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My family could more accurately be described as "Shipbuilders", rather than "Seafairers".   There is evidence that relations on my grandmother's, the Vickery's, side of the family served in the Victorian navy.   My mother's brother, my uncle William "Billy" Tate was the last to serve in the Royal Navy.  He lost his life as a result of the sinking of HMS Royal Oak at Scapa Flow in 1939.   A potted history can be found by clicking on this link -                               HMS ROYAL OAK

My service in the Royal Navy started in June 1963 until April 1974.  I joined as a Junior Electrical Engineering Mechanic, 2nd Class and left as a Petty Officer Ordnance Electrician.

My basic training was at HMS Raleigh, then I did my electrical training at HMS Collingwood, before being drafted to HMS Ark Royal in 1964.  After 3 years aboard Ark Royal, I was drafted back to Collingwood for my leading hands course.   My next draft was to HMS Undaunted, as a Leading Electrical Mechanic, on which I served over 2 years.   Then followed a draft to HMS Victory (Fleet Maintenance Group), before joining my final draft, HMS Exmouth, on which I was promoted to Petty Officer Ordnance Electrician, and on which I served until completion of my service in April 1974.

A potted history of my service is on the following pages.


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