Gibson in Gray

            Confederate Veteran Reunions of
                  Gibson County, Tennessee

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Gibson in Gray

These links are for pictures of Confederate Veteran Reunions held in Gibson County during the late 1800's and early 1900's. The first entitled " Otho French Strahl Bivouac, UCV" was taken west of Trenton on the W.O. Gordon farm. The orginal picture was given to me by Mrs. Rosalind Taylor who is the granddaughter of George Washington Taylor. #1 is Nelson A. Cresap, #2 is W.O. Gordon, #3 is George Washington Taylor. #4 is my great great grandfather, Carson J. Patterson.                                

Otho French Strahl Bivouac, U.C.V.

The second picture was taken in Humboldt at the "Donavan Hotel". There is a history of Dyer, Tennessee which mistakenly places this picture in Dyer. But according to County Historian Fred Culp, the "Donavan Hotel" in the picture was at the "Crossing" in Humboldt. A Federal soldier stationed there during the War made several sketches of the war time hotel. This one burned and the one depicted in the photograph was built about 1892. There is nothing today to mark the location of this hotel. Thanks to Mrs.Lynne Hanks who graciously allowed me to scan this picture and include it here. Her ancestor was W.B. Haliburton, a veteran of the 20th Cavalry under Russell and of the 47th Infantry, and to John Blankenship who identified the other veterans.
#1 is Nelson A. Cresap, #2 is a Dunlap, #3 is Judge W.I. McFarland, #4 is Neil A. Senter, #5 is W.B. Haliburton and #6 is W.O. Gordon.

Gibson County Veterans in Humboldt

The last group picture was taken at the courthouse in Trenton, according to the back of the photo in 1908. The known veterans were marked and listed on the mat of the photo and are included as they appear.

Courthouse Reunion