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The Family of Patrick Murray and Mary Rourke


The Murray Family resided in the Old Parish of Abby; which today forms the present day Parish of New Quay in County Clare, Ireland. The earliest known Murray family members are Patrick Murray and Mary Rourke. Only two children, Mary and James, are listed in the church register for this couple; however, there were gaps in the church register and other children have been reported.


Mary Roarke Murray, courtesy of Dennis Meehan

Children of Patrick Murray and Mary Rourke 

Mary Murray was baptized on  January 6, 1838. She was born in the Parish of New-Quay, Townland of Ballyvelaghan,  Co. Clare  Ireland It is assumed that this child died as another Mary Murray with a later birth day is also reported to be the child of Patrick Murray and Mary Rourke.              

 Sarah Mis

 Mary Murray, also the child of Patrick Murray and Mary Rourke, later became a nun, Sister Bethlehem, born Mary Murray in 1850, entered Notre Dame du lac in Notre Dame, Indiana as a Novitiate in 1877.  She served as pharmacist as a  charge for the student infirmary, and a charge of St. Vincent's infirmary and pharmacy.  During the last few years of her life, her service was recorded as "hose mending."  She was listed as a patient during the years 1923 to 1925.  Mary Murray's birth date is recorded as January 6, 1838 in the Parish of Abby (New Quay).  On her Record of Apostolic Service, her birth date is recorded as only 1850. It is possible that Mary did not know her year of birth, but this is a significant discrepancy.  As there was a gap in the register of the Parish of Abby after 1838 and both Mary's sisters, Bridget and Sarah, were not recorded, it is also possible that a second Mary (Sister Bethlehem) was born after 1838 and not registered in the parish records.  In Irish families, a younger child was often given the same name as an older child after the death of the older child.  She is buried at Our Lady of Peace Cemetery, Notre Dame, Indiana.

Picture courtesy of Mary Fahey, 1999

Bridget Murray is said to be a child of Patrick Murray and  Mary Rourke and assumed to have been born in County Clare.  She married Thomas Fahey on February 4, 1856.  The witnesses at the marriage were Pat Fahey and Sally Rourke.  After their marriage the couple resided in the townland of Mortyclough where the birth of there children John, Mary, Martin, Mary, and Margaret are recorded.
Sarah Murray is also said to be a child of Patrick Murray and Mary Rourke.  Sarah married Patrick Cassidy after immigrating to Iowa. A Murray descendant wrote, "My great-grandmother, Mary Murray, was the oldest of 11 children and came to Iowa age 16 under the sponsorship of her aunt who already lived here, Sarah Murray Cassidy."

James Murray was born on November 01, 1851 in the Parish of New-Quay, Townland of Ballyvelaghan,  Co. Clare  Ireland, and died sometime after 1921.  He married Cecelia Linane. She was born  in Ballinderrin, County Galway, Ireland   I have seen Cecelia's name spelled Celia, Cecelia, and Cecilia.



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