Gibson in Gray

22nd Tennessee Infantry Regiment

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Gibson in Gray

Organized for Confederate service August 10,1861;reorganized May,1862; consolidated with the 12th Tennessee Infantry June 16,1862 to form the 12th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment.

Field Officers

Thomas J.Freeman,L.P.McMurry
Lieutenat Colonels
A.T.Robertson,Jr.,Francis Stewart
Francis Stewart,L.P.McMurray,Benjamin Davis

All the companies changed letters when mustered into Confederate service.In the list below the letters used in Confederate service are shown,with prior letters indicated.

W.D.Benthell,James Purl,Company A,formerly H.The Attakapas Rifles.
Organized July 1,1861.Became Company C,12th Consolidated.Men from Memphis,Shelby County,Tennessee.

Robert Wood,C.M.Wellons,Company B,formerly E.The Hatchie Hunters.
Organized July 15,1861 atCamp Trenton,Gibson County,Tennessee, became part of Company H,12th Consolidated.
Men from Hardeman County,Tennessee.The muster in roll for this company reads 26th Tennessee Infantry Regiment.

James Richardson,Company C,formerly G,also called I.
Organized July 18,1861 atCamp Trenton,became part of Company H, 12th Consolidated.Men from Hardeman County,Tennessee.

W.A.Marshall,Company D,formerly A,also called G.
Organized July 14,1861 atCamp Trenton.Men from Carroll County, Tennessee.

B.D.Shofner,John Fields,Company E,formerly B,
Organized July 22,1861 at Camp Trenton.Became part of Company G, 12th Consolidated.Men from Carroll County,Tennessee.

Clay Horne,Company F,formerly F.The Kentucky Braves.
Organized July 2,1861 at Camp Trenton.Became Company M,3rd Kentucky Infantry.Men from Kentucky.

A.P.Hall,G.W.Parkinson,John Bell,Company G,formerly C.The Carroll Invincibles.
Organizes June 25,1861 at McLemoresville,Tennessee.Became part of Company G,12th Consolidated.

L.P.McMurry,Benjamin Davis,Thomas Williams,Company H,formerly I.
Organized June 19,1861 atTrenton.Became part of Company D,12th Consolidated.Men from Gibson County,Tennessee.

William Dawson,Company I,formerly D.The Bell Grays.
Organized July 22,1861 atCamp Trenton.Became part of Company F. 12th Consolidated.Men from Dyer County,Tennessee.

Louis Williams,Company K.The Newbern Blues.
Organized December 7,1861 at Newbern,Dyer County,Tennessee.Became part of Company D,12th Consolidated.Men from Dyer County.

In addition Captain Robert Looney's Company was assigned to the 22nd Regiment on August 18,1861,but was soon transferred to the 38th Tennessee Infantry Regiment of which Captain Looney became colonel.

Of the field officers,Colonel Freeman and Lieutenant Colonel Stewart were not reelected at the reorganization.Stewart later became colonel of the 15th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment.Lieutenant Colonel Robertson resigned.Major Davis was given discharge as supernumerary at the consolidation,and Colonel McMurry became lieutenant colonel of the 12th Consolidated Regiment.

The regiment was mustered into Confederate service at CAMP TRENTON, where it was in Camp of Instruction.It moved from Trenton to Columbus, Kentucky,where it was placed in Brigadier General Benjamin F.Cheatham's Brigade,composed of the 5th,22nd,and 154th Senior Tennessee Infantry Regiments and Blythe's Mississippi Infantry Battalion.

On October 24,1861 it was in Brigadier General Gideon Pillow's Division, Colonel R.M.Russell's Brigade,composed of the 12th,21st and 22nd Tennessee Infantry Regiments,and Jackson's Battery.

On November 7,1861, the regiment was engaged at the Battle of Belmont. The 13th Arkansas,12th,13th,21st and 22nd Tennessee Infantry Regiments, and Beltzhoover's Battery were the force on the Missouri side of the river when the battle began.No record of casualties was found,but the 21st and 22nd were in the center in an open cornfield under heavy fire, and must have sufferes heavy casualties.

In January,1862, the regiment was listed in the 1st Division,Western Department,stationed at Columbus,Kentucky,consisting of the 2nd,12th, 13th,15th,21st,22nd Tennessee Infantry Regiments,and Jackson's Battery. On March 9,1862,the regiment was reported in Major Leonidas Polk's Division, Russell's Brigade which was composed of the 12th,13th,22nd Tennessee Infantry Regiments and Jackson's Battery.

A note dated March 13,1862 from General Polk to Brigadier General John McCowan at Madrid Bend stated"Russell's Brigade,Russell's(12th), Vaughn's(13th) and Freeman's(22nd) Regiments will move at once via Memphis to Tiptonville to your support."The evacuation of Island No.10 apparently cancelled this move,and the regiment was next reported at the Battle of Shiloh,April 6-7,1862.

In this battle,the 22nd was in Brigadier Charles Clark's Division, Colonel R.M.Russell's Brigade consisting of the 11th Lousisana,12th, 13th,22nd Tennessee Infantry Regiments and Bankhead's Battery.The brigade reported 609 casualties in this battle.
After the reorganization the regiment in May and June,1862,was still in Clark's Division,Brigadier General Bushrod Johnson's Brigade,consisting of the 12th,13th,22nd and 47th Tennessee Infantry Regiments,and Bankhead's Battery;but on June 16,1862 the 22nd was consolidated with the 12th Tennessee Infantry to form the 12th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment.

For further history of the organization see the history of the 12th Tennessee Infantry Regiment and 47th Tennessee Infantry Regiment.