Buckner Davis Connections


Buckner Davis Connections

A Genealogy

My mission is to honor the families herein listed. If my enthusiasm or the enthusiasm of any of my contributors has caused me to include the name of any living person who do not wish to be included, please notify me and I will immediately strike that name from these files.

Many generous and dedicated researchers have contributed to these family histories.

In the year 2006, after this site had been under developement for a number of years, I discovered that much of the information on the Buckner line was incorrect due to errors in The Buckners of Virginia, a work edited William Armstrong Crozier and published by the Geneological Association, New York, 1907.  I recommend that you view http://buckner.whitesnet.org/ a web site developed by Jim White. As a result of my inclusion of inaccurate information taken from The Buckners of Virginia I have attempted to delete all Buckner data from this Buckner Davis Connections site other than my own research and information provided by direct descendents of the Buckner line.  Thus, much good data has been removed along with the incorrect information.  I have retained my original database and am willing to share with anyone who queries.  If you are interested in Buckner Families, have a lost ancestor or would like to know more about your Buckner Line, you are invited to join our EMail research and information exchange group"Buckner Seekers."

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