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Census Records

The following information has been collected from compiled census records. If a scan of the document has been made available, that link will be indicated by the thumbnail icon. I encourage everyone who has a scan of a census document that is not on this page to email me a copy, and I will post it. A word of advice we should all remember: Be sure to check the adjacent families on the census documents. Children often married and settled next door to their parents.

Index of State Census Records

State County Year Head of Household
Alabama Russell Co. 1840 Drury Mote
Alabama Talapoosa Co. 1850 Drury Mote
Alabama Talapoosa Co. 1860 Drury Mote
Alabama Talapoosa Co. 1860 William Mote
Alabama Elmore Co. 1870 Vina (Buce) Mote
Arkansas Independence Co. 1850 Charles Buce
Georgia Meriwether County 1830 Drury Mote
North Carolina Anson County 1790 John Buse
North Carolina Rowan County 1800 John Buise, Sr.
North Carolina Rowan County 1810 John Buis, Junior
North Carolina Rowan County 1820 John Buse
North Carolina Rowan County 1830 John Buise
North Carolina Haywood County 1830 William Buce
North Carolina Haywood County


William Buce
North Carolina Cherokee County 1850 William Buce
North Carolina Cherokee County 1860 William Buse
North Carolina Cherokee County 1870 William Buce
North Carolina Cherokee County 1880 William R. Buse
North Carolina Cherokee County 1880 Thomas Haney
Oklahoma Indian Territory, Cherokee Nation 1900 William R. Buse
Oklahoma Indian Territory, Cherokee Nation 1900 Charles M. Buce


Census Records for Alabama

1840 Alabama, Russell County
Page 21:

Head of Household: Drury Mote
over 100.
Males 2 2 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Females 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
It looks like James Mote (relationship undetermined) joined the family, and Viney was not counted in that census. Males were recorded first, then females

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1850 Alabama Talapoosa County

Drury Mote, 46, M, Farmer, $100, Ga, Can't Read/Write
Vina, 43, F,     Ga, Can't Read/Write
John 21, M,     Ga,  
Ripley 18, M,     Ga,  
William, 16, M,     Ga,  
E??? 13, M,     Ala,  
Sarah 11, F,     Ala,  
James 8, M,     Ala,  
Jane 5, F,     Ala,  
Bryant 2, M,     Ala,  
Elizabeth Col??? 18 F,     Alabama  
James Mote 50 M,     SC  

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1860 Alabama, Talapoosa County, Page 423

Drewry Mote, 50, M, Farmer, $800, $500, S Carolina
Viney, 50, F,       Georgia
James, 18, M,       Alabama
Mary J, 15, F,       Alabama
Bryant, 10, M,       Alabama
James Mote, 60, M,       S Carolina
And the family next door:
William Mote, 24, M, Farmer, $0, $100, Georgia
Mary, 23, F,       Georgia
Ellen, 3, F,       Alabama
John, 1, M,       Alabama

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1870 Alabama, Elmore County

Mote, Vina, 58, F, W, Keeping House, $110,   Ga, Can't Read, Can't Write
Honey, Hiram, 68, M W, Farmer, $1200, $800, NC, Can't Write
", Catherine, 49, F, W, Keeping House,     NC,  
", William, 10, M, W,       Alabama  
", Mary, 8, F, W,       Alabama  
Goodren, Wm, 15, M,   Farm Laborer,     Alabama  
", Texana (?), 10, F, W,       Alabama  
Baker, Thomas, 22, M, W, Farm Laborer,     Alabama  
Goodren, Ben, 18, M, B, Farm Laborer,     Alabama  

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Census Records for Arkansas

1850 Federal Population Census, Arkansas, Independence Co.
Family 214

  Person Age Race Sex Occupation Place of Birth
  Buce, Charles 24   Male Farmer North Carolina
  Elmiree 21   Female   North Carolina
  Martha 1/12   Female   Arkansas
* This family was enumerated with (head of house hold) Peter
Maltbi 49 who is possibly the parents of Elmiree (family records)

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Census Records for Georgia

1830 Georgia Meriwether County Page 164:

Head of Household: Drury Mote
over 100.
Males 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Females 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Drury Mote 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0||0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
So Drury was 20 to 30 years old and Viney 15 to 20 years old. No slaves were recorded

