Gibson in Gray

Company B, 47th Tennessee Infantry, Confederate States of America

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47th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
Gibson in Gray

Allen,Young Pvt.enlisted March 14,1862.
Captured November 24,1863 near Chickamauga,sent to Rock Island Prison.

Arnold,W.C. Corp. enlisted December 8,1861.
Died Febuary 27,1863 at Shelbyville.

Ashford,J.M. Pvt. died September 1,1862 of fever at Chattanooga hospital.

Asprey,J.P. Pvt.enlisted December 8,1862.
Died Febuary 18,1863 of fever at Shelbyville.

Ballentine,H.J. 1st.Lieutantant enlisted March 10,1862.
Wounded at Chickamauga,September 19,1863 and at Spring Hill,Tennessee November 29,1864

Ballentine,John W.Sgt.enlisted December 8,1861 as a teamster.

Ballentine,T.C.Pvt.enlisted March 10,1862.

Ballentine,Wm.M.Pvt.transferred to Company B from Texas unit Febuary 24,1863.
Wounded at captured at Missionary Ridge,November 25,1863.Sent to Rock Island.

Bancum,N.C.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Died June 6,1862.

Bancum,S.R.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Captured at Frankfort Kentucky,Hospital

Bell,Charles, Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Died in 1864

Benthel,M.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Wounded at Shiloh,listed as deserted in 1863.

Blair,J.W.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Was in Chatanooga Hospital in June 1862.

Blessing,Jacob Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Captured at Chattahoche Georgia,died at Camp Morton Prison of brain inflammation

Bowen,J.F.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Killed at Murfreesboro,December 31,1862.

Bowers,Abraham,Sgt.enlisted December 8,1861

Bowman,J.C.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.

Bowman,O.H.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Captured at Harrodsburg Kentucky,October 11,1862.Sent to Vicksburg for exchange.

Brewer,John,Pioneer Corp.captured at Frankfort Kentucky October 16,1862.Sent to Vicksburg for exchange.

Brown,J.F.Pvt.enlisted March 10,1862.
Transferred to Pioneer Corps June 1,1862.Discharged due to disability July 10,1862.

Buchanan,J.A Pvt.enlisted September 30,1862 at Florence,Alabama
Wounded September 19,1863 at Chickamauga.

Carruthers,J.F.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.

Cherry,J.T.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.

Childress,J.C.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.

Chrisp,H.C.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861

Cocke,Alonzo,Pvt.enlisted March 10,1862.
Wounded November 30,1864 at Franklin.Captured December 16,1864 at Nashville.Died at Nashville Hospital,June 7,1865 from complication due to amputation of right arm.Buried at Nashville City Cemetary,lot no.11060.

Coffman,R.C.Brevet 2nd Lieutentant enlisted March 10,1862.
Wounded at Jonesboro Georgia, September 17,1864.

Combs,W.J.Pvt.enlisted March 24,1862.

Cook,S.J.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Teamster.Captured at Elk River,Tennessee.Sent to Camp Chase.

Courtney,R.A.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Captured January 8,1865

Davidson,G.S.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Wounded December 31,1862 at Murfreesboro and again at Chickamauga in September of 1863.

Davidson,James,Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Wounded December 31,1862 at Murfreesboro.

Davis,J.B.Sgt.enlisted January 18,1862.
Wounded December 31,1862 at Murfreesboro.

Dover,William,Pvt.enlisted December 8,1862.

Echols,J.T.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1862.
Wounded August 30,1862 at Richmond,Kentucky.

Echols,J.D.Pvt.enlisted March 4,1862.
Captured at Franklin,November 30,1864,and sent to Camp Douglas Prison.

Edwards,W.A.M.Pvt.enlisted February 27,1862.
Wounded at Murfreesboro,December 31,1862.

Ferris,E.W.Pvt.enlisted March 8,1862.

Fielder,BenPvt.enlisted March 4,1862.
Wounded and captured at Shiloh,died April 16,1862 at Jefferson Barracks,Mo.

Fuqua,J.S.Pvt.enlisted February 20,1862.
Wounded and captured at Shiloh.

Furgerson,Joel,Pvt.enlisted December 8,1862.
Deserted June 1862.

Garrett,John,Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Surrendered and took oath of allegiance at Elk River Tennessee,July 3,1863.

Garrett,Wm.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Deserted March 1863.

Gunter,J.B.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Deserted March 1863.

Hammonds,H.L.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Deserted March 1863.

Hammonds,W.W.Pvt.enlisted March 10,1862.
Left sick at Shelbyville,Tennessee.

Harber,G.C.Pvt.enlisted March 5,1862.
Deserted March, 1863.

Harmon,Benjamin 2nd Lieutentant enlisted March 3,1862.
Wounded September 19,1863 at Chickamauga.Captured August 3,1864 near Atlanta.
Released from Louisville,Kentucky June 16,1865.

Harmon,John Pvt.enlisted September 28,1863 at Shelbyville,Tennessee.

Harpole,J.Pvt.enlisted March 24,1862.
Deserted March 1863.

Harris,Joseph Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.

Harwell,F.C.Pvt.transferred to Company B.
Deserted November 1863.

Harwell,Lovel Pvt.enlisted March 5,1862.
Deserted June 24,1863

Hawkins,S.P.Pvt.enlisted March 10,1862.
Died March,18,1863.

