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Douglas O. Smith


Linda Ann Smith


Sharon Smith


Douglas W Smith

Brian Smith




Helen Kyle


Helen Smith aka Laura Wilson




Francois Hubertus Dolmans

Wihelmus Hubertus Dolmans

Maria Ida Penders

Douglas Ditmitrich Dolmans

Gertrude Dolmans

Johannes Marianus Eschweiler

Shirley Elisabeth Dolmans

Gertrude Eschweiler

Donald Oberto Dolmans

Miss Dezentje

Michael Dolmans


Lois Charles Leraschi


Donne Alphonse Leraschi



Annie Leraschi

Tjong Ko Kwie


Tjtsalia Tjong Foeng Moy

Sarah Anne Hungerschafer




John Hungerschafer

Alfred John Hungerschafer

Elisabeth Schmidt

Edward William Schafer


Edward B. Yager

Robert Anthony Hungerschafer

Anna May Yager

Alan Thomas Hungerschafer

Margaret A. Duffy



Anders Nielsen


Niels Nielsen


Ane Adamsen

June Lillian Nielsen

Walter Clarke

Tyler Nielsen Hungerschafer

Lilian Clarke

Jonathon Hungerschafer

Ellen Buckley

Michael Thomas Hungerschafer


Onufrie Bujak

Petru Bujak

Varvara Andrayets

John Bujak


Iwan Gordey


Elena Helen Gordey


Anastasia Zukiwski

John Tyler Bujak

Ruby Joanne Bujak

Frank Tyler

Robert Francis Bujak

Frank Tyler


Lucy Hawkes

Mary Ethel Tyler

James Bowers


Frances Mary Bowers


Mildred Gunn



Ole Lars Gradsdock

Lars Herman Gradsdock

Ragnhild Odegaard

Lloyd Leonard Gradsdock

Donald Lloyd Gradsdock

Wessel Spoelder

Vern Kenneth Gradsdock

Gertrude Elizabeth Spoelder

Kari Mae Gradsdock

Deliana Maria Van Der Leij



Olaf Kvam


Clarence Edward Kvam


Rina Sorley

Elaine Mae Kvam

Mike Sand

Clara Marie Sand



On *** **, 1975 Helen Smith, daughter of Linda Ann Smith and Robert Anthony Hungerschafer, was born in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada and upon adoption her name was changed to Laura Wilson

In June, 1979 Kari posed for a photograph

On *** **, 1992 Tyler Nielsen Hungerschafer, son of Robert Anthony Hungerschafer and Ruby Joanne Bujak, was born in Orange [California, Birth Index, (1905-1995): Orange County].

On September 10, 1994 Jonathon Hungerschafer, son of Robert Anthony Hungerschafer and Ruby Joanne Bujak, was born and died in Orange County, California [California Death Index].

Bob, Tyler and Michael go snowboarding

Michael and Tyler camping

The Bellingham Herald, Friday, February 14, 2003

After 500 deposits, he's still in the red; PEOPLE: Bellingham resident reaches blood-donation milestone
Bellingham resident Bob Hungerschafer will go the extra mile to give a pint of blood.
Hungerschafer, who recently donated his 500th pint of blood for the Puget Sound Blood Center, is traveling to Everett nearly every week for six months to give blood to be used for platelets for people across Western Washington.
In the second half of the year, the 45-year-old computer technician plans to head to the center's Sunset Square facility in Bellingham to give whole blood for the more than 70 hospitals in 14 Washington counties.
"I try to optimize it," said Hungerschafer, who will be inducted into the center's "Tree of Life" program next year that recognizes donors who have given 100 units of blood to the community. "It's an easy way to make a positive contribution."
Hungerschafer started giving blood the day after his 18th birthday in 1975 in Vancouver, B.C. A friend he used to car pool with showed him his blood donor card and said it was a lot easier to get "than a credit card."
His blood donor journey followed him to Orange, Calif., when he moved stateside in 1986. He gave both plasma and blood, and kept on giving when he and his family moved to Whatcom County in 1996.
He started giving blood for platelets (which help with clotting) at the Bellevue office of the blood center - Bellingham doesn't have the equipment for that kind of donor - but later discovered the Everett office was closer, he said.
The 500 units of blood translates to 1,500 saves lived - including transfusions for patients, as each unit donated is separated into platelets, plasma and red blood cells, blood center officials said. Being a blood donor isn't Hungerschafer's only volunteer effort. He also volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club in Bellingham to help that organization's computing program.
He is already planning for his next donation plateau, he said.
"To make it to 1,000, I've got to keep going strong," said Hungerschafer, the married father of one adult daughter, Sarah Anne Riske, and two pre-teen sons. "There are people in there donating in their late 80s. If I can make it that long, it isn't going to be a problem" [Page: 1A].

