Headquarters of General Hindman's Corps     

   General Order, No. 9
                                                                                                                                 Dalton, Ga. January 18, 1864

In announcing that the 47th Tennessee Regiment has re-enlisted for the war, and thus inscribed its name on the same roll of honor with Strahl's brigade and the 13th and 154th Tennessee Regiments, the major general commanding desires to express his pride at commanding a corps in which such a movement has been initiated.

The spirit in which these brave men enlisted is an eloquent rebuke to the despondent; others will emulate it, our leaders will be strengthened in their arduous path, new hope diffused about our homes and firesides, and the enemy convinced not only that we are not subjugated, but that we are unconquerable.

With men who thus prefer duty to ease and comfort, nothing is impossible in war.

The numbers of the enemy will melt away before that sublime morality which is equal to any sacrifice. Let the troops continue in good cheer; the army has never been in higher condition. In discipline, in health, in fighting power, its situation is better today than ever before. Rations may be scanty, the supply of clothing inadequate, but the Confederate soldier wraps himself in his Spartan fortitude and defies all hardships. Let this spirit be cultivated, let officers and men set themselves with earnestness to the work of spreading around them cheerfulness, of urging back their absent comrades lured from the field of honor, of perfecting discipline and organization. This done, the most brilliant spring campaign will crown our labors, relieving the country of invasion and making independence a fact accomplished.

By command of Major General Hindman
                                                                                                                                        Archer Anderson
                                                                                                                                       Assistant Adjutant General
                                                                             47th Tennessee Infantry