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These pages would not have existed had it not been for Barbara Collin. Please visit her family at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~teal/contents.htm Barbara led me through the mystery of web building with numerous instructional and encouraging Emails, sometimes several a day. My family and I are grateful beyond words to this wonderful woman. [email protected]

Much of the information on the Buckner Families was gathered and shared by members of the Buckner Group. See "Credits for acknowledgement of the Buckner Group and of other Researchers." Most of the information on the Franklin County families was gathered by Margaret Watkins and Roberta Cook. The Davis ancestrial lines were researched by Beth Fraker, Betty Hoppe-Stevens and Kenneth Stevens. See "Credits for work of other Researchers." Many thanks to all for their generousity.

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Brick Wall of Honor

Listed here are orphaned and/or lost ancestors. Any help in finding the parents of these men and women would be greatly appreciated. After entering this page, click on any name of interest to view additional details about the person and the scope of research thus far.

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