The Bellingham Herald, Monday, February 17, 2003


Blood donor gives greatest gift
People have all kinds of excuses - it makes them woozy, they're afraid of needles, they don't have time. But not Bellingham resident Bob Hungerschafer. The 45-year-old computer technician recently donated his 500th pint of blood for the Puget Sound Blood Center. That amount translates to 1,500 saved lives. What greater gift is there to give [Page: 9A]?

The Bellingham Herald, Sunday, June 22, 2003

Blood donor beats world record, drop by drop

PEOPLE: City man recognized by Guinness Book of Records; sets goal of 1,000 blood donations.
Go ahead, call Bob Hungerschafer the "Platelet King" - he doesn't mind.
The Bellingham resident and longtime blood donor received word Friday from Guinness World Record officials that he now holds the worldwide distinction of having donated the most blood for platelets - which help blood clot - also known as plasmapheresis.
"I am glad I have been able to help people," said Hungerschafer, who just donated his 518th pint of blood at Puget Sound Blood Center. "I just want to keep doing it."
How much blood has he shed? Try about 64 gallons of blood.
Hungerschafer, 45, had a feeling he was going to grab the title when he sent an e-mail to Guinness officials and found out the current record was held by a St. Petersburg, Fla., woman named Barbara Bernstein who had donated 55 gallons as of January of this year, he said.

Not surprised
"I guess I am not surprised (by the distinction)," said Hungerschafer, a county computer technician who submitted records as well as media accounts of his 500th donation at the blood bank in Everett.
He will receive an official Guinness certificate for the record, but isn't likely to be in the yearly Guinness book because of space constraints, according to officials in London.
Hungerschafer started giving blood the day after his 18th birthday in 1975 in Vancouver, B.C. He continued to give blood when he moved to Orange, Calif., in 1986. He gave both plasma and blood, and kept on giving when he and his family moved to Whatcom County in 1996.
He started giving blood for platelets at the Bellevue office of the blood center - Bellingham doesn't have the equipment for that kind of donor - but later discovered the Everett office was closer, he said.
The 500 pints of blood translates to aid for 1,500 people, because each donated unit is separated into platelets, plasma and red blood cells.
"It's a lot of blood," said Puget Sound spokesman Steve McLean. "He has made a lot of contributions. He's a pretty dedicated gentlemen."

Frequent giving
A person can donate whole blood only six times a year, but giving platelets means he can give about every two weeks.
During an apheresis donation, blood is drawn from the donor's arm into an automated cell separator. Inside a sterile kit within the machine, the blood is spun and platelets are removed. Remaining blood components are then returned through the donor's arm, according to the Puget Sound Blood Center Web site, http://
Depending on the donor's weight and height, the apheresis donation process can take between 70 minutes and two hours.
Hungerschafer, a married father of one adult daughter and two pre-teen sons, said he already has his next donation goal.
"Now I am shooting for 1,000," he said. "That's my lifetime goal" [Page: 1B].

The Bellingham Herald, Friday, January 16, 2004

More honors for blood donor
Bellingham resident Robert Hungerschafer will be recognized at the Puget Sound Blood Center's annual community service awards next week in Seattle.
Hungerschafer, a longtime blood donor listed in the Guiness Book of World Records for donating more than 500 units of blood, will receive the 2004 Donor Award during the 60th annual event at the Westin Hotel, according to a press release.
Nearly 800 people will gather Thursday in recognition of community volunteers who organize blood drives, donate blood, platelets, plasma, cord blood and bone marrow.
The event also will recognize families of Northwest Tissue Center donors, thanking all for their gifts of life.
The Blood Center provides blood and transfusion services to 70 hospitals in 14 counties, including Whatcom County. Northwest Tissue Center, a division of the Blood Center, provides tissue services to communities in Washington, Idaho and Montana, as well as internationally [Page: 1B].

