Summer Speech Therapy Activities



Six Weeks of Summer

Interactive Speech and Language Practice Activities

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It is important that both you and your child complete these activities together. Much of your child's language learning during these practice activities will come from the interaction between you and your child, not from interaction with the computer.   Children want to talk and communicate with the adults in their lives and language development is nurtured through these shared experiences.  

These activities have been chosen with young children in mind. They are well- suited for language development and can be used for a variety of goals. It is unrealistic to plan to practice every day. Try three times weekly. Prior to practicing, review the activity to determine how you will use it to meet the needs of your child.

Most of the weekly activities can be adapted for the practice of speech sounds. Review books and activities to find those that contain more of a needed speech sound.  You may also want to go to Practicing Speech Sounds, at the end of this web page, to find activities for specific speech sounds.




Story Sunday Matching Monday - Telling Tuesday

Word Wednesday - Thinking Thursday - Fun Friday

Sound Saturday



More Resources


Practicing Speech Sounds



Story Sunday 

Reading to your child can instill a love of books and learning. Listen to the story as it's read to you and your child, read to your child, or read it together.  Discuss the pictures and talk about the characters. Reading encourages conversation in the form of questions and answers.

Don't become frustrated when your child requests the same book over and over again. This increases language learning as the children become familiar with the grammar, story sequence, and vocabulary.

Visit my new favorite site to find over 200 books to read on-line at Pearson's Publishing We Give Books.  Choose from Spot, Skippyjon Jones, Ladybug Girl, Madeline, and popular books from authors such as Jan Brett, Rosemary Wells, and Anna Dewdney.

Storyline Online sponsored by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation.  Great books read by celebrities. 

  Listen to stories by great Storytellers at Bookhive has great seasonal activities and short stories.  Good for the beginning reader, but also very good for those children who need to increase their sentence production and practice answering questions. Black and white versions of the books on the site can be printed by clicking here.

Children's Story Books On-line - books for children of all ages

Binkey's Story Scramble - Read the three part story and put the story cards in the correct order.  CBeebies, a British Broadcasting Company, children's television channel, sponsors this wonderful site. More stories and rhymes can be found by clicking on Story Time.

Clifford's interactive storybooks in English and Spanish at

Find many downloadable books at Tar Heel Reader.


Little Story Maker by Grasshopper

TinyTap  - Make your own interactive books!

Millie Was Here, Book 1: Meet Millie by Megapops LLC

 iBooks by Apple

 Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim by Stew Leonard's

Toy Story Read-Along by Disney 


  Matching Monday 

It's Monday! Choose from one of the matching activities below OR make a simple memory game from a deck of playing cards. Comment on the pictures and your strategies while you play. While some children need practice labeling pictured items, all will benefit from your self-talk. Use comments and ask questions such as

"Oh, I found an apple."

"I like apples. I need to find another apple."

"Now, where is it?"

"It's not that one or that one. Maybe it's this one."

Memory  -   Take out two red 2's, two black 3's, two black 4's and two red 5's from a deck of cards. Shuffle, then lay the cards face down on a table. Take turns turning over two cards and looking for matching numbers. If your cards match, you take the cards and get another turn. If they do not match, you turn them back over and it is the other person's turn. The person with the most cards at the end wins. Start out with just a few pairs and increase the number of cards as your child becomes successful.

If a standard memory game is too difficult. Line up five cards face up and the matching cards in another line, face down. Choose one of the cards placed face down and find the matching card. The child is always successful. Don't forget to comment and ask questions!

Print and play Animal Matching from

Enjoy this Play Doh Memory Game

Go to to match animal sounds at Elmo's Mixed-Up Farm and match Footprints to animals at Elmo's Footprints Game.

Match the sounds in the shells when you play  Clifford's Shell Match.


Monster Hunt - The Memory Game by Innovative Mobile Apps

My Little Suitcase - The Memory Board Game by Innovative Mobile Apps



Telling Tuesday   

Read a story to your child. Help your child retell the story in logical order by showing your child the pictures in the book and asking questions and/or modeling.

Tell a story using sequence cards or story props with or without the book. Find story props for popular stories and nursery rhymes at Kizclub and wonderful sequence cards at A Child's Place. More sequence cards can be found at the links below.

Find sequencing cards for The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Gingerbread Man and more at DLTK.

Big Green Monster Sequencing from Making Learning Fun

My Day Sequencing from Pre-Kinders

Family Photos

Show your child family photographs. Name and tell about the people and events so that he or she can relay the information to others. 


iSequnces Lite by Fundacion Planeta Imaginario

Create your own story or retell stories using the wonderful apps listed below.

Story Creator by Innovative Mobile Apps

Puppet Pals HD by Polished Play, LLC

Sock Puppets by Smith Micro Software, Inc.

Word Wednesday 

Use these activities to increase your child's receptive and expressive vocabulary.

