1850 Federal Census Transcription, pages 646/667, Franklin County, Illinois

669/691  Richard Buckner           46m  TN Farmer

Retanna                         58f  KY           (the name was Brittania, not Retanna)

James G                          24m  IN Farmer 700

Moses                            22m  IN Farmer

Rebecca Besheres                        21f  TN

B.E. Besheres                          2f  IL

Mary W Besheres                         6/12f   IL

NOTE:  Rebecca Buckner b 1829 (same year as Rebecca above) had a daughter, Brittania b 1848 (same age as B. E. Besheres above).  She married Unknown Brashears.  This Rebecca Besheres may be a relative of Richard.  The actual name was Brashears, not Besheres.