My Revolutionary War Ancestors

including Tennessee Pioneers

Barry Dunagan's Genealogy and Confederate History

THOMAS CARLTON,born 1747 in Pennsylvania,died 1795 in North Carolina. Served as a private from Duplin Co.North Carolina

GEORGE DICKEY,born 1742 in Virginia,died Madison County,Alabama in 1817.Served with South Carolina Infantry.

BURKETT GREEN,born abt.1756 in Anderson Co.South Carolina.Died 1833 in Jackson County,Alabama. NICHOLAS GENTRY,born 1740 in Virginia,and was killed in an Indian attack on Fort Nashborough

WILLIIAM HALL,born 1757,died 1829.Wounded at the Battle of Stono.

JAMES MAYFIELD,born 1720 in Virginia,killed in a 1780 Indian attack on Eaton's Fort.James Mayfield was one of the first settlers of what is now Davidson Co.Tennessee.He was among the 64 who stayed at the settlement to help hold the fort,as others left due to continued Indian attacks.James is listed in Davidson County's "Pioneer Roll of Honor".His heirs received 640 acres of land in his name for his gallant stand at the forts and stations. Their grant was the city of Brentwood now stands.

SUTHERLIN MAYFIELD,born in 1763 in Virginia.He was killed March 10,1789 by Indians.He and a Mr.Joclyn and Sutherlin's two sons were building a wolf pen out from Mayfield's Station,which is near the present Smyrna Road. He had a guard keeping watch,but the Indians were able to get between the men and their guns.Mr Joclyn was captured and set afire.With no weapon, Sutherlin made a run for the fort.His body was found the next morning. One of his sons was also killed and his son George captured.Sutherlin was a son of James Mayfield.

ISSAC MAYFIELD,son of James Mayfield,was born in Virginia in 1740 and was killed by Indians near Ft.Nashborough on July 5,1794.He was killed while keeping watch for his son-in-law,who was hoeing corn.Eight balls penetrated his body,he was scalped and an English bayonet was thrust thru his face.

MICIJAH MAYFIELD,was a son of James Mayfield.He was born in Virginia in 1748 He was in his 80th year when he applied for his Revolutionary War Pension

ELIAS MAYFIELD,son of James Mayfield.

GEORGE MAYFIELD,was born 1763 in Virginia and died in 1848 in Mississippi. Was son of Sutherlin Mayfield.George was captured by Indians during the attack that killed his father.George had bright red hair and it was probably the Indians facination with this that prevented them from killing him as they did his father.He spent ten years as a prisoner.After his escape in 1800 he became a spy and scout for General Andrew Jackson.During this time George and the General became close friends.

WILLIAM PATTERSON,born 1750 in Virginia and died in Williamson Co.Tennessee in 1816.William served as a private in the 10th North Carolina Regiment under Capt.Yarbro during Revolution.

WILLIAM ELISHA TILGHMAN,served as a Capt.of North Carolina troops during Revolution.

MOSES POOR,born in Virginia and died in Madison Co.,Alabama

OBIDIAH WADE,born 1761,died 1838. Micijah was the son of James,and was with his father when he was killed.

SUTHERLIN MAYFIELD,born 1763 in Virginia and was killed by Indians in 1789 near present day Brentwood,Tenn.