Kellow,G.W.Cpl.enlisted December 8,1861.
Killed December 31,1862 at Murfreesboro.

Kellow,S.J.Pvt.enlisted February 25,1862.
Wounded December 31,1862 at Murfreesboro.

Kellow,W.T.Cpl.enlisted December 8,1861.
Wounded September 19,1863 at Chickamauga.

Lassiter,M.T.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Pioneer Corps.In small pox hospital at Chattanooga June 1863.Wounded at
Murfreesboro.Captured May 16,1864 at Resaca,Georgia,sent to Alton,Illinois
then to Point Lookout for exchange.

Leggett,J.C.Pvt.enlisted March 18,1862.
Deserted March 1863.

Lewis,J.W.Pvt.enlisted September 4,1862.
Conscripted,discharged January 28,1863.

Mallard,Joseph Pvt.enlisted March 14,1862.
Died at Chattanooga hospital,September 14,1862.

Manley,Jesse Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.

Mayfield,Joseph Cpl.enlisted December 8,1861.
Released due to advanced age.

Montgomery,J.S.Sgt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Died in Mississippi in November 1862.

Morris,T.W.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.

Murdaugh,Jones,Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Captured July 4,1864 at Chattahouchie,Georgia.Released from Camp Douglass.

Nettle,James,Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Died August 30,1862 at Oklona,Mississippi hospital.
Nicholson,L.J.1sgt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Captured at Murfreesboro.

Nowell,Joseph Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Captured December 17,1864 at Franklin,Tennessee.

Patterson,Berry Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Captured November 30,1864 at Franklin,Tennessee.Sent to Camp Douglas,transferred
to Point Lookout,Maryland.Released June 16,1865.

Patterson,Carson J.Sgt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Wounded December 31,1862 at Murfreesboro, November 25,1863 at Missionary Ridge and again July 22,1864 at Peachtree

Patterson,James Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Captured near Atlanta,Georgia August 3,1864.Sent to Camp Chase,Ohio where he died
December 21,1864.

Patterson,Robert B.2nd Lieutentant/Captainenlisted December 8,1861.
Promoted to captain after death of James Sinclair at Murfreesboro.Captured at
Nashville December 16,1864 and sent to Johnson's Island,Ohio.

Patterson,Thomas Carson Sgt.Majortransferred to Company B from Company I
22nd Tennessee Infantry,later transferred to Company F,19/20 Tennessee Cavalry.

Patterson,William C.Cpl.enlisted December 8,1861.
Wounded April 7,1862 at Shiloh.

Pierce,Lee Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Deserted March 1863.

Pratt,William Cpl.enlisted December 8,1861.

Reasons,George F.Pvt.enlisted March 8,1862.
Released January 20,1864 due to being under age.

Reeves,S.D.Cpl.enlisted December 8,1861.
Wounded at Murfreesboro and at Chickamauga.

Reeves,W.L.Pvt.enlisted March 10,1862.
Died August 1,1862 at Tueplo,Mississippi hospital.

Robertson,.J.W.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Decerted March 1863.

Robertson,M.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Wounded and captured at Shiloh.

Roseman,G.M.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Deserted March 1863.

Saunders(Sanders),W.L.Pvt.enlisted December 8, 1861.
Killed December 31, 1862 at Murfreesboro.

Sims,J.H.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.

Sinclair,James Captainenlisted December 8,1861.
Promoted to captain after William Gay transferred to Forrest's Cavalry.Killed
December 31,1862 at Murfreesboro.

Smith,J.B.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.

Smith,J.E.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Deserted June 24,1862.

Smith,W.T.Sgt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Spirriers,Lot Pvt.enlisted March 10,1862.
Captured November 25,1863.Sent to Rock Island Prison.Died at Jackson Hospital

Stewart,J.M.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.

Strange,W.T.Pvt.enlisted February 27,1862.

Strayhorn,Samuel Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Wounded July 29,1864.

Sudberry,J.B.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.

Taylor,George Washington Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Discharged July 24,1862 at Tupelo,Mississippi.

Taylor,Israel Pvt.enlisted March 18.1862.

Taylor,J.H.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Captured in Gibson Co.Tennessee April 26,1863.Killed November 24,1863 at Missionary Ridge.

Taylor,Noah Pvt.enlisted March 18,1862.
Deserted in 1863.

Taylor,T.C.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Wounded at Shiloh.

Tinkle,T.W.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Died July 6,1862 at Tupelo,Mississippi hospital.

Toombs,J.W.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Wounded November 25,1863 at Missionary Ridge.

Wade,J.L.1st Sgt.enlisted December 8,1861.

Weaver,N.A.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.
Died November 7,1863 at Richmond,Virginia.

Weldon,J.M.V.Pvt.enlisted March 15,1862.
Wounded November 25,1863 at Missionary Ridge.

Wetherford,W.B.Pvt.enlisted March 10,1862.

White,P.D.Pvt.enlisted December 8,1861.

Williamson,Joseph Pvt.enlisted December 8.1861.
Took oath of alleigance,May 15,1863 in Obion Co.Tennessee.

Many of those listed as deserted,did not desert the CAUSE,but can be found in the rolls of Forrest's Cavalry.