Gibson in Gray

Colonel Munson R. Hill's Letters

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Gibson in Gray

47th Tennessee Infantry


                                                                                                                        Corinth 30 March, 1862

        Major Gen'l L. Polk
               My Reg't (of 924 privates) has 340 rifles with bayonets bored out to the Mississippi Rifle, size about 100 double barrel shotguns. I say 40 other guns of different kinds
               I have labored diligently to arm my Reg't thru the armory in Trenton---having put that establishment in operation and superintended it. It has ceased operations to move south. I can get no more guns
               I respectively request that my Reg't be armed. Other Regt's younger than mine (for 12 months) have been armed.
               I respectively ask to be furnished with guns of uniform character, allow me turn over mine.

               Respectively, M.R. Hill
                Col. 47 Tenn. Reg't at Trenton

                                                                                                                             31 March, 1862

               Col. Thos. Jordon
               A. Adj Gen'l

               My Reg't (47th Vols at Trenton) organized on the 16 December 1861 for 12 months, has now 975 aggergate. When organized I put in operation an armory at Trenton. Where I had proposed to bore out to Mississippi Rifle size 350 guns. This establishment is now stopped and is moving to Grenada, Miss.
               I can get no more guns from that source. Laboring diligently to get arms and to drill the Reg't. I respectively ask to be armed
               A Mississippi Reg't was mustered out the other day their Reg't (I understand) have exchanged their muskets for Enfield Rifles. Can I not get some of their guns?
              An answer must be sent by telegraph, as the rails are very uncertain beyond Humboldt.

              M. R. Hill
              Col. 47 Tenn.

                                                                                                       Headquaters 47th Reg't Tenn Vols
                                                                                                        Corinth,Miss, May 24, 1862

               I desire to call attention to the condition of my regiment. On Saturday before the battle of Shiloh, we left winter-quarters, warm cabins- having seen no service, and entirely unused to the hardships and fatigues of a campaign. With but a few hours sleep that night, we started early Sunday morning for the battlefield- marched (unused to marching) until twelve o'clock at night- rested a few hours in the rain four miles four miles to the battlefield. There with shotguns and our own rifles (bored out) sustained the shock of the enemy advancing- repulsed him- drove him back three-quarters of a mile- took his battery without a dozen bayonets in the regiment; and held our ground until the general retreat.
            Then we marched back some four or five miles, laid down in the rain with a few crackers for supper and breakfast- and on Tuesday marched to Corinth through mud and water- the latter sometimes wasist deep- rested again upon the ground in a cold heavy rain- since that time the regiment has continued gradually to decrease in effective men. It has, however, performed the labors and duties of a regiment having in the seven days ending on the 23rd been on guard five days and nights. The result is I have now 171 (199 total) effective. have fifty men able for any fatiguing duty. My sick are scattered at Okalona, at Lauderdale Springs, at Columbus, at Holly Springs, at Grenada, at Jackson, Tenn. and at Trenton, Tenn.
              In some of these hospitals I am informed that my well men are not allowed to return, but are kept as nurses. In this way am likely soon to have no regiment- I am advised by experienced physicans that my regiment needs rest and pure air and water.
              If Lieutenant Colonel Holmes, unfit for duty, could be allowed to take the sick to some healthy locality, convenient to Corinth, collect the asentees. I will remain with my well squad to be increased as rest and pure air and water enables them. At present, the sick are being sent off daily from 25 to 30.
              I am very Respectfully
              Your Obedient Servant p;            A.H. Baldridge, Surgeon
                                                                                                                   47th Reg't Tenn Vols

          I certify that M.R. Hill Col., commanding the 47th Reg't Tenn Vols about the 5th of July last, and found him very sick. He had a severe attack of fever, after leaving Corinth, and partially recovered. But from some error in diet, had relapsed and when I first saw him was laboring under an attack of gastro------ I continued to see Col. Hill up to the 23rd of July, and though somewhat improved he was still in a very critical condition, there benig an almost complete breakdown of the mental as well as physical system. I did not think he would be able for duty for several months if ever.
                                                                                                                  J.S. Smith, Asst. Surgeon
                                                                                                                  47th Reg't Tenn Vols

          Gen'l  S. Cooper, Adj. Gen'l CSA
         Having been unable from sickness to be with my reg't (47th Tennessee) for six months, being advised that I shall not be able to for spring at least. I hereby resign the colonelency of said reg't.
                                                                                                                Very Respectfully
                                                                                                                 I am
                                                                                                                  M. R. Hill