On April 2, 2004 Christian Van Buskirk and Laura Wilson were married in Negril, Jamaica

Newsline, Summer, 2004

Donor Award winner and world record holder
Robert Hungerschafer has donated more than 500 units of blood and platelets; the Blood Center’s Maria Elena Geyer looks on

Partners in Life Honors in the North
On March 18, the Blood Center recognized contributions made by residents from several counties during a Partners in Life awards luncheon in Skagit County. Each year, for thousands of patients in need of lifesaving blood transfusions in hospitals in Skagit, Whatcom, Island and San Juan Counties, the work of the honored individuals ensures that blood is available.
Held at the Skagit Valley Casino Resort, the event featured speeches by Richard B. Counts, M.D., president of Puget Sound Blood Center, and LeEtta Melvin of Bellingham, whose 5-year-old daughter received medical care from the Blood Center.
Director of Donor and Volunteer Resources Maria Elena Geyer joined Dr. Counts in presenting awards to five distinguished groups or individuals: the Coupeville Lions Club, in Coupeville, Paul DallaSanta of Lynden, Robert Hungerschafer of Maple Falls, Dena Decker of Bow and Terry Preston of Bellingham.
The 2003 Donor Award went to Robert Hungerschafer, who also accepted the award in Seattle (see “Taking Time...” above). Since 1992, he also has been enrolled on the National Marrow Registry Program (NMDP), a national database of available bone marrow donors for those in need of transplants []

The Bellingham Herald, Sunday, November 4, 2007


Littlefield Hungerschafer
Kari Littlefield and Robert Hungerschafer announce their engagement and plans for an Oct. 16 wedding at Mount Baker.
The prospective bride is the daughter of Lloyd and Elaine Grasdock of Bellingham. She graduated from Bellingham High School, attended Bellingham Technical College and is employed as a head cashier by Whatcom County Planning & Development Services.
The prospective bridegroom is the son of Edward Schafer of Glen Ivy, Calif., and June Hungerschafer of Richmond, B.C. He graduated from Steveston High School in Richmond, and Regents College and Excelsior College in Albany, N.Y. He is employed as a technology manager by Evergreen Team Concepts in Bellingham.
The couple met Jan. 6, 2003, while they both worked for Whatcom County and it was Kari's first day in planning and development services. They started dating in April 2005 and moved in together that June at Ronald McDonald House in Seattle while their son Bodie was being treated at Seattle Children's Hospital. They returned to Bellingham in December.

Tyler, Michael and Bodie at Picture Lake

In 2007, Tyler, Bodie and Michael at Mount Baker

For Christmas 2007, the Robert Hungerschafer family posed for portraits

[Back]: Bob & Kari
[Front]: Tyler, Bodie & Michael

[Back]: Bob, Kari & Tyler,
[Front]: Bodie & Michael

This Memorial is a Tribute in recognition of our ancestor's sacrifices and hard work, which has allowed us to live the life which we have and to the suberb German & Irish heritage which has given us our values and humanity, but most of all our faith in God, and to the full blooded American heritage which has given us our zest for life and allows us to dream; for we live in a nation where we can achieve and accomplish anything!

Without Bob's tireless efforts, much of the family's history would have gone undiscovered!
He found both Margaret Novotny, who provided the initial information on the family while in Luxembourg which prompted me to delve into those records-which Bob has spent months scanning,-and
Alwin Banz, who seems to have about every Familienbuch written on cities in Germany and was quite generous in his time and efforts on our behalf.
Our knowledge is much richer because of Bob's efforts and we all owe him a deep sense of gratitude!

Thank you, Bob!

January 15, 2013 Family papers contributed by Bob Hungerschafer
, Bellingham, WA

November 15, 2012 to include Ernzen Church records scanned by Bob Hungerschafer, Bellingham, WA
                                       to add the discovery of the ancestors of Mathias Klein and Maria Welter,
                                       to add the discovery that Nicolai Blöß and Anna are the parents of Catharina Blöß,
                                       to correct names to reflect actual records
                                       & to replace thumbnails of documents with a standardized button
October 15, 2012 to add the discovery by Rob Deltgen, Diekirch, Luxembourg
that Mathias Klein and Maria Welter are the parents of Elizabeth Klein
September 15, 2012 to add the discovery by Rob Deltgen, Diekirch, Luxembourg
that Mathieu Schons and Elise are the parents of Theodor Hungershöfer
                            &include 1940 census information
August 23, 2012 to add the discovery by Margaret Novotny, Palo Alto, CA
that Theodor Hungershöfer and Catherine Blaus are the parents of Mathias Hungershöfer
July 15, 2012 to include photographs and information generously provided by Bob Hungerschafer, Bellingham, WA

July 4, 2012 to include information subsequent to emigration
June 30, 2012 include information provided by Richard Schaffner, Ludwigshafen, Deutschland
in his manuscript Familienbuch 2 der Pfarrei St. Marcus Ernzen bei Irrel
June 25, 2012 to include information provided by Bill Hungerschafer, Rotterdam Junction, NY

© September 24, 2007 Richard Joseph Bucknum, Hillsboro, OR

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