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Gibson in Gray




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This is the "Memorial Roll" of the 47th Tennessee Infantry Regiment from "Military Annals of Tennessee."  This list does not include all the names of the brave men who gave their lives as members of this regiment in defense of their country, but is just what is included in this book.

                                                                  Company A
O.R. Brown, Murfreesboro              John McDonald, Murfreesboro              M. R. Caudle, Shiloh  
J.H. Guy, Missionary Ridge             T.C. Kirk, died in service                      J.H. Reeves, died Jan. 9, 1863
John Roberts, died Dec.,1862          T.R. Wade, died April 5, 1863               R.H. Sanford, died May 5, 1862
N.C. Wallace, died May 8, 1862       James Latimore, died May 12, 1862       J.P. Willis, died Aug. 5, 1862
Joseph Young, died July 1, 1862      E.G. Exin, died Sept. 18, 1862               J.W. Garrett, died Sept.28, 1862
J.P. Morris, died Oct.12, 1862         T. B. Moffatt, died at Rives, Tn.             William Stacey, Murfreesboro
John Griggs, Atlanta                        S.A.M. Harris, Georgia, 1864                 J.B. Moore, in service
Wm. Montgomery, in service           John Patterson, Atlanta                          Wade Clanton, in service
Joe Younger, in service                   Cuff Martin, in service                           Sam Phillips, in service

                                                                 Company B
James Sinclair, Murfreesboro                 G.W. Kellow, Murfreesboro             J.F. Bowen, Murfreesboro
W.L. Sanders, Murfreesboro                  J.H. Taylor, Missionary Ridge          J.P. Asprey, died Feb. 28, 1863
W.C. Arnold, died Feb.25, 1863             J.S. Montgomery, June 24, 1862      M. Benthal, died June 26, 1862
N.C.Bancum, died June 6, 1862             James Nettles, died June 20,1862      S.W. Tunkle, died July 6, 1862
W.L. Reeves, died Aug. 1, 1862             J.M. Ashford, died Sept. 1, 1862      Joe Ballard, died Sept. 7, 1862

                                                                  Company C
J.H Wynne, Missionary Ridge                J.T. Wynne, Chickamauga               J.F. Petty, died in service
W.G. Cole, Shiloh

                                                                 Company D
G.B. Craig, Richmond                          J.H. Cleek, died June 16, 1862          John Cowell, died June 1, 1862
Darvis Platt, died May 6, 1862              W.T. Walker, died July 12, 1862       B.F. Wilcox, died June 30, 1862

                                                                 Company E
P.C. Sovell, Murfreesboro                     John Barnett, Richmond                  Robert Busby, in service
Spencer Edward, in service                   Daniel Hicks, died June 5, 1862        John Henry, May 17, 1862
Lenvel Edwards,in service                     Joe Lumpley, in service                   Albert Wall, in service
Bailey Stringer, Shiloh

                                                                Company F
W.J. Rust, Murfreesboro                      G.F. Mathes, died March 1863          J.T. Rogers, Murfreesboro
W.H. Clay, died in prison                      W.K. Lankford, Murfreesboro           John Coppedge, in prison
M.M. Wood, Shiloh                              W.H. Campbell, in prison                  W.J. Morphis, Corinth
W.C. Lovin, killed in battle                     W.H. Warmath, in service                 J.L. Fly, died Feb. 20, 1862

                                                                Company G
J.W. Stewart, Missionary Ridge              S.H. Abbott, died Dec.30, 1863        R.L.Crofton, died Oct.,1862
J.T. Coleman, died June 25, 1862           James Gutherie, died June 30, 1862   M.L. Grady, died June 21, 1862
C.D. Wallace, died May 23,1862            W.D. King, died Oct. 29, 1862          C.J. Ward, died Oct. 2, 1862

                                                               Company H
W.D. Buddix, Murfreesboro                J.Owens, Murfreesboro                    M. Waddy, Murfreesboro
N.B. Worrell, Shiloh                           Alworth Alphin, Shiloh                              J. Whilley, in service
J.H. Tuck, died Sept.12, 1862             T.J. Pace, died June 6, 1862              H.B.Reed, died Feb. 5, 1864
J.H. Boyett, died Jan. 27, 1863            G.W. Webb, died Aug. 10, 1862        D.T. Grippin, Richmond
A.V.Gillam, died Aug. 13, 1862            P.L. Hanks, died July 4, 1862           H.C. Morrow, died June 6, 1862
J.H. Dugan, died June 1, 1862             P.A. Ellington, died June 1862           W. Elston, died June 1862
A.F. Harget, died May 27, 1862           G.W. Lovett, died June 16, 1862        J.H. Biggs, died March 20, 1862
J.S. Alges, died June 1, 18962             T.J. Loudon, died May 13, 1862        S.A.McKnight, died June 6, 1862
S.R. Tilghman, died May 7, 1862         A.H. Baldridge, July 7, 1863
                                                              Company I
J.B. Dyer, Murfreesboro                       T.G. Hargus, died July 3, 1862          N.M. Jackson, Shiloh
J.A. Ragsdale, May 31, 1863                  R.T. Martin, Richmond                    S.M.Parsley, May 31, 1863
M.R. Oliver, Richmond

                                                              Company K
E. Blankenship, Murfreesboro                 J.R. Jetton, Richmond                      Thomas Roberts, in service
N.B. Brewer, died March 7, 1863            H.C. Jarvis, in service                       W. Pierce, Shiloh
G.W. Spencer, Shiloh




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