Buce ancestor origins

Where did the BUCE family ancestors come from?

Good question. We are still trying to figure that out!! Growing up, I always wondered: Where did my BUCE Family ancestors come from? Much to my delight, I have discovered I wasn't the only one puzzled over this issue.

There aren't many of us BUCEs out there, and from the point of the researcher that has its pluses and its minuses. On one hand, searching for BUCE connections is like looking for a needle in a haystack. On the other hand, I'm pretty certain that most of the BUCEs out there have a good chance of being related in some way. The surname of BUSE has mingled in with BUCE, often showing up in the same generation between siblings. As we track our family tree backward, we've found evidence of both the BUSE and BUCE surnames having evolved from BUICE and maybe even BUIS. Where the next link will take us we can only guess. No wonder we are confused!

Here are a few opinions from BUCE researchers as to the origins of the BUCE surname:

• I've always heard the BUCEs were Scot/Irish and immigrated from Scotland. Some say the BUCE family is decended from "Robert the BRUCE."
• There is some speculation the BUCE ancestor may have been Black Dutch and took an Anglo name.
• The BUSEs were German, and married on the ship coming over.
• The BUSEs were English and married on the ship coming over. Too bad there seems to be a lack of ship manifests that LIST Buce immigrants from England.
• Family lore says it was spelled Busse at one time. There is a definite connection between the surnames BUSSE and BUSE. Not all BUSE decendants are connected to the BUCE line, but in more than one family there were siblings who used both the BUCE and BUSE form.
• Some records record the surname as BUICE, some as BUSE, some as BUCE.
• I believe the grand-daddy of them all was BUIS. Do the surnames BUIS or BUICE spring from French soil?
• Buce is a croatian name coming from Imotski in Croatia (Former-Former-Yougoslavia). In Prolozac (in Imotski), there was the "Bozinovic" family, of which were a lot of members and a few generations ago, they gave nicknames to the different branch of that family in order to distinguish the different persons. One of these nicknames was "Buce".
• I've had email contact with one researcher in South America. However, he's trying to find which country his BUSE ancestors came from, as he has been informed by family members that the BUSE family immigrated. From where, he doesn't know. (Isn't that the common brick wall we are ALL up against?)
• The name BUCE seems to be a common one in parts of Thailand, Indonesia and other areas in Asia. However, as far as I can tell, BUCE is primarily a "first" name or "given" name, but I confess I've not pursued any research in this area. Since most of the BUCE/BUICE/BUSE folks I've been in contact with appear to have genetically inherited traits of European or Native American ancestry, I suspect that few of the folks on our list are seeking ancestors with Asian roots.

And how do you pronounce BUCE?

In my opinion, I think pronunciation of the name is a clue to country of origin. How does your branch of the family pronounce it? Is it BOO-zee, BOO-say, BEU-s or boo-CHEY?

• In my branch of the family, we pronounce it like "abuse" without the "A."
• We pronounce Buse as Boo-zee,
• Family lore says Busse was Boo-say.
• The spelling of "Buce" is actually Buce with a accent on the "c" going towards the left side and Buce is pronounced 'Bou' and 'che' like the "che" of Chegevara.