C17th Century Tax Lists

Seventeenth Century Tax and Other Lists

1. 1599 and 1603 Subsidy Rolls - Scarsdale Hundred

2. 1633 Freeholders List - Scarsdale Hundred

From "The Vills and Freeholders of Derbyshire 1633" - DAJ, 6, 1884, p49

3. 1641/2 Protestation Returns

4. 1661 The Free and Voluntary Present

Transcribed by David Clay, Derbys. Family History Soc., 1992.

5. Hearth Tax Assessments

1664 and 1674 Nottinghamshire

From "Nottinghamshire Hearth Tax, 1664 and 1674" - Notts. Family History Society Record Series, Vol.24

1670 - Scarsdale Hundred

From "Derbyshire Hearth Tax Assessments 1662-70" - Derbys Record Society, Vol.7

1672 - South Yorkshire

From "Hearth Tax Returns for South Yorkshire" (ed. David Hey, Univ. Sheffield, 1991)

1. Subsidy Rolls

A Subsidy was the monarch's method of raising taxes. It was in effect a property tax. The first figure after the name is the value of the property, the second is the amount of tax payable. The sums are in pounds (li), shillings (s) and pence (d). (1 pound=20 shillings, 1 shilling=12 pence)

Subsidy for the Hundred of Scarsdale 1599
Moreton, Pillesley, Northwingfield, Brampton
  Thomas Breylesford iij li viij s
Wingerworth, Tupton with Ownston
  John Breylesford xx s iiij s
  Francis Breilesford iij li viij s
Brakenthwate, Wasshington and Ogeson
  Francis Breylesford v li xiij s iiij d
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Scarsdale Hundred 1603
  Thomas Brelesford iij li iij s
  Francis Brelsforthe iij li iij s
Washington, Brackenfield & Ogston
  Francis Brelsford iij li iij s
Wingerworth, Tupton & Ownston
  John Braylsforde xx s xvj d
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2. 1633 Freeholders List

The Vills and Freeholders of Derbyshire 1633
Scarsdale Hundred
  Staveley Humfridus Brelsford
  Hill houses Thomas Brelsford
  Hay Milne Johannes Brelsford
  Senor Johannes Brelsford
  Conygree Thomas Brelsford
  Northwingfeild Johannes Brelsford
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3. 1641/2 Protestation Returns

All adult males in each parish were required by Act of Parliament to sign the Protestation Return. This was in effect a declaration of loyalty to "the true Reformed Protestant Religion" and to the king, Charles I. Most of the Derbyshire returns have not survived but many from Nottinghamshire and from Lincolnshire have and have been transcribed. Where the return has survived it is in effect a census of all adult males in the parish.


from "Protestation Returns - 1641/2 - Lincolnshire" transc. WF Webster, Nottm. 1984

  Barrowby (taken 6th March 1641) Brailsforth, William
    Brailsforth, Thomas jun.
    Brailsforth, Thomas, Churchwarden


from "Protestation Returns, 1641/2, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire", NFHS.

Bassetlaw Hundred
  Ollerton 6th March 1641 Braylsford, John
  Brelsforth, Robert, Churchwarden.
  Wellow (with Ompton) Brailsforth, James
Broxtowe Hundred
  Arnold Brelsford, William
  Linby Brelsford, Robert
  Brelsford, Thomas
  Nottingham Town Brailsford, William
  Papplewick Brelsford, Ellice
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4. 1661 The Free and Voluntary Present

In 1661 Parliament passed a bill to present the newly restored King Charles II with a "free and voluntary present" to assist with the costs of re-establishing his court. The money was to be raised by a public subscription. In Derbyshire the subscription was raised during Oct/Nov 1661. All the Brailsford entries are found in Scarsdale Hundred.

Scarsdale Hundred
  Brampton John Brelsford Yeo 1/6
  Calow William Brelsford Blacksmith 1/-
  Senor Thomas Brelsford Gent 10/-
  Staveley John Brelsford Yeo 10/-
  Holmesfield Alice Bralsford Widow 2/6
    Thomas Bralsford Husb 1/-
  Northwingfield James Brelsford Husb 2/-
  Williamthorpe John Brelsford Husb 1/6
    Francis Brelsford Husb 2/6
  Stretton Hercules Brelsford of Egston Husb 5/-
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5. Hearth Tax Assessments

This tax was normally paid by the occupier of the property. Exemptions were made for property worth less than 1 (20s) per annum or less than 10 overall, and for the poor.

Typical number of hearths:
  Husbandman, 1
  Most craftsmen, tradesmen and yeomen, 2-3
  Wealthier ditto and merchants, 4-7
  Gentry and nobility, 8 or more


1670 Scarsdale Hundred
  Alfreton John Breilsford 1
  Morton James Braylsford 1
    Dorothy Braylsford 1
    John Braylsford 1
  Calow Will Brealesford 1
  Glapwell Rob Brailsford 1
  Stawley Tho Brailesford 3
    Tho Brailesford 4
  Wingerworth Tho Brealsford 3
  Streton Mathew *Webster* Brelsford 1
    Archelus Brelsford 4
    John Brailsford 3
  Steanesby & Heath mr. Tho Breilsford 4
  Hounsfeild Widd. Brelsford 2
    Tho Brelsford 1

Stainsby includes part of Ault Hucknall
Rowthorne includes part of Ault Hucknall
Stretton includes Clay Lane, Egstow, Woodthorpe, Pilsley and North Wingfield

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Thurgarton Hundred
  Norwell Mr Braylesford 5 xs
  Newarke Towne
    Apletongate Mr Brelsford 2 iiijs
    BaldertonGate Bryan Bresford 2 Not Chargeable
Bassetlaw Hundred - South Clay Division
  Wellaugh Mr William Brailsford 5 xs
Bassetlaw Hundred - Hatfeild Division
  Ollerton Roger Brailsford 1 ijs
  John Brailsford Not Chargeable
  Ratcliffe Thomas Brailsworth 3 vjs
Broxtowe Hundred
  (Arnold probably) ..... Brelsford 1 ijs
  Selston Widow Brelsford 1 Not Chargeable
Broxtow Hundred
  ??? Widow Brelsford 1
Thurgarton Hundred
    Farthingstreete Mr Thomas Brealsford 4
Newark Hundred
  Newarke Towne
    Milnegate Francis Brailsford 2
Bassetlaw Hundred - South Clay Division
  Wellough cum Ompton Mr Braisford 6
Bassetlaw Hundred - Hatfeild Division
  Ollerton Roger Brasford 3
  Robert Bresford 1
  Discharged by Certificate
  Thomas Braylesford 1
Towne of Nottm
  George Martingdale Disnary William Brelsford 1
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South Yorkshire:

Sheafeild - Lady day 1672
  Robt Brealsforth 4 1 of these new erected not lyable till Mich next
   more A Smithy 1
  John Brelsforth 3
   more A Smithy 1
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