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Census Records for North Carolina

1790 Census North Carolina
Anson County Fayette district
1790 NC Anson Cty, Fayette dist pt 35a & 35b

File contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by: Alice Ohlsson Tatum
CNIDR <http://www.cnidr.org/>
Isearch-cgi 1.20.06 (File: 1790ansa.txt)
1st # free white males 16 year upwards and head of families
2nd # free white males under 16 years
3rd # free white females and head of families
4th # all other free persons
5th # slaves
Buse, John
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Head of Household
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Documentation (Click to view)
Relationship to BUCE family
Information contributed by
1800 BUISE, John, Senr. North Carolina Rowan Co.       N/A undetermined unknown, probably Michael Craigie
1810 NC Census
John Buis Junior, (His son)
John, senior.
North Carolina Rowan Co.       N/A undetermined unknown, probably Michael Craigie
1820 John Buse, North Carolina Rowan Co.       N/A undetermined unknown, probably Michael Craigie
1830 John Buise, North Carolina Rowan Co.       N/A undetermined unknown, probably Michael Craigie

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1830 Federal Population Census, North Carolina, Haywood Co.
(M-19 Roll # 121 Pg 367)

  Person Age Race Sex Occupation Place of Birth
  Wm BUCE 1 Male 30-40 (William) ((FATHER))          
  1 Male 5-10 (Charles)          
  1 Female 0-5 (Girl C)          
  1 Female 5-10 (Girl B)          
  1 Female 10-15 (Girl A)          
  1 Female 30-40 (Pernina)          

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Head of Household: William BUCE

1840 Federal Population Census,
Haywood County, North Carolina
(M-704 Roll #362)

  Person Age Race Sex Occupation Place of Birth
  1 Male 10-15 (Charles)          
  1 Male 30-40 (William)          
  1 Female 0-5 (Mahaly)          
  2 Females 5-10 (Elizabeth + Girl C - probably 10 years old)          
  1 Female 10-15 (Girl B - probably 15 years old)          
  1 Female 30-40 (Pernina)          
  (Girl A is gone)          

Comments: All three unidentified girls are gone out of the household within 10 years. I've been going over the breakdown...barring some unknown factor, like death of one of the daughters, I've calculated the approximate birth year for the girls. This is my best guess:

Girl A, the eldest - born between 1815 and 1820, probably closer to 1818 or 1820, given that her parents were both born in 1800.

Girl B, probably born about 1824-25. In 1830 she was a min. 5 yrs/ max. 10 yrs., but in 10 years was in the 10-15 age range. So she had to have been about 5 years old during 1830 census to still fall within the 10-15 range in 10 years. Either she and Charles/the son were very close in age, or perhaps they were twins?

Girl C, probably born about 1830. By the 1840 census she was in the 5-10 year range, putting her birth at about 1830 or so.

These approximations could appear to fluctuate, depending on exact birth date, and the date the census was taken.

In 1830 there are four children, one male and three females. In 1840 the male has moved from the 5 - 10 to the 10 - 15 age, so he was born around 1825. I believe there were two new females born by 1840 and one left the family, probably by marriage. So by 1840 the total number of children in that family was five. Only one would be added, William Riley Buce, by 1850 (he was actually born in 1840 but after the census was taken). By 1850 the older male is missing as are two older females, all probably by marriage. I believe the missing male was Charles Evander Buce who in the 1850 census was 24 years old and married. So far all this fits together nicely.

The cemetery record, from two sources indicate Charles was born on 1835, not 1825 that his census data report (1850, 1870). I think that was an error by whomever placed the stone. For all these reasons, I am leaning towards Charles Evander Buce as being the eldest son of William and Pernina Buce. More research, especially tax records would make it more
convincing. Comments? -- Mike

Note: William Buice and Perninia Hall were both born in the year 1800. We do not have birth dates for either of them. However, I have come to an assumption based on census records that show William's age at the time of the census. It appears to be incongruent with the year, sometimes showing him a year older than he should have been. This is fairly easy to detect since he was conveniently born in the
easy to calculate year of 1800. The inconsistencies with William's age resolve themselves, however, if you take into account the CENSUS DATE. Consistently, if the census was before June 25-July 7, he will appear to be one age; if the census appears AFTER that date, he appears to have a different age. In my opinion, there is a high likelihood that William was born at the end of June, first part of July. Perninia's age remains constant regardless of the census date, so she was born most likely prior to June 25.

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1850 Federal Population Census, North Carolina, Cherokee County
(M-432 Roll # 625 Sheet 87)

  Person Age Race Sex Occupation Place of Birth
  Buce, William 52   M Labourer  
  Pernina 52   F    
  Mahaly 13   F    
  William R. 10   M    


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1860 - Hot House District,
Cherokee County, North Carolina

Page No 41, Schedule 1, Free Inhabitants in Hot House Dist. in the county of Cherokee, of N. Carolina enumerated by me, on the 29th day of June 1860. Post office: England Point

Census form line number
Dwellings numbered in the order of visitation.
Families numbered in the order of visitation.
The name of every person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June, 1860, was in this family
Profession, Occupation, or Trade of each person, male and female, over 15 years of age.
Value of Estate Owned
Place of Birth, Naming the State, Territory, or Country
White, black, or mulatto
Value of Real Estate
Value of Personal Estate
8 268, 268 William Buse,
Farmer, 300 300 Nouth Carolina
9     Pernina ",
      Sampson Co., NC
10     William R. ",
      Haywood NC
11     Mahaly Burns ,
      Haywood NC
12     Henry Mor W,
(1 mo),
      Cherokee NC
13 269, 269 W.R. Standridge
Farmer, $200, $500 Macon Co.
14     Elizabeth
      Haywood Co.
15     Unknown
Comments: My aunt made a copy of this record, unaware at the moment that the Standridge family were related. My copy cuts off in the middle of the listed child's name, so I do not have a clear record of the Standridge family at that time. Elizabeth Standridge is the married daughter of William Buse. Note: It is difficult to read the enumerator's handwriting. While Hot House township fell under the jurisdiction of North Carolina, his handwriting looks like it might have said South Carolina. Given the fact the state and county boundaries fluxuated regularly, I am not certain what he may have declared. The column for "race" was not filled in for any of the persons listed on this page. The neighbor family listed on location 267, 267 was that of John Hefner, age 30, a Farmer. His wife Margaret age 28, and 4 children ages 6 years to 6 months are also listed.

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Head of Household: William BUCE

1870 Census - Hot House Dist. Cherokee County NC lists:

  Person Age Race Sex Occupation Place of Birth
  William Buce, 71 yo, White, Male, Farmer, North Carolina
  Pernina Buce, 70 yo, White, Female, Housekeeper, North Carolina
  Burns Mahala, 32 yo, White, Female, "At Home", North Carolina
  Henry, 11yo, white, male,   North Carolina
  Andy, 8yo, white, male,   North Carolina
Comments: Note the surname spelling change - and all now listed as born in North Carolina (whereas Wm Buce HAD been listed as born in "South Carolina." This could be explained by the rapidly shifting state boundaries, amongst other things.

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1880 census, Hothouse Township, Cherokee County, North Carolina

Inhabitants in Hothouse Township, in the County of Cherokee, State of North Carolina,
enumerated by me on the 5 day of June, 1880 (name appears to be Johan Vance).
3, Dist. No. 4, Dist. No 78.

  Person Race Sex Age Relationship Occupation Place of Birth
15, 15 Haney, Thomas W, M, 55   Miller N. Carolina
  Mahala W, F, 46 Wife Keeping house N. Carolina
  James W, M, 16 Son Works on farm N. Carolina
  Lillian W, F, 5 Daughter   N. Carolina
  Burns, Andrew F. W, M, 18 Stepson Works on farm N. Carolina
17, 17 Buce, William R., W, M, 39, Head of Household Farmer N. Carolina
  Nancy M., W, F, 39, Wife, Keeping house, N. Carolina
  Charles M., W, M, 17, Son, Works on farm,

N. Carolina

  James S., W, M, 15, Son, Works on farm, N. Carolina
  Sarah A., W, F, 12, Daughter,   N. Carolina
  Louise P., W, F, 11, Daughter,   N. Carolina
  Lillie B., W, F, 9, Daughter,   N. Carolina
  William A., W, M, 4, Son,  

N. Carolina

  Ulyssess, W, M, 2, Son,   N. Carolina
  William W, M, 89, Father, Widowed, N. Carolina
Comment: (No mention in this census record of DAVID LAWTON BUCE, a sibling to the above children). Mahala was the sister of William R. Buce.

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Census Records for Oklahoma

Census Date: 27 June, 1900
Indian Territory, Cherokee Nation (Oklahoma)

Twelfth Census of the United States, Schedule No. 1 Population.

State Indian Territory, County Cherokee Nation, Township or other division of county: Township 16 North Range 22 East. Enumerated by me on the 27th day of June, 1900, James H. Henderson, Enumerator.
Supervisor's District No. 73, Enumeration District No. 38, #184 A, Sheet No. 8.
Informant: Mike Craigie -- Image: wr_buce.jpg

Age at last birthday
Whether single, married, widowed or Divorced
Place of birth of this person
Place of birth of Father of this Person
Place of birth of Mother of this Person
Occupation, Trade, or Profession
3 108 115 Buse William R., Head, W M Nov? 1840, 60, D North Carolina, North Carolina, North Carolina. Farm Laborer
4     Ulyssus Son, W M Oct. 1877, 22, S North Carolina,
North Carolina, North Carolina, Farm Laborer
5     Wood, William H, Grandson, In M August 1888, 11, S Indian Territory,
Indian Territory, North Carolina, At school.
6     Wood, Nancy L. Granddaughter, In F March 1890, 10, S Indian Territory, Indian Territory, North Carolina, At school.

Comments: I presume that Nancy's middle name was Lillie (her mother had a sister named Lillie), but why she was listed as Nancy on the census, and Lillie P on the Guion Roll application, I have no idea. It could be Nancy was a nickname, or an infrequently used first name. Her maternal grandmother was named Nancy. I have often wondered why guardianship passed to William R. Buse of these two grandkids. I suspect Perninia and her husband must have died. I wonder what happened to these kids. William R. Buse was divorced because he was an abusive husband, and the family history is that he was "not very nice." Both Wood children applied for membership on the Cherokee Rolls, but were rejected. Their aunt, Rosa Patterson, was also rejected.

Cherokee Roll application

31329. Wm H. Wood, Braggs, Okla. by Wm R. Buse, Gdn. (probably means guardian) Rejected. Nephew of #24658 and claims through same source.

31330. Lillie P. Wood, Braggs, Okla.by Wm R Buse, Gdn., Rejected. Niece of #24658 and claims through same source.

And on Roll 4 Volumes 5-7 Applicants 16001-31000 of M685 is the following:

24658. Rosa Patterson. Tahlequah, Okla. Rejected. Applicant's father white. Mother, brothers and sisters enrolled on O.S. roll. Tahl. 105.


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June 1900, State: Indian Territory, County: Cherokee Nation (Oklahoma)

Township ?? N.R. 206? East of ? River
enumerated by me on the 6 day of June, 1900, Samuel S. Sauders, Enumerator.

Supervisor's District No 73, Enumeration District No. 4?, Sheet No. 3

Location Name Relationship Color Sex Date of Birth Month Date of Birth Year Age Whether Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced Number of Years Married Birthplace Birthplace of Father Birthplace of Mother
  47, 47 Buce, Charles M. Head W, M, Apr 1863 37 M 11 North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina
    Omie Jane Wife W, F, Mar 1869 31 M 11 Missouri Missouri Tennessee
    Joseph S Son W, M, Dec 1891 8 S   Indian Territory North Carolina Missouri
    Leymon Lemon Son W, M, Nov 1893 6 S   Indian Territory North Carolina Missouri
    Jack McKinley Son W, M Jan 1897 3 S   Indian Territory North Carolina Missouri
Lon Leymon appears to have been mis-named by the enumerator. No sign of Bob on this census. Omie was to die within the next few short years from typhoid when Jack was about 5 years of age.

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