Word Hunt at

Opposite Adjectives at

 Read Blue is My Name at

Position Words

 The Word Pairs Game at Do2Learn

Click the animals at to move them around the page.

Color Words

What Color? at Do2Learn


Color the Rainbow, a story, game, craft activity, and reading list at 


 Sorting Colors at Sheppard Software





 Please Put It On The Shelf - a shape matching game

Play The Shapes Game at Inkless Tales.

Shape matching, shape people, shape bingo and more to print and make atDo2Learn

Match Shapes at the Literacy Center Education Network 


Bluster, by McGraw-Hill School Education Group (for readers)

Opposites 1 by My First App

Eek and Slo by Emantras Inc

Candy Count - Learn Colors and Numbers by Camigo Media LLC

Shapes Toddler Preschool by Toddler Teasers



Thinking Thursday      

Go to to play Go Together and Spot the Difference

Dress Caillou in clothes appropriate for the season.  

 Dress Speckle for the weather at the Clifford site

The Feelings Game at Do2Learn

At School House Scramble you can put sequence cards in the correct order.

Read, It's Time to Fight a Fire and dress a firefighter at

 Play Sort It Out on Clifford's site.

Play with Nina the Naming Newt and help her find objects that belong in the appropriate location.

 What's Different? at Do2Learn

Billy Bear's Sticker Fun put furniture and other items inside a house

Create a Room at Do2Learn

Play The Messy Attic at PBS's Between the Lions


Sorting Machine by F Permadi


What's Diff 1 by


Touch and Say by Interbots


Fun Friday 

Make a Sandcastle with Clifford the Big Red Dog

 The Crayola Fireworks Spectacular allows you to create your own fireworks show online. You choose the colors and shapes.

 Make pizza and ice cream cones at Inkless Tales 

  Play the Pet Shop activity at

 Build a Neighborhood lets you create a scene in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

Play the Magic School Bus Game, The Great Habitat Game


Toca Tailor Fairy Tales by Toca Boca AB

Toca Kitchen Monsters by Toca Boca AB

Toontastic: FREE by Launchpad Toys

Sound Saturday

These activities match letters and sounds.

Clifford's Letter Roundup at

Alphabet Action  - Click on a letter to hear its name and see a picture. This is one of the free games at Learning which charges a subscription fee to view most activities.

Play Alphabet with Face and Oobi's Letter Game at nickjr.

ABC's Let's Get Ready to Read, Introduction to Letter Sounds at

ABC Match from Read Write and

Click on the following activities to practice Nursery Rhymes and match rhyming words.     

Match rhyming words. Play Reggie Loves to Rhyme at

Play Rhyme-Time at and Dub Cubs at PBS Kids



Storybook Rhymes Volume 1 by Fisher - Price (Great out without the added equipment)

Letter Tracing and Memory Building HD (Free Version) by Sound House LLC



More Resources


Teaching Children the "Language of School"

Summer homework calendars and more for language, articulation voice, and fluency can be found at Speaking of

 Click here to find summer reading lists for all ages.

Barnes and Noble and both have summer reading programs. And, don't forget to check your local library for reading materials and summer programs.


Practicing Speech Sounds

/sn/ /r/ /s/ /fl/  /h/ /br/ /d/ /t/  /l/


Most of the weekly activities can be adapted for the practice of speech sounds. Review books and activities to find those that contain more of a needed speech sound. However, activities specific to speech sounds can be found at the links below.


Summer homework calendars and more for language, articulation voice, and fluency can be found at Speaking of

Find a speech sound development chart and articulation worksheets for numerous phonemes at Mommy Speech Therapy

Articulation games and activities at

Print these articulation activities from Mrs. Youngbauer's Speech and Language Page

  There are many free articulation activities at

A list of books, stories, and games that reinforce speech sounds.  

Many PowerPoint Books for articulation practice can be found at Louisiana's Jefferson Parish Public School's Speech Therapy Department page.

Many activities at Carls Corner's Alphabet Avenue are great resources for articulation activities. She has free, printable books for most consonant sounds. Activities are arranged alphabetically by sound. On her Blends page, you will find many activities to teach the production of consonant clusters. At Bossy R you will find many r-controlled word family activities and many more mini books on the High Frequency Word page.

25 different picture sets for articulation practice in pdf or Boardmaker format from Special Education Technology of British Columbia (SET-BC).


ArtikPix  by Expressive Solutions LLC - Free downloads for /th/ (both voiced and voiceless), /w/, /h/, and /j/ (y). 

Webber Photo Artic Castle Free by Super Duper Publications - Free download of the /b/ activities 

Phonics Genius by Innovative Mobile Apps - Part of the Grasshopper Apps family, this app, with over 6,000 words, is also fully customizable. Add your own categories, words, and sounds. 

Phonics Studio by 

Articulation Station by Little Bee Speech - /p/ activities are free.

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