  A brother was born, but died on the day of his birth in 1870.  Myrtie moved to Erath, with her family, at age 3.  She attended Bethel School  which was located on her father�s property and she was an active member of  the Baptist church.  

Redic and Myrtie were married in Erath County on February 7, 1900.  They lived in Dublin for three years prior to moving to Baylor County and in 1910 settled in Seymour, Baylor County, Texas.  Redic  was considered a large land owner in Baylor.  

In 1910, Redic successfully ran for Tax Assessor of Baylor County.  He served for two terms as Tax Assessor from 1911 to 1915.  From August 1915 to July 1916, Redic served as a member of the Texas Immigration Information Bureau.  He may have been living in nearby Knox County at that time.  

Redic and Myrtie had seven children.   Marie and DeRay were born in Erath County.  Willa Mae, Hairston Albritton (Buster), and Whit were born in Baylor County.  Two children, R. E. and Redic Eli, died as infants in Baylor County.  

Myrtie died in 1927 and Redic died in 1929.  They are buried in the Seymour Cemetery.

The Bryan Family Bible

The Baylor County Banner, a newspaper published in Seymour, Baylor County, Texas contains much information about my grandparents and their families.

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