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Ann Mathews was born 2 Dec. 1786 at Lacharn, Glamorganshire Wales. A daughter of Joseph Mathews & Margaret Anthony. They were hard working, honest people living in the southern part of Wales, working in the coal mines. They got along fairly well until they joined the Mormon (L.D.S.) Church when it was an unpopular religion. From then on they went from one mine after another for employment.

Ann was baptized 16th Nov. 1844 in Wales. She married Thomas Perkins (Peregrine) the 3 May 1808 in Loughor, Wales and they became parents of ten children namely, Ann, Thomas, Margurite, Mary, Joseph, Mary (2), Ruth, Elizabeth (Eliza), and Catherine and raised a stepson William, whose mother was Ann Evans Perkins. Ann spoke English quite well and taught her children to speak both English and Welsh.

After the death of the father Thomas Perkins on 23 Mar 1855 the mother decided to come to America as her two children Joseph and his wife Margaret and her daughter Ruth Trehern Walker had immigrated the year before and were already in Utah. Ann came with her daughter Elizabeth (Eliza) who was a young bride of David Evans and a stepson William (who' mother was Ann Evans) Perkins, that she raised along with her own children.

It was on the 19 April 1856 they sailed on the ship "Samuel Curling" with a company of 707 saints. Were on the water 36 days, lived on ships rations, arrived in Boston May 25th, a voyage of 36 days on the water, under the direction of Captain Dan Jones. They remained in quarantine one day observed the Sabbath and on a Mon. Proceeded to Iowa City by rail, where they were outfitted for the trek. Nearly 1800 saints waited on the banks of Clear Creek in Iowa until a sufficient number of handcart could be constructed. It took three weeks to finish, and on June 23, taking these frail carts they began crossing deserts, wading rivers, pushing and pulling they suffered sheer weariness, hunger, as well as the weather which caused many deaths.

There were many who crossed the plains in wagons and ox teams and many through the aid of the Perpetual Emigration Fund, but by 1855 funds were scarce and the leaders decided to try the handcart mode of travel. When the saints in the European Missions heard of this, hundreds who had not been able to raise sufficient means, began preparations to migrate, knowing full well their trip across the ocean and plains would call for physical strength and moral courage. The Prophet had said "let all things be done in order, and let all the saints who can, gather up for Zion and come while the way is open to them let the poor also come, whether they receive aid or not form the fund; let them come on foot, with handcarts and wheelbarrows, let them gird up their loins and walk through and nothing can hinder or stay them."

On the 23 June 1856 in the Edward Bunker Company 300 persons 64 handcarts and 5 wagons started a journey of 1000 miles on foot across the plains, pushing and pulling their handcarts and meager possessions. Ann who is 69 years old this June and will be 70 in Dec along with Eliza and Husband David and stepson William are among those 300 persons in this company.

At the start the weather was fine, roads were good and altho many were sick, week and tired at night, still they thought it a glorious way to come to Zion. Each cart had 100 lbs of flour to be divided and got more from wagons which went along to carry heavy luggage. At first they had a little coffee and bacon but that was soon gone. A frying pan was used to cook the flour (self rising) mixed with water and that was all they had to eat. Some made the flour into little biscuits and nibbled on them throughout the day. They were later put on half rations. At one time they were out of flour for 2 days before help came. Sometimes Buffalo would come by and they would stop the carts and let them pass. If they had been outfitted with guns and ammunition they could have had meat.

Capt. Bunker ordered if any were sick and not able to walk others should help them along or pull them in their own carts. The strong would help the weak until they themselves were worn out. Some died from the struggle and want of food and were buried by the wayside. It was heart rendering for parents to move on and leave their loved ones to such a fate.

Eliza husband David was sick most of the crossing, this left Eliza and her aged mother Ann to push the cart as well as David. William started out on journey to help all he could.

The poorly made handcarts were about to fall to pieces, always stopping to repair them making little progress. Finally the valley was in sight and what a joy filled their hearts. All was cared for as best they could be by the saints when they arrived, in Salt Lake 2 Oct. 1856.

Joseph and daughter Ruth were there to meet Ann, Eliza, David and William. Ann came to North Ogden, Weber County and endured the hardships along with other early settlers. She participated in the move south in 1858 returning when the saints came back. Her daughter Ruth and husband lived in North Ogden, daughter Eliza and David settled in Pleasant View, Weber County, Joseph and family settled in Cash Valley and farther North, stepson William went to Cedar City or the southern Utah area. Ann left two living children living in Wales, Margurite who married John Nash and Catherine who married William Evans. Margurite died in Wales but after the death of Catherine's husband William she brought her family of 7 and followed her mother to America or Utah some 15 years later.

L.D.S. Church Emigration - 1856 Following is a list of ships which carried the Latter-day Saint emigrants from Europe to America during the year 1856.
Port of Sailing of all ships-Liverpool, England.
Date of      Name of                     Leader of           Total      Place of 
Sailing       Ship                       Company             Souls      Landing

Feb. 18      Caravan                     Daniel Tyler        457        New York
Mar. 23      Enoch Train                 Jas. Ferguson       534        Boston
Apr. 19      Samuel Curling              Dan Jones           707        Boston
May 4        Thornton                    Jas. G. Willie      764        New York
May 25       Horizon                     Edward Martin       856        Boston
June 1       Wellfleet                   John Aubray         146        Boston
Nov. 18      Columbia                    J. Williams         223        New York
Miscellaneous                                                 69
Organized Companies Overland Outfitting Station Iowa City, Iowa
Date of                 Captain of                    Total                   arrival in
Departure               Company                       Souls     Wagons        Salt Lake

1856 June 9             Edmund Ellsworth              275        4            Sept. 26
1856 June 11            Daniel McArthur               22         4            Sept. 26
1856 June 23            Edward Bunker Company         300        5            Oct. 2
1856 July 15            James G. Willie               500        5            Nov. 9
1856 Aug. 25            Edward Martin                 575        7            Nov. 30
Outfitting Station Florence, Neb.
1856 June 5        Philemon C. Merrill     200           50                 Aug. 13-18
1856 June 10       Canute Peterson         320           60                 Sept. 20
1856 June 15       John Banks              300           60                 Oct 1.
1856 July 30       Wm. B. Hodgetts         150           33                 Dec. 10-15
1856 Aug. 1        John A. Hunt            300           56                 Dec. 10-15
Perkins Ann Mathews
index card film # 298-433 - ocean
19 April 1856 ship "Samual Curling" Book #BM p12
film # 025,691

Ann Perkins 69 widow

Elder Dan Jones Pre of Company
   Sailed 19th April 1856

  Arrived at Boston 23 May 1856

  April 19 Samuel Curling Liverpool 707
    Saints Dan Jones
     Arr Boston May 23rd by rail to Iowa City

Millennial Stal Jan 17, 1857 XIX p42
XVIII 1856 490
XVIII 1856 767
Index card film # 298,442
Perkins, Ann (69)
   Sailed on ship "Samuel Curling"
   1856: Oct 2, arrived in SLC with  Edward Bunker"s handcart co.
   J.H. Oct 2, 1856 p10 Journal History

US Utah Hart Throbs C4 2

Passenger List Film # 205-868