BUSE listed on Cherokee Rolls

Cherokee Rolls

Odds & ends of notes regarding the Cherokee connection into the BUSE / BUCE / BUICE family.

"Index to applications submitted for the eastern Cherokee Roll of 1909 (Guion Miller
and listed therein were:
Lula A. Buice #41692 Georgia
William R. Buse #31329 Indian Territory

I also have a copy of a page that Michael Craigie sent me from "Cherokees By Blood" listing:
BUSE, Nancy R, Roll number: # 14765 (wife of James Sherman BUSE)
BUSE, Onie M., Roll number: # 14766 (daughter of James Sherman BUSE)
BUSE, Charles F., Roll number: # 14767 (son of James Sherman BUSE)
BUSE, Ada E., Roll number: # 14768 (daughter of James Sherman BUSE)
BUSE, Samuel T., Roll number: # 14769 (son of James Sherman BUSE)


I have a record of James R. Mote being a Choctaw by marriage.
Residence: Skullyville county
Post Office: Carterville, I.T.
Field No. 2527
James R. Mote, Dawes Roll No.: I.W.246, Age 65, Male, BLOOD: I.W.
His father is Drury Mote, Dead, His Mother is Viney Mote, a non
citizen in 1896
Letta A. Mote, Dawes Roll No.: 7336, Age 33, Female,BLOOD: ¾ ,
Enrollment 1896
Her Father is William Breshears, Dead, Her Mother Mary Jane
Breshears, of
Skullyville in 1896
Charles H. Rowe, Dawes Roll No. 7337, Age 7, Male, BLOOD: 3/8
His father is J. H. Row, Dead, Non Citizen, His mother Letta above
Letha is on 1896 roll 96, as. Leatha Row
Charles is on 1896 roll 96, as Charley Row
The enrollment for James is dated SEP 12 1903
The enrollment for Letha and Charles is dated JAN 17 1903

--contributed by Michael Craigie


Researching the Cherokee Rolls

My source of info is the " Index to applications submitted for the Eastern Cherokee Roll of 1909 ( Guion Miller Roll ) Unrestricted. Could it be that all applicants did not make the final Roll for some reason or another?

I can save you some time trying to hunt it down by walking you through the steps:

1. Go to www.nara.gov
2. Click on " The Research Room "
3. Scroll down and under ' how to do research at NARA " click on " NAIL database "
4. Scroll down and click on " Search for archival holdings"
5. Scroll down and click on " NAIL standard search "
6. Type in keywords " Guion Miller "
7. Check box that says " only descriptions linked to Digital Records "
8. At top of page click " submit search "
9. Click " Display Results "
10.You will see 2 results. On the first result, click the box that says " full results"
11. Scroll down and click on " Links to Digital Copies "
This brings you to a long list of surname first letters. Scroll all the way down to # 41.

Surnames beginning with B. Click on that and you get a photo of the original
document, page 41.

-contributed by Thomas Mooney, [email protected]

Persons reputed to be of Cherokee blood, or married to Cherokee spouses:

Charles Evandar BUCE.
Elizabeth BUICE STANDRIDGE was considered "Black Dutch.".
James Sherman BUSE married Nancy JOHNSON (who was part Cherokee).
Sarah Ann "Sallie" BUCE married Tom Rattling Gourd who was Cherokee.
Louise Perninia BUCE married Henry WOODS, who was part Cherokee.
William Alvin BUSE married Hattie Coppinger, who was part Cherokee.

Viney (Lavina) Buce was either Cherokee or Choctaw
Letta A. BRESHEARS MOTE, 3/4 blood (Choctaw)


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