The Richard and James Buckner Connection

On 03/02/1829 a James Buckner of Clark Co., Il purchased 80 acres in Vermilion Co. IL. Vermilion is just across the Indiana state line and lies north of Edgar and Clark Counties where other known Buckners settled. On 12/18/1829, listed as a resident of Vermilion County, he bought a 80 acre parcel of land in Vermilion. I have not located him in the 1830 Vermilion County Censes. On the other hand, Richard Buckner purchased land in Vermilion county on 01/25/1830. His residence was listed as Vermilion County. On 1831 Richard Buckner purchased another 80 acres in Vermilion County and subsequently bought several lots. According to the property descriptions the original acreage of James and Richard Buckner were near each other. Also, while James is not listed in the 1830 Vermilion censes, Richard is not only listed but also has a second adult male in the household. There is a possibility that the Richard Buckner of Vermilion Co in 1830 is Richard Buckner born in October 16, 1803 as he was located in the 1820 census of Lawence Co, IN and in the 1840 census of Franklin Co, IL; but not located in 1830. This Richard named one of his sons James which could indicate a relationship between Richard born 1803 and a James Buckner. No relationship has been proven. Disregarding all else for the moment and assuming that the Richard of this census was the man between 20 and 30 and further assuming that the man between 40 and 50 was James who was James? He would have been born between 1779 and 1791.

Richard Buckner's family appeared in the 1820 Census of Lawrence Co. IN.  It is believed that they are also the family of Vermilion Co, IL in 1830.