The present "poor farm" consisting of 120 acres, and situated in Section 20, in Benton Township, about two miles southeast from Benton, was purchased by the county of $1,200 and a deed procured for the same from Tilman B. CANTRELL and wife, dated Dec. 3, 1861. The buildings on said farm are common log houses, which are in a dilapidated condition. The county, however is preparing to construct such buildings as the necessitiies of the case may require. At the present writing there are twenty-three paupers supported on the farm. Of these, three males and three females are insane, three women are blind and one lady Mrs. Sarah Maddox is one hundred years old. The balance are middle aged persons and children. The average number of inmates of the poorhouse for the last six years has been about eighteen. Prior to the purchase of this
farm, the dependent poor or paupers were farmed out by the year to citizens, who, for stipulated price, became responsible for their care and support. Extracted from the History of Gallatin, Saline, Hamilton, Franklin and Williamson Co., IL. published by Goodspeed in 1887.
. "Facts & Findings, published by the Frankfort Area
Genealogical Society. Vol 23, #4 Franklin Co. West Frankfort, IL Winter

supervisors records, franklin co. IL
"Facts & Findings, published by the Frankfort Area
Genealogical Society. Vol 23, #4 Franklin Co. West Frankfort, IL Winter

supervisors records, franklin co. IL

These records are taken from various loose records discarded from the
courthouse at Benton, IL.
Page 13:
14 Apr 1888 - JOHN H. HILL, overseer of poor in Browning Township
reported he had granted relief to JOHN INGERT, RICHARD BUCKNER,
HENRY FLETCHER and WILLIAM MACKLEY and on 21 May 1888 a permit to poor

Henry Fletcher is listed in the 1880 census as living at home. At that time he was seven years old and paralyzed. Thus he was only a boy of about 15 when a resident of the poor farm. 1860 census Benton Twp: 17/17 Tilmon B Cantrell 44m TN 10,000/10,000 Farmer Euphema D 33 f IL Housekeeper Robert J 14m IL William S 11m IL Charles C 4m IL Mary T 6/12f IL Mary C Clem 17 f IL Domestic Elgada J Bigs 17 f IL Domestic

1870 census Benton Twp:
71/71 Clayton, Carroll 54m KY Farmer
Nancy 43 f IL 1200/-- KH
George Ann 21 f KY
Augustina 13 f IL
Alice H 11 f IL
Melissa 9 f IL
Martha J 7 f IL
Carroll F 5m IL
Commodore P 15m IL
Emily J 20 f IL
Morris, Paul 79m NY Pauper
Morris, Martha 70 f SC Pauper
Lance, Albert 54m IN Pauper
Lance, Susan 64 f IL Pauper
Bain, Isaac 25m IL Pauper
Eledge, Eliza 30 f IL Pauper
Prince, John 17m IL Pauper
Spain, John 18m TN Pauper

1880 census: Benton Twp
"Franklin County Poor Farm"

190/218 Hutchins, George R 37m TN TN TN keeper of poor farm
Sarah J w 32 f TN SC SC kh
Laura E d 10 f IL
William L s 7 m IL
Robert F s 5 m IL
Martha C d 3 f IL
Minerva J d 1 f IL
Hutchins, George W 22m TN TN TN cousin
Breeding, James H neph 22m IL TN IL Farmer
Gunter, Francis D neph 10m IL TN TN
Bain, Isaac Pauper 36m IL
McNeal, Jackson Pauper 18m IL blind
(no name) Charlie Pauper 22m IL Idiotic
Gupton, George Pauper 16m IL insane
Breeding, Marshall Pauper 3 m IL UK IL
Moore, Fannie Pauper
Hatchitt, Nancy Pauper 66 f IL wid
Greene, Polly Pauper 65 f LA wid
Sullivan, Elizabeth Pauper 65 f AL wid
McNeal, AngelinePauper 21 f IL blind
Sinks, Louisa C Pauper 36 f NC wid Maimd, Cripp, Bedri
Breeding, Jemima E Paup 25 f IL TN IL
Golly, Nancy Pauper 22 f IL wid
Rea, Sarah Pauper 24 f IL wid fitts
Armstrong, Ann ePauper 44 f IL TN TN wid fitts insane
Hicks, Druzilla Pauper 24 f IL insane
Hurst, Mary Pauper 62 f NY wid
Golly, Ollie M Pauper 5/12 f Jan IL -- IL
Breeding, Wm A Pauper 1/12m Apr IL -- IL

Tilmon Cantrell born July 5, 1815, mentioned above and listed in the census above was born in Wilson County, Tennessee. His parents, Richard and Constance Cantrell moved to Cave Township, Franklin County in 1817. He was a merchant in Benton from the early 1840's until about 1871. He married Euphemia D. Newman, the daughter of James G. and Margaret Newman. His biography is printed in the History of Gallatin, Saline, Hamilton, Franklin and Williamson Counties, Illinois, published by Goodspeed